The Murder of Bobby Kent (BULLY)

Bobby-Kent-MurderBobby Kent (May 12, 1973 – July 15, 1993)

Murder Of Robert ‘Bobby’ Kent

Bobby Kent had met Martin “Marty” Puccio in the third grade and instantly they became great pals. They lived close to one another and were always together at each others houses or riding bikes, etc. Soon it went from building ‘forts’ to liking girls and that’s when resentment, jealousy and hatred grew.

Toward the beginning of 1993 Martin (Marty) Puccio (aged 20) began dating Lisa Connelly (aged 18).

Being frustrated by how much time her boyfriend spent with Bobby, Lisa tried to distract him from Marty by setting up her friend Alice (Ali) Willis (aged 17) with Kent. They dated a few weeks but Bobby was abusive toward Ali so Ali so she cut off the relationship. In June, Marty confided to Lisa that Bobby had been abusive to him quite often over the years. Lisa tried to convince him to cut off his friendship, but Marty did not seem able to do that. By that time, Lisa knew she was pregnant by Marty and was determined that Bobby was not going to get in her way of a permanent relationship with Marty. Although Lisa admitted to having sex with Bobby as well as Marty, she maintained the baby was Marty’s. This baby, now a teenager, had a DNA test performed and discovered that she is in fact Bobby’s daughter. It is unknown if he fathered any other children before his death.

According to sources, for a few weeks prior to his murder, Bobby dated Ali and when she moved back with her parents in Palm Bay, Florida, and broke up with him, Kent said he was going to murder her and smother her baby unless she returned to Broward County to date him.

Lisa’s hatred for Bobby grew for a number a reasons including him beating and bullying Marty as well as raping Ali, her bestfriend. Bobby was also known to commonly refer to Lisa, who was overweight, as “fatass”, “tatonka”, “potlock” “chub” and “Shamu”, often encouraging and/or forcing Marty to do the same.

Allegedly, Lisa decided that Bobby needed to be eliminated permanently and started talking to Marty and other friends about murdering him. On Tuesday, July 13, 1993, Lisa called Ali and told her that “Bobby was planning to come to Palm Bay (where Ali was living) to murder her and smother her baby (by a previous relationship) unless she returned to Broward County to date him again.” Ali claimed Lisa asked her to come to her house to discuss murdering Bobby Kent. Ali went to Lisa’s house and brought two friends, her current boyfriend, Donald (Donny) Semenec (aged 17), and Heather Swallers (aged 18). Lisa had previously contacted a self-proclaimed “hit man,” named Derek Kaufman, who had been recommended by some friends. When Ali, Donny and Heather arrived, they all went to Kaufman’s home. They told him they wanted him to get a gun so they could kill Kent that night, but Kaufman told them he could not get a gun that fast. The four went back to Lisa’s house and were joined by Lisa’s cousin, Derek Dzvirko. Puccio apparently was not a part of these meetings on the 13th.

On July 14 around 11:30p.m. the six joined together at Marty’s house and discussed their plans and their roles. They had a lead pipe, two knives and a baseball bat. Marty had asked Bobby Kent to join them around 11:45pm. Marty told him that Ali was going to be there as well. Apparently Kent thought he might be able to hook up with his former girlfriend, not realizing that his best friend and ex girlfriend were helping with his murder.

All together the seven headed out to a construction site.  As soon as they got there Ali, in accordance with the plan, took Bobby off to a secluded spot where they were talking. Heather Swallers joined them there and while she and Ali distracted Bobby, Donny Semenec came up and stabbed Bobby in the neck with a knife. Bobby yelled out, “Marty, whatever I’ve done to make you mad, I’m sorry.” Then he asked for Marty’s help. Instead Marty stuck a knife in Bobby’s stomach. Derek Kaufman then approached and hit Bobby with the baseball bat, which was the final blow. After this was all done Derek Dzvirko helped dump the body. Lisa was not involved in the actual murder.

Willis was going to walk Bobby down to the water at Palm Bay, pretending to mend their ‘relationship.’ And Swallers was going to go down to Willis and Kent and talk about the crocodiles, which was the ”code word”


MUGSHOT: Martin Joseph Puccio, Jr. also known as “Marty” is now 39

Martin Puccio was convicted and sentenced to death but that sentence was reduced in 1997 to life in prison.

Donny Semenec was given a life sentence, and Derek Kaufman was given life plus 30 years. Lisa was convicted and given life in prison but that sentence was reduced to 22 years. She gave birth to her and Kent’s child during her incarceration. She was released in 2004. Alice Willis was convicted and given a 17 year sentence. She was released in 2001. Derek Dzvirko served 6 years in state prison. Heather Swallers served 5 years and was released on parole in 1998.



Derek Kaufman, now 39, self-proclaimed “mafia leader and hitman”


Derek Dzvirko, now 40, cousin of Lisa Connelly

Lisa Connelly

Lisa Connelly who is now 37 –  Connelly was arrested in 2007 for a traffic violation which can be seen at Florida Arrests


Donny Semenec (now 39)


Heather Swallers (now 37)


Martin Joseph (Marty) Puccio – March 21, 1973 – Bobby’s best friend since childhood, boyfriend of Lisa Connelly.

Lisa Marie Connelly – July 31, 1974 – Marty’s girlfriend. Was angry at Kent for beating and bullying Marty as well as allegedly raping her best friend, Alice Slay. Kent was also known to commonly refer to Connelly (who was overweight) as “fatass”, “tatonka”, “potlock” “chub” and “Shamu”, often encouraging and/or forcing Puccio to do the same. On January 5, 1994 Lisa Connelly, who was Puccio’s girlfriend, gave birth to their daughter. She is in the custody of Connelly’s parents in Central Florida.

Alice Jean Slay (Ali Willis) – August 29, 1975 – Kent’s former girlfriend, set up with Kent by Connelly in the hopes that if he was with her, he’d leave Puccio alone. Allegedly involved in a teenage prostitution ring prior to Kent’s murder.

Donald Roth (Donny) Semenec Jr. – July 15, 1975 – Slay’s boyfriend at the time of the murder. Habitual drug user. Supposedly helped in the murder because he was angry at Kent for raping his girlfriend. Struck the first blow on Kent. Murder occurred on his 18th birthday.

Derek Leon Kaufman – May 8, 1973 – Self-proclaimed mafia hitman who the group enlisted to plan Kent’s murder. Had no association to any of the other conspirators prior to this. Was actually the leader of a gang of youths 7-10 years younger than he was, who committed petty crimes such as theft.

Derek George Dzvirko – November 2, 1973 – Connelly’s cousin who was enlisted for extra help by Connelly. Played a minor role in the murder, borrowed one of the baseball bats used to kill Kent from a friend. Along with Swallers, was offered and accepted a plea bargain in exchange for testimony that would help convict others in the group. The two were originally promised the same prison sentence, however Dzvirko got four extra years for attempting to lie on the witness stand.

Heather June Swallers – May 24, 1975 – Previous friend of Slay who had just gotten out of drug rehab. The member of the group deemed by the State of Florida to be the least culpable for Kent’s murder. Had no participation in the murder itself and ran and hid in Slay’s car once it started. Cut the same plea bargain as Dzvirko did and got the promised sentence because unlike him, she did not lie during her testimony.

The co-perpetrators were convicted and sentenced as follows:

Heather Swallers – second-degree murder and conspiracy (seven years imprisonment); Released February 14, 1998

Derek Dzvirko – second-degree murder and conspiracy (11 years imprisonment) Released October 1, 1999

Alice Willis – second-degree murder and conspiracy (40 years imprisonment, which was commuted on appeal to 17 years in prison. She was released on parole on September 16, 2001 and is currently under community supervision for 40 years)

Donald Semenec (aka Day) – second-degree murder and conspiracy (life and 15 years imprisonment) He is incarcerated at Columbia Annex DC number 963020

Derek Kaufman – first-degree murder and conspiracy (the jury recommended life and he was sentenced to life and 30 years imprisonment) He is incarcerated at Mayo/C.I. DC number 894391

Lisa Connelly – second-degree murder and conspiracy (life and five years imprisonment, which was reversed on appeal and reduced to 22 years; she was released on parole on February 3, 2004).

Martin Puccio – first-degree murder and conspiracy. He is incarcerated at Desoto Annex DC number 963022.

* Alice Willis, after serving her time for being 1 of the 7 involved in Bobby Kent’s Murder had finally decided to an interview, 18 years later.*


Left: Police Photo Of Ali Willis In 1993 (17)

Right: Photo of Ali Willis at 35

Today she is a 35-year-old  stay-at-home mother of four. Ali Willis was 17 when she helped plan the stabbing  and beating death of her ex-boyfriend. Willis said she was brought  into the mix by her best friend, Lisa Connelly. Connelly was pregnant with the  child of Kent’s best friend Marty Puccio. In 1993, Puccio said he felt he’d  “been pushed around” too much by Kent, claiming he was a bully.
Not too long after Willis  met Kent, Puccio and Connelly started plotting murder. Broward County detectives  said Lisa Connelly called her friend Willis to help in their plot and the group  grew from there.
Detective Frank Ilarraza  with the Broward County Sheriff’s Office worked on the case. “Ali requested others to  come along and do it,” Detective Ilarraza said. “It’s like it didn’t faze her.  They had total disregard for human life.”
But Willis said she thought  she was just visiting friends. Her new boyfriend Donny Semenec and friend  Heather Swallers came along. Lisa Connelly ‘s cousin, Derek Dzvirko, and a  self-proclaimed hitman Derek Kaufman were also involved. “Somebody said, ‘Oh, why  don’t you just kill him.’ You know, a flipping off the wall joke,” Willis told  NBC Miami.
Detectives said their  original plan was Willis would meet Bobby Kent at a construction site in Weston  and shoot him.
“I never had a gun,” Willis  said. “Lisa did have a gun on her. The gun  was just there.”
The next night, the “Broward Seven”  as they became known, tricked Kent into coming back to the construction site in  Weston. He thought they were drag racing, and Willis said she thought she was  there to witness a fight, not murder. “I got beat by that man,”  Willis said. “So yeah, I wanted to see him get beat up. I wanted him to know how  it feels.”
What happened that night  was made into a movie called “Bully” and Willis said the murder scene portrayed  in it is accurate. Willis acted as bait, leading Kent into a trap. It all  started with Willis’ new boyfriend, Donny Semenec, stabbing Kent in the neck.
 Actor Nick Stahl (left) played the part of Bobby Kent, portrayed as the ”bully” who was constantly abusing, degrading and teasing Marty Puccino (played by actor Brad Renfro, right, who died in 2008 in a drug overdose.) Renfro was portrayed as a ‘victim’ of Bobby Kent. A friend who secretly harbored a resentful hatred for his supposed ‘best friend’
“What I remember after that  was he screaming at Marty, Bobby’s yelling at Marty: ‘Get him, get him. Do  something, do something. He hit me, he hit me,'” Willis said. “I remember  standing there, and I seen Marty go like this. To me, it looked like he hauled  off and hit him. I’ll never forget the look on his face when this happened. I  looked down and there was blood everywhere … and he was holding his stomach …  and I just froze.”Marty Puccio stabbed Kent  multiple times and slit his throat twice. Finally, Derek Kaufman, who didn’t  even know Kent, went after him with a baseball bat.
The lead detective at the  time, Ilarraza said in his 30 years on the job, it is the most shocking case he  has ever worked. “This was very personal,”  Ilarraza said. “They got right on him – where you could smell him, where you  could hear him breathing – and that’s when they savagely killed him.”
Four days later, Lisa  Connelly’s cousin Derek Dzvirko confessed, leading police to Kent’s  body.
“As soon as I got out of  the car, you could smell the decomposing body,” Ilarraza said.
After her son’s murder,  Farah Kent told NBC Miami, she thought Willis was the mastermind, a lover scorned. “He didn’t want to see her  anymore,” Kent said. “That’s why I think the whole thing happened.”
But in court, it was proven  that it was Kent’s best friend Marty Puccio, and his girlfriend Lisa Connelly  behind the murder plan, but all seven helped carry it out.
In 1993, a detective  said, “If one of these people simply said, ‘No. This is wrong,’ I think the  whole group would’ve backed off their plans.”
Willis told NBC Miami, she doesn’t know why she didn’t  say anything to stop it. “It was fear, but it was  almost like being in a trance,” Willis said.
Marty Puccio, Donny Semenec  and Derek Kaufman were all sentenced to life in prison. The four who were part  of the planning but did not attack Kent, are now all out of jail.
Willis, originally  sentenced to 40 years, served eight.
“I do think I should have  gotten some prison time,” Willis said.  “I do agree with that totally, but I don’t believe I got off easy.” “It was a  big deal, but I didn’t kill him … I honestly didn’t believe that he would end up  dead. How can you feel remorse for something you didn’t do?”
But being a mom, Willis  said she does feel sorry for Kent’s parents. “I would tell them I’m  sorry I was there, I’m sorry I never said anything,” she said. “I am sorry I  didn’t try to stop it. I am sorry I didn’t say something.”
Willis was the only one of  the Broward Seen who agreed to an interview. She said she does not keep in touch  with any of the others.
Kent’s  parents still live in Broward County. They declined an interview saying it’s  been 18 years and they are ready to put their son’s murder behind  them.

The murder of Bobby Kent resulted in a best-selling true crime book in 1998, Bully: A True Story of High School Revenge (ISBN 0-380-72333-6), written by Jim Schutze. The book was adapted by Zachary Long (a pseudonym used by David McKenna after he demanded his name be removed from the film and Roger Pullis into the 2001 film, Bully, directed by Larry Clark. The story was also covered during an episode of the A&E series American Justice.
In the film, Puccio was portrayed by Brad Renfro, Kent was portrayed by Nick Stahl, Willis was portrayed by Bijou Phillips, Connelly was portrayed by Rachel Miner, Semenec was portrayed by Michael Pitt, Swallers was portrayed by Kelli Garner, Dzvirko was portrayed by Daniel Franzese, and Kaufman was portrayed by Leo Fitzpatrick.

41 responses to “The Murder of Bobby Kent (BULLY)

  1. You have the wrong picture posted…isn’t the photo you have posted labeled “Alli Willis age 17” a picture of Lisa Connelly??

  2. Not only do you have the facts of the case wrong, but you are making libelous accusations regarding the child of Mr Puccio and it would be in your best interest to remove them. Lawsuit waiting to happen.

    • Which facts and accusations are you speaking about? — The information above was gathered threw out different websites and reports that have been posted online for years so I’m not too worried about any lawsuits but thank you for your concern. 🙂

  3. the movie bully is a completely over dramatized movie, before you and anyone else posts things online about any of these people especially lisa connelly, you need to actually know the facts and what really happened. i have known lisa for years and everything you read online isn’t true. lisa is a wonderful person who will help anyone in need and reading all this trash about my dear friend is terrible. no one has the right to post anything about bobby kent unless they actually know what really happened and heard it from the people themselves. thank you.

      • Yeah, well. Fact is, Kent was an abuser/rapist and bully. So, he wasn’t a real stand up guy either. Murder victim? Maybe, also probably a victim of his own bad karma. And so were his parents. Children aren’t born abusers, they are taught that this kind of behavior is acceptable. Let that be a lesson to us all.

    • haha the fact that you think she a sweet lil angle makes me sick to my stomach how hard is it to just tell the guy we don’t like you leave us alone na they just thought it would be more easier to kill him haha fuckin pathetic and so are you AMBER…

  4. The facts are facts in the eyes of the law. It was murdered planned by adolescents n people change but these statements r based on what happened in 1993. So what if Alice, heather or Lisa r Betty crocker suzy homemakers now. Twenty years ago they were con says:

    The facts are facts in the eyes of the law. It was murdered planned by adolescents n people change but these statements r based on what happened in 1993. So what if Alice, heather or Lisa r Betty crocker suzy homemakers now. Twenty years ago they were conspirators to a murder n it was not one of them that felt guilty enough to confess. I can say I never felt I had to kill anyone dreamed or thought of killing anyone. To do it u r a pretty messed up human being. N if the movie Bully is accurate stupid ass uneducated drug filled kids who’s parents probably should have known something was going on. Ur kids coming home with bruises. Ur teen daughter’s pregnant homey hopping bestfriends. Maybe if parents taught their kids to be leaders rather then followers this gang murder could have been prevented. And a little girl would have had her father rather then knowing her mother and his bestfriend murdered him. If he was so bad stop being friends or hey if he so abusive call the cops, press charges.

  5. oh and putting false information on here is disgusting. the baby is martys and how do i know that…hmmmmm….she is my best friend

  6. Just seen the movie, talk about a mini porn whoa, anyway my opinion people eventually get tired of being abused and end up snapping, murder is never a way to turn but I am sure in their heads being that age and all drugged out that was what they came up with. Regardless someone lost a child, children lost years of their lives, a little girl lost her parents, everyone needs to open their eyes, bullying needs to be stopped, ALONG WITH RAPE AND ABUSE!

    • If the stuff that was portrayed about Bobby Kent in the film and book are true then that piece of shit got what he deserved. I think it’s lame that anyone has demonized this group of young people. When you’re that young, your moral compass hasn’t been fully rendered. Although you have a sense of what is right and wrong, you don’t have a developed sense of consequence. I feel bad that some of these people got life sentences for murdering a rapist.

  7. Looking for some truth and not to try to judge too harshly. So is Lisa’s child Bobby Kent’s or not ? If so do his parents have any contact with the child ?
    There is such a lesson for young people here but especially for parents. Know your kids, their friends , actions and do not be to weak to tell them no or remove them from bad enfluences . Yes, they can run away but at a certain age you can have them picked up . After a certain age they legally can but then financially cut them off. Don’t go buying them sports cars, give them credit cards or rent them appartments . Lots of weird parenting here. If your child has been raped or abused address it and help them. This whole mess was avoidable .

    • Look y’all some Dick heads all of you on here lisa fuck up & she know she did the baby is Bobby in the movie her friend ask her who the father is she said the lame ass bitch nigga Marty gay ass but her friend also ask her are you sure it’s this cry baby ass nigga I mean you was fuckin them both so yeah women always want the baby to be the nigga she going with instead of the other person she fuck….R.I.P Bobby Kent that’s your daughter

  8. Well if the movie Bully was accurate. The supposedly rape was more less being dominated while having sex. She laid on the bed naked all by herself.

    • She may’ve lied on the bed naked by herself but she didn’t expect him to be slapping her around and force her to watch gay porn…(IF the movie is accurate.)

    • It stops being consensual and starts being rape as soon as a person says no, be it before or during, be they clothed or not. They started, she decided it was not a thing she wanted to happen any longer, he did not listen and continued forcefully despite her telling him to stop. Ergo, he raped her. End of.

  9. According to experts. The mind isn’t fully developed until the age if 26. Which in the case if these 6/7 of these people are true. I’m 21. My mind gad been fully developed for years. I gave mastered maturity. Yet I will say I have been watching this movie since it came out in 2001. It’s an amazing movie. I am against bullies and bullying, but I do not d own these 7 people for murdering Bobby kent. I am a Christian and I have Christian values. I’m a parent single and I’m still only 21. Parents raise kids not knowing their bullies. Then cry when things like this happen. No one should have gotten a life sentence. They were bullied. Accept derrick, but still they say he is mafia yet he stuck his neck out for 6 tortured souls. That’s noble. The necessary action would’ve been to cry for help meaning tell parents, teachers, advocates, or any adult with an ear that he wax bullying and raping them then the attack would’ve been justified. Some bullies go a lifetime with no confrontation. Then he harassed a pregnant woman. Once again no one deserves death, but given the circumstances I understand why they did it. If every victim If domestic violence that sought help repeatedly had gotten it there will be thousands of battery women and children still living today. Some dv victims do take matters into their own hands and avoid prison. Yet they sought help at least once. God bless you all. I’m just finding out the movie is a true story today. I Will Pray For You All God bless.

  10. I can’t say I always agree with so called “experts” because by the time you are 17, 18, 19, 20 years old…you should know right from wrong. Hell even little children are taught right and wrong. The point is, I’m not happy that this Bobby Kent guy was a bullying rapist but honestly I don’t believe he deserved what he got. I mean, that was almost classified as “overkill”. If they didn’t like what he was doing, murder shouldn’t have been an option…they should’ve reported the problems to the cops or told their parents or something! There’s ALWAYS a better solution. I mean look at the kids who get bullied now…they kill themselves! Why?? What does that solve? You’re only making the problem worse. I was bullied in school in 4th and 7th grade and never did I imagine commiting suicide (I’m now 30 yrs old). You overcome that. Show them you’re better than they are! I know that there are bullies in this world because of the jealousy in their hearts. They’re jealous of what you have. You may not know what is it, but they can see it and all that hatred and jealousy will occur and the bully in them lashes out at you. Sad world we live in.

  11. I wonder what Heather’s been up to lately like if she’s single and what shes does for a living nowadays. I think she’s beautiful.

  12. I sincerely believe that the entire story is a fabrication that conceals the actual truth of what really happened. They’re trying to tell us that a college student behaved like a criminal towards a High School dropout. Who are they trying to bullshit? Between a college kid and a HS dropout, who do you think is more likely to be a criminal and a bully? Come on. Lisa Connelly was envious of the relationship between Bobby Kent and her friend Alice Willis. Feeling unloved, she subsequently fingered Bobby Kent by putting the idea into Puccio’s head that Kent was gonna challenge him, and like the true moron that he was, he believed her. Connelly should’ve been tried as the mastermind of the murder. It was Puccio who was punching, bullying, and harrassing Bobby Kent and not the other way around. He kept at until, feeling big and powerful, finally killed him. If I were the Kent family, I would sue the author and the movie producer for portraying their son in this manner.

  13. Hey, Donny, you human monster who initiated the whole physical assault on an innocent man (stabbing the guy in the back of the neck because your high-on-pot self was too chicken to face him face-to-face), hope you’ve been enjoying “taking it in the cooler” the 20 years your worthless self has been in prison. You’ll die in prison, and deservedly so.

  14. I think all of these now grown adults did something unspeakable they took a son away from his parents. We all have our enemies but some of these kids played that they were his friend. I don’t think they should have ever been let out of jail. Bobbie Kent will never have a wedding for his parents to see, a wife to share his life with, children to carry on his name and legacy, why because some little girl wrapped up in her immature jealousy decided that he needed to die. Then come to find out the dumb broad is pregnant with his child. Now really I surely hope that the parents of Bobbie Kent got full custody of that child and were able to raise him in a loving home and not to be anything like his murderous mother. I just do not understand how someone can decide that another human being for any reason should lose their life. I have people that have done me wrong and deserve punishment for those things but I let God handle that. “Vengeance is mine, so sayeth the Lord”! I truly believe that people should get the death penalty for things like this. Why do any of these people have rights. They took away his rights stabbed him in the neck and in the back and left him there in the water to rot. Why should they ever get a chance to have any of the things that he will never have…..someone please explain to me why his parents and siblings will suffer the rest of their lives at Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, Births, Weddings, Anniversaries, at every event that he will never attend because they saw fit to end his life because he was mean.

  15. Abuse cycles don’t only occur in sexual relationships, just saying.

    There is no excuse for murder whatsoever and they’re paying their time as they should, but when the victim of abuse, be it physical or emotional (or both, as this case may suggest) people can snap pretty hard, and pretty easily. Already being in that “abusee” mindset due to Kent’s behaviour towards him, it probably didn’t take a great deal of manipulation from a jealous Connelly to convince Puccio to take him out. Completely messed up nonetheless. That’s my lazy two cents.

  16. Where did the information originally come from that stated after DNA tests it was confirmed that the baby girl WAS Kent’s. Also states after Lisa gave birth her parents were given full custody.
    First time I ever read that was today. I recorded the 2001 movie which aired on Flix station on cable early this a.m. I’m watching it right now which led me to look up on the internet any current information.
    Just wanted to know if anyone is privy to where that came from. Was it published in a newspaper or aired on a news station? Or did it just come from someone’s own mind and they decided to make it a fact.
    If you know I’d appreciate it if you would post a source that confirms it’s reliability.

    • Hi Ann, I personally gather information threw various websites on the Internet and put it together so I’m not sure exactly which site because I wrote this last year but you could try and Google “DNA test confirmed child was Bobby Kents” or “Lisa (last name)’s parents were given full custody of child” etc and see what pops up? That’s what I usually do.

      • I can’t believe its been twenty one years since this happened. Oh how time goes by. I knew a few of them. My best girlfriend dated Derek. They honestly were not as bad as the book and movie made them out to be, but that Alice Willis was a WILD one! I’m shocked she is now a stay at home mom. Good for her.

  17. These people had a fmyspace page in which they actively communicated with each other about this very subject and even had public disagreements.

  18. Many of them have a facebook. Lisa as well as the child (now 20) have a FB. It isn’t too hard to find. Once I found Lisa, I found her daughter. Was hoping for a hint of who the father was but no luck.

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