The 2011 Murder Of Michelle Le (Murdered By Her ‘Bestfriend’)

Murder Of Michelle Le

Was Michelle Le Killed by Her Jealous Best Friend?

 Those who knew Michelle (26) said she was popular and well-loved and had a light grace about her. A Nursing Student who got along with everyone. She was a very friendly person, apparently too friendly for Giselle Esteban’s taste.

Michelle Le and  Giselle Esteban (27) were the closest of friends, two former classmates at Mount Carmel High School in San Diego who later lived near each other in the San Francisco area. But that friendship was shattered when Giselle Esteban allegedly felt that Michelle had become too friendly with her ex-boyfriend, Scott Marasigan. A boyfriend Giselle wasen’t quite over.

Scott, who has a 5-year-old daughter with Giselle, worried she had a gun. He filed a restraining order on Giselle citing increasingly bizarre behavior that included stalking him, threatening to shoot herself and entering his home uninvited.

Giselle was what one would call ‘nuts’ when it came to certain things (Like Scott Marasigan). She was also extra paranoid when it came to females talking to Scott, In her eyes, Michelle was becoming extra ‘friendly’ with Scott and that set her off, she went off the top and did the unthinkable, with zero concrete proof of any sexual relationship. So either Giselle felt betrayed and wanted revenge or she wanted to take Michelle out of the picture completely before there ‘friendship blossomed’.

According to those who knew Michelle, she wasen’t the type to make enemies and had nothing beyond a ‘friendship’ with Scott. Her family and friends insist there were no love-triangle. Scott insists there was no love triangle. But that wasen’t enough to convince Giselle Esteban.

On May 27th, 2011 Michelle went missing after her shift at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Hayward, California. Her car was found the next morning around 9 a.m. parked on Ponderosa Court, about half a mile from the medical center. The disappearance received widespread media attention. Her family put up
billboards and offered a $65,000 reward for information about her whereabouts. Over the next four months at least eight volunteer search efforts were undertaken, some organized by the Klaas Kids Foundation, founded by Marc Klaas after his daughter Polly was kidnapped and murdered in 1993. A variety of missing persons organizations joined in the searches. The eighth search found a body in a remote canyon area on September 17.On September 19, 2011 the Alameda County coroner’s office positively identified the decomposed human remains to be those of Michelle Le.

According to news reports, the volunteer who found the remains during Saturday’s search was Carrie McGonigle, the mother of Amber Du Bois, a 14 year old San Diego area girl who was missing for a year before her remains were found in a remote area. She had been kidnapped and murdered.

Police suspected from the beginning that she had been killed by someone she
knew. Giselle became the prime suspect. Security camera showed footage of Esteban at the hospital parking structure before and after Le disappeared.

In a phone call to on May 31, Esteban said, “I openly hate Michelle,”  but she denied killing her. Esteban also says she’s pregnant again with another of Marasigan’s babies. Authorities say they don’t know if that’s true, but they confirm that Esteban is seven months pregnant.

Hayward police found plenty of evidence against Esteban, including Le’s DNA on one of Esteban’s sneakers along with blood stains in Le’s car that matched Le.  Cell phone records that show both women’s phones traveling a similar route immediately after the disappearance, a route that ends approximately where the body was found.

Esteban continued to blame Le for ruining her relationship with her ex-boyfriend. She also continued to deny any involvement in any crime.

Scott however, claims he and Michelle have been close friends for 9 years and Giselle’s accusations are untrue.

Esteban was indicted on a murder charge December 14, 2011.
She entered a not-guilty plea.A trial date was set
for September 17, 2012

— I haven’t been able to find any reports citing the cause of Le’s death, i’m assuming Michelle was shot due to the fact that Giselle owned a gun. I will update in September with the outcome of the murder trail —

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