A Friend To Die For

kirsten-costasLeft; Kirsten M. Costas as a child and right photo shows her as a teenager (right)

Kirsten Costas was a 15-year-old Freshman who attended Miramonte Highschool in Orinda in Northern California.  She was a petite, wavy-haired brunette who was described as popular among her peers. Outgoing, witty, sarcastic and confident are just a few charactor-traits that describe  her. She had a good home life and was the oldest of two children. She enjoyed going to school and excelled in many different things including being a member of the varsity swim team, cheerleader, she worked in the student office and was a member of the “Bobbies”, a sorority that female students attempted to be part of but only a small chosen few achieved.


Freshman class photo of Bernadette Protti (She looks fairly decent in this photo but the photos below in this story will show her looks were often unappealing.)

Bernadette Protti, then 16, was also a student who attended Miramonte High School. She was described as a quiet “bookworm” who studied and received good grades, and someone who had alot of potential when it came to education. She was respectful to teachers and always got her school work done, attended church, arrived to class each day on time, had a good family upbringing. Your typical good teenager who didn’t rebel.

However, from a students point of view Bernadette was kind but a bit of a follower. Every teenager wishes they were ‘popular’ but many aren’t and learn to accept it. Bernadette was the few who refused to accept it. She rarely went out on weekends mainly due to the fact that she was never invited to social-outings, which bothered her because she wanted so badly to be socially accepted.

She was a huge wannabe according to students who grew up with her. She was anxious around many of the popular students, almost on the verge of being socially awkward. She had low confidence, was insecure and had fantasies of being popular. even attempting to become a cheerleader which, by the way, she failed to do.

The closest she had to the in-crowd was a childhood friend who she grew up with and attended church with. They drifted apart as they entered middle and high school and the childhood friend was paired with Kirsten Costas and her clique, while Bernadette didn’t really fit-in or have a clique, but she did however, have a friend. They were average students on the social-rank, maybe slightly lower but not the lowest rank. They didn’t really stand out and many didn’t know who they were.

Bernadette had a hidden obsession with Kirsten. Why? because Kristen was everything she wasnt. She described her in court as “being good at everything”. She not only had the grades, she had the popularity, boys, social life, style, personality and confidence. The severity of Bernadette’s obsession to be accepted would become apparent a little later down the road.

Everyone at Miramonte High School knew Kirsten even if they never met her, they knew who she was. Bernadette had a class with Kirsten but was mainly ignored. She was quiet and reserved and the only times she would get up close to the in crowd was when her childhood friend was speaking to her in their presence.

Bernadette knew that being friends with Kirsten was her biggest chance at popularity because she over-shadowed her friends and although she tried on several occasions to make small talk with Kirsten, her efforts were always subtly rejected, rebuffed or quickly forgotten. Kirsten popularity and confidence made her a little high maintenance and somewhat stuck up. She had her friends, she had the boys, she had a good family, she had everything and didn’t have room reserved for someone like Bernadette who, in Kirsten’s eyes, was just a follower lurking in the background.

Bernadette started taking up babysitting and used the money to purchase trendy name-brand clothing. She put a hard effort into her appearance in yet another attempt to impress but her stylish attempts were not recognized and it even backfired on her one time.


Full body-shot photo of Kirsten Costas (photo is believed to have been taken during a her highschool ski-trip)

In 1985 students go on a ski-trip vacation. Bernadette was super excited to be spending the weekend sharing a dorm-like room with Kirsten and her friends. Finally she thought, a chance to bond. She went out a purchased what she thought was a stylish ski-outfit. Kirsten didn’t think so and made a snide remark on it, sarcastically asking her if she purchased it at a thrift store, which is a second-hand clothing store that sells outfits at an inexpensive price. The store has a low reputation and many assume that families with low-income go there for deals.

Although she didn’t show it, Bernadette was highly upset at the comment and quietly dwelled on it for several days.

Her efforts persisted however. She was definitely a follower and joined many of the same activities as Kirsten’s clique, including a job at the student office where she worked besides Kirsten. Kirsten would ask her to do ‘favors’ that, if caught, could have made Bernadette lose her office privileges. Bernadette agreed and took the chance in an effort to win her admirer over which never worked. She never gained the respect of Kirsten and started becoming more desperate.

This came after her attempt to join the cheerleading squad, which she didn’t make by the way.

Kirsten apparently never took Bernadette seriously. Bernadette was just a child-friend of one of her friends who followed them when she had the opportunity. She never had to struggle with popularity so she wouldn’t have possibly understood the severity and state-of-mind of someone like Bernadette. I’m sure if she knew what the overly sensitive, high-strung teenager was really capable of, she would have stood clear from the gecko. But she didn’t and had no fear of someone like Bernadette who was just a ‘harmless wannabe’ in her eyes.

One night when Bernadette was hanging with (only) close friend, the friend mentioned a party in which a few older high-school boys were throwing. The friend’s sibling was going so she automatically got an invite and decided to bring Bernadette along for company. Bernadette was thrilled at the idea. She instantly thought of inviting Kirsten to this party. She now had the opportunity to show Kirsten that she was going to be at a party thrown by popular high school boys. She rushed to the phone and called the Costas home and when Mrs. Costas answered she told her that she was a “bobbie”, which is a school sorority in which Kirsten was part of, and that they were throwing her daughter a surprise dinner as part of being a new member of the sorority. Mrs. Costas told the caller that she will inform Kirsten and asked what she should wear in which Bernadette replied, something nice but casual for a night out. She didn’t give Kirsten’s mother her name so Kirsten didn’t know exactly who was going to arrive to pick her up, all she knew was that she had to be ready for 8:30PM.


Photo above of Kirsten Costas home on Orchard Road, and below is her parents, Arthur and Berit Costas.


It’s Saturday evening, June 23, 1984 — Kirsten’s parents and brother had already left to attend a dinner for Peter’s little league team. Kirsten is excited and getting ready for her 8:30PM surprise. She attempts to figure it out beforehand and calls a couple of friends that she believes will give up the secret easily. They, also bobbies, tell her that there is no bobbie surprise and that they didn’t know what she was talking about. She somewhat believed them but thought maybe they were just telling her there was no party to keep the surprise going.


Pictured; Bernadette Protti

8:30PM, June 23, 1984 — A car honks its horn outside the Costas residence. Kirsten comes outside to find out who is behind this ‘surprise’ dinner. By this point she’s still curious and still planning on going out. She walks outside, leaving the TV on, to the mustard-colored, less than appealing Pinto and discovers Bernadette behind the wheel. Her excitement turns to amusement. Bernadette isn’t someone she would consider a fun person to spend a weekend night out with. She asks her what’s going on and that there was no bobbie dinner. Bernadette excitedly tells her that she just made it up and that the real surprise is even better. After being asked more than once, Bernadette finally tells her that there’s a party being thrown by (name of students unknown). Kirsten says alright and gets in the car and they drive off.

On their way to the party Kirsten asks Bernadette to pull over in an empty parking lot so she could smoke some weed. She notices a butcher knife and asks Bernadette about it who in return laughs, and tells her that her sister takes it in the car to cut fruits and vegetables. Kirsten thinks nothing of it and instead turns her attention on the party, asking her who was going and how she had gotten invited. When she learned the truth that Bernadette hadn’t exactly been invited she became annoyed and said she was going to walk into a party that she wasn’t invited too. Bernadette tried explaining that it’s ok but kept getting cut off by Kirsten, who told her that she wasn’t going to embarrass herself and to just take her home. Bernadette became desperate and in a loud-tone said “NO, that would spoil everything”, in which Kirsten responded “There was never anything to spoil”.

By this point it was getting close to 9PM. Bernadette was getting increasingly desperate and felt this incident was the final blow to any chances she had at a decent reputation. Her last attempt was to plead with Kirsten. She asked her why she had to be so mean. Kirsten rolled her eyes in response. — She then told Kirsten that all she wants to do is be her friend and how much she admired her and wanted to be like her.

If Bernadette was hoping for sympathy she surely didn’t get it.

Kristen at this point was “weirded out” and told her that she was pathetic and was acting like she was in love with her. When Bernadette tried explaining herself she was called a weirdo.

By this point Kirsten was out of Bernadette’s vehicle and fled to the nearest house, knocked on the door and was met by an older couple, Alex and Mary Jane Arnold. She asked if she could use their phone to call for a ride. She explained to them, while pointing to Bernadette’s car in the distance, had “gone weird” on her.

Bernadette was bawling, she knew she blew it and her already rocky reputation was going to be tarnished forever. She was frantic and knew Kirsten was going to make her the butt of the joke at school. She felt that she was going to be the laughing-stock and needed to silence Kirsten before she could ruin her name even more.

When Kirsten could not reach her parents by telephone Alex Arnold offered to drive her home.  On the ride to drop her off he noticed the pinto following them and asked Kirsten if everything was okay with her and her friend, to which Kirsten replied “Yeah, she’s just a little weird”.

Kirsten was supposedly calm during the ride and talked about school and activities. They pulled up to her home on Orchard Road and she stepped out of the car, thanking Mr. Arnold.

She made it to the front door, which was locked, and knocked. That’s when she noticed Bernadette walking towards her fast, yet silent. Bernadette muttered the words “I would have taken you home” too which Kirsten replied, in a loud tone, “Go Away! You are so weird” — Without warning, Bernadette started stabbing her. Kirsten screamed and Bernadette ran off.

Arnold, sitting in his car, witnessed the incident which he thought was a fist fight. He attempted to follow Bernadette’s car but by this point she was long gone. She had fled after the fifth stab. Kirsten neighbor’s heard her screams and came out and noticed her lying on the ground. They called police and comforted the dying teenager until the ambulance came.

Neighbors heard Kirsten’s screams and noticed her lying down in blood. The ambulance was called and she was comforted. She is reported to have struggled, saying “I can’t breathe”, followed by a gurgling noises. She was choking on her own blood and was mortally wounded.

The ambulance raced her to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead. A stab wound had gone through a major artery.

She was just one month short of her 16 birthday.


Everyone was shocked and hundreds attended her funeral, including Bernadette who was seen by witnesses crying.

Investigators were at Miramonte High School the upcoming week, questioningg students and having many taking lie detector tests. Bernadette was one of the chosen ones who took the test. It came back inconclusive which didn’t point to guilt, but didn’t point to innocence either. She was asked where she was on the night of the murder. Her (fake) alibi went unverified and Kirsten’s murder went unsolved for six months.

Rumors and theories quickly spread threw-out school. Students were pointing fingers, but none pointing to Bernadette, the quiet wannabe who secretly idolized Kristen.

Many students harassed a girl who they believed was responsible for Kirsten’s murder. The student was labelled a ‘goth’ and Kirsten use to pick on her, so many assumed she freaked and murdered her in revenge.

The next half a year Bernadette lived her outward appearance as normal as possible, but inside she was holding a deep dark secret which gave her overwhelming guilt.

Six months later Investigators went over all their evidence, they finally had a person-of-interest. Bernadette Protti.

The real Angela Delvecchio

Photo to the left is Bernadette in Court during her trail – Right photo is a school photo

After attempting to confirm her alibi and rereading her lie detector test, investigators realized they had no evidence so they decided to give Bernadette another lie-detector-test which proved, in their mind, her guilt. The test showed some lies and some inconclusive. They interrogated Protti in an attempt to gain a confession.. After speaking with a FBI officer.Protti wrote her mother a letter in which she made a full confession.

Bernadette claimed to have found the kitchen knife by chance, and her elder sister Gina testified in court that she used to have that knife in her car to cut her vegetables. The Costa’s did not believe her story – they claimed that nobody would use an 18-inch-long knife to slice tomatoes and that Protti, casually dressed on that evening, never intended to take Kirsten to a party, but had planned to murder her.

Bernadette Protti was sentenced to a maximum of 9-years, but was released 7-years later on parole. She was released from prison in 1992 at the age of 23 she left Ventura County. She changed her name, got married (name change again after marriage). And I believe had children, not sure how many to be exact.

 The Costas left Orinda and moved to Hawaii. They did state that they didn’t agree with Bernadette’s release and were disappointed with the Justice System.


Kirsten Marina Costas (July 23, 1968 – June 23, 1984)

Left; Tori-Spelling played ”Stacey Lockwood” who depicted Kristen Costa, Right; Kellie-Martin played ”Angela ”Angie” Delvecchio.”

This murder-case attracted alot of attention, and in 1994, the case was made into a life-time movie called ”A friend to die for”, or the UK title, ”Death of a cheerleader”.  In the movie, the story is told from Bernadette’s point of view, she is portrayed as the real victim who killed her classmate, while Kirsten Costas is portrayed as a mean-spirited bully, constantly teasing girls who were ‘socially below her.’.

A friend to die for did a good-job matching the personalities of both Kirsten and Bernadette. although somewhat exaggerated. According to an individual who attending the same school as the two girls during the early/mid 80’s, the only thing that was a bit off was the appearance. Kirsten Costa was younger than her killer, and shorter with brown hair, while the lifetime-movie depicted her as a  tall-blonde who is a little bit older than the jealous Bernadette.  Bernadette Protti however, is blonde in real-life and  taller than Kirsten.

A friend to die for AKA Death of a cheerleader – YouTube

The group, ‘Seeing Means More‘, named a song “Bernadette

Although the story below was published in Ladies’ Home Journal — and was the topic of the 1994 made-for-TV movie “Death of a Cheerleader”/”A Friend to Die For” starring Tori Spelling and Kellie Martin — this story has personal meaning to me, because I was a student at the same school. Along with the rest of the town, I watched this whole tale unfold sadly and slowly during the course of several months.
In addition to presenting the story as it was published in November of 1985, I have also added some photos from my own collection, including one from a trip Kirsten and I both took to Washington DC with a school group, as well as other pictures from our ’85 class yearbook.

664 responses to “A Friend To Die For

      • Also nothing fazes me I have been slandered to bits on this website yet I still comment either I have a case of steel or I am just plain thick :/ whatever I think of myself or anyone else thinks of me it’s a compliment to me the film is about bullying I was terribly bullied I have been called all the names under the sun I always laugh it off yeah people can be cruel I admit but so can I and don’t we always hate ourselves for being that way I feel sorry for bernedette for I know how it feels to be ridiculed I kind of understand where she’s coming from I suppose you have to be there to know

      • Hmm where are you getting Grapevine from? Unless they moved, which I don’t see any evidence of, they’re close but not quite there. They live in a pretty amazing home compared to most people in the US…

  1. We’ll money will never bring you happiness how much you have of it when money is involved sometimes happiness is front only love will bring true happiness and people caring and loving each other

  2. A force of nature would be right because thier eyes would see thier is more to life than macmaisons Mercedes bmws Chanel Armani etc

  3. Poor is not used skis poor is a family who are hungry on the streets a mother and father wondering how they feed thier children another night.

  4. Thank you to all who have given some insight about Bernadette and Kirsten and what happened that night. I have been wondering about Bernadette ever since I first saw the movie and read about the case years ago. I know people wouldn’t reveal her new name and now the cat is out of the bag. More and more info is coming to light and I, like many, are just curious. I’d also love to see recent pictures of Jeannette too, if anyone wishes to share them.

  5. I have no connection to this case. I read about it in the 80s when I was in college. I must admit, I had no sympathy for the victim after reading the Rolling Stones account. They made Kirsten Costa out to be a spoiled rich kid who wasn’t taught any humility. She seemed to be the poster child for every mean girl you ever knew in high school. Just like they got the case wrong last week (false rape claim at UVA) it seems they really botched Costa’s story as well. After reading Beauty&theBeast account and other friend’s of Costa it is clear that Prolli was not bullied at all. Costa wasn’t appreciably richer than Prolli. If Costa did tease her about the skis it is easy to jump to the conclusion that Costa was a cruel kid but it is clear it was a one time thing anyway. After reading more accounts I doubt that as well.

    Rather than being a bullying story. It seems to be an obsession story. It parallels with the murder of Rebecca Schaeffer of My Sister Sam. Even though Prolli didn’t have romantic feelings for Costa, like Schaeffer’s killer John Bardo, Prolli was obsessed with Costa as was Bardo with Schaeffer. Bardo approached Schaeffer much the way Prolli approached Costa. Costa reacted much like Schaeffer and was freaked out, which both murderers took as rejection and they flew into a rage and both brought weapons with them- just in case things didn’t go as hoped. I don’t believe that huge knife happened to be in the car. Prolli said she put the knife BACK in the kitchen- not back in the car. Both Bardo and Prolli hoped if they could explain their feelings then the object of their obsession would understand. Both of them were creepy though. Both victims felt scared.

    People keep musing, “Why did Costa jump out of the car and run away- what prompted her?” But it seems obvious from Prolli’s confession- the parts you can believe that is. She listened to the desperation in Prolli’s admission of admiring her, wanting to be like her and wanting a better friendship and she felt cornered, trapped, tricked, alone and alarms went off in her head that the situation warranted flight. Your subconscious mind works faster at perceiving danger than your conscious mind. Prolli said that at one point Costa noticed the knife and mentioned it. Costa knew no one knew she was with Prolli. Costa was listening to her instincts when she fled but once she calmed down she let down her guard. Plus, normal people don’t like to make a fuss even in dangerous situations. So when the pinto followed them Costa probably felt the need to let the neighbor off the hook and might have even started to feel embarrassed and that she overreacted, made a fuss over nothing. The conscious mind was in control when she got out of the car and made herself vulnerable but the subconscious mind was in control when she ran. I wish she had stuck with her initial gut reaction that she was in danger and asked him to walk her in the house. That is asking a lot of a trusting 15 year old child who thought she lived in a normal world. She almost made it too That poor man, he must be haunted by regret even though he did nothing wrong.

    I feel sorry for Prolli though. It is almost impossible not to pity her. She was so young too. Still I can’t blame Costa’s family and friends for wanting to expose Prolli’s new identity. It doesn’t seem fair that she should ever live this down. I think she could still be dangerous if someone crosses her. She should not be a nurse. I thought a felon couldn’t’ be a nurse anyway? Who could trust her?

    I enjoyed reading the comments about the real Kirsten Costa. I think I never forgot the case because I could never really believe Prolli’s account.

  6. Beauty and the beast, I love hearing about your memories from that horrible time. It makes it real and removes that sense of fantasy portrayed in the movie. Anymore details on bernadette or her family? Her interests etc. boyfriends? Fashion sense? You have made this blog so interesting!! Thanks for all your input!

  7. Yes, “Just Curious”, your vernacular is familiar to me; either, you are Bernadette/Jeannette, or one of her sisters. Hopefully this forum will reveal the REAL TRUTH to people who are interested in knowing how this evil, hateful, heinous EXECUTION of Kirsten, REALLY occurred. Bernadette/Jeannette’s arrogance and lack of remorse is DESPICABLE. Everyone KNOWS that Kirsten NEVER bullied Bernadette/Jeannette, so please stop trying to make your case for this PSYCHOPATH. Bernadette/Jeannette butchered this poor girl in cold blood; AND, I might add, was an absolute COWARD when she did it!! She attacked her from behind; and Kirsten didn’t even know what hit her, she did not even have a chance to run for her life or defend herself from this JEALOUS, BORDERLINE PERSONALITY, EVIL, MONSTER!!!!

  8. OMG check out “Jeanette Tomanka” facebook page; some creepy old lady is blowing it up with “Bernadette” and weird postings!

      • What kind of comments/?? I was wondering when this would start to happen?? I am surprised people don’t harrass her more, unless she’s sitting there removing all the comments every day, which is possible.

  9. Well, since it took my comment several weeks to get approved, those comments have long since been deleted. Anyway, some lady named Joan was writing ‘Bernadette’ on all of JT’s posts; I think JT sits there and deletes all of them (she must sit at her computer all day long) as they are posted. This Joan lady also would post the letters of Bernadette’s name on different posts (i.e. ‘B’, ‘E’, ‘R’, etc. on different posts, spelling out the name ‘Bernadette’.)

    • Creepy! Yes I think Bernadette monitors the page constantly (with notifications and a cell phone this wouldn’t be difficult at all)

    • I did watch the program, and it was interesting to see. Having Bernadette’s friend on was really good. I have never seen a program on this story with actual neighbors or other students. I wish it could have been longer though and it would be refreshing for Kirsten’s parents to participate but I would imagine it’s just too painful.

      • I would think you could watch on the computer if you google it. I watched some show on the computer that I googled. Sometimes the website for the show allows you to watch episodes that way.

  10. I went to Miramonte. I knew both girls. I have left a complete history from my point of view – back in June 2014 near the anniversary of the heinous murder. Since then I have rec’d some nasty messages. Including one message from the killer herself letting me know we areal going straight to hell for not forgiving her and letting her just live her life in secret peace. Kirsten you will always be sixteen We will ever forget you. I have been asked my many if they can read my view on the comments here. I am wondering how to find the comments from
    Last June so people know where to look. It’s too hard to repeat it to folks. I have to admit I still can’t drive past the school to this day. Can someone tell me how to get into the olde comments ? Thanks.

    • Michele: Don’t you have the link “Older comments” below? Your comments were very interesting and very touching, too – yes, I can imagine it is painful to repeat it over and over again. I never believed the bully story and found the portrayal of Kirsten very unfair indeed – especially as she cannot defend herself anymore. I was highly unpopular at school, but it didn’t enter my mind to kill anyone! Unfortunately, “victim blaming” is a very common human practice. This is what you wrote last June:

      Michele Judah Saylor says:
      June 25, 2014 at 5:32 pm
      I knew both Kirsten Costas and Bernadette Protti. I was not close to either girl. I got along with both of them okay. I was a member of the artsy crowd, yet borderline popular, kind of hard to explain in today’s terms. I looked mainstream compared to the crowd I found most engaging. The extremely wealthy kids who lived over in the country club area (country club, better end of sleepy hollow) had their own cliques. I socialized with cheerleaders and dated athletes, but also had many close friends who were outsiders and dressed very differently. In 1984 Orinda, this was kind of a unique position to be in. Thus, I had friends from all groups, and thus, I got to know both Kirsten and Bernadette casually, and was very close friends with girls from very different groups who had gotten to know both of them over the years.
      In fact, one of my better friends was initially accused of the crime by the community at large. If you know the case, you know of whom I speak. The wrongly accused girl and her family were tortured by the community. I myself was questioned in detail during the investigation by officials regarding my friend, was asked for my own alibi, and questioned at length about cliques, etc.
      I remember a few years later – I was working at the Lafayette Park Hotel and my wrongly accused friend and her father walked in. I had not seen her since the investigation – her family had gone to London due to the fallout of the case. That family is one example of the dozens of families that are hurt in so many ways when just one beautiful life is extinguished – the Costas have suffered the most, and lots of other families suffer too. Every person who Kirsten interacted with in life is robbed – but so are all the future ties destroyed that might have been. … the damage goes on and
      on and on….
      Bernadette Protti was indeed bullied. So were most kids, in one way or another. Kirsten was popular – which was important to her – and she was not a perfect angel. But I am willing to bet Kirsten never considered murdering anyone…. The movie story did not seem similar to my memories of our reality in 1984-85 Orinda. Kirsten was NOTHING like the Tori Spelling character. Shameful to portray her that way.
      Bernadette Protti killed Kirsten Costas in pre-meditated cold murder. She should not be free and should not be allowed to have children. She certainly should not be allowed to change her name. Even an individual involved in the review of her parole decision said it was wrong and she was a loose cannon. REMEMBER – Bernadette said herself she was “able to live with it” because “it didn’t seem real” she didn’t understand “why” or “how” it turned to murder.
      It took planning to create the Bobbies party story, it took a lot of nerve to call and con Kirsten’s Mom. Once Kirsten went out to the pinto and told Bernadette she knew the Bobbie’s party was a lie, Bernadette still had another lie ready to go… and if the party were real, would Bernadette be wearing old sweats ? No. The knife was ready and waiting. After leaving Kirsten to bleed to death, Bernadette went home and walked the dog with her Mom. She feigned shock when news of the murder came, and attended the funeral in tears. She is a very dangerous psychopath and does not deserve to live the american dream in anonymity.
      Several of our classmates died early untimely deaths at Miramonte High School throughout the 1980’s. We lost dear friends to auto accidents, falls from local cliffs, ski accidents, and many other tragedies. Kirsten Costa’s horrible murder will always be the worst – because it wasn’t an accident… She should be here, living a full life.
      I disagree with those who feel Bernadette has done her time. The sentence was a joke. I say this as someone who was not close to either family – just someone who feels a sense that justice hasn’t been served – and that just makes it worse for Bernadette’s victims – all those who knew EITHER
      girl involved are victims. Now Bernadette’s new family is most likely aware of her past, as the news has broken on her new identity and location. Bernadette has a new nose, children of her own and was on the board of directors at one of her jobs – Kirsten is gone forever.

  11. After viewings killer kids I remain disappointed. Couldn’t they have gone into more depth? Interviewed other classmates such as those posting to this blog. It always amazes me that her classmates offer no photos or more details about her at that time. There is a book in this as so many remain interested in this tragedy.

    • I do have to agree, I have always thought it was amazing this wasn’t a Dateline type story somewhere. Or that more have not spoke of it.

    • I am very disappointed they didn’t have anyone interviewed from Kirsten’s friends. Also the moderator kept saying Kirsten’s name wrong which was super annoying. I feel sorry for all the girls wrongly accused and how it wreaked havoc on their lives. No one deserves that.

  12. Yes Dawn, I have current pictures. I am waiting for someone to post them on GOOGLE IMAGES. Bernadette/Jeannette and her sisters have purposely posted fake photos of random innocent women on google images

    • I am surprised that the girl who outed her didn’t post any. She lived in Texas and must have known her.

    • Lol, I know! As a source of knowledge for household tips and food, she sure doesn’t provide much of that on her blog. Why even have a blog if you’re going to just tell your visitors to Google everything? It’s revealing in that this blog is ‘just for show’ without much substance or legit knowledge behind it.

  13. Finally!! Somebody posted this CREEPY MURDERER’S PHOTO!!! I have quite a few photos of Bernadette/Jeannette too (Pre-Nose Job) Now they need to be posted on Google Images. Jeannette and her Sisters have posted fake photos for YEARS!!

  14. Why on earth is she saying she lives in Portland? and her kids are out of school. I know her daughter is older but her little boy can’t be more than three???? At least by the pics I saw of him.

    • She’s trying to fool people into thinking she’s someone else, but it’s not working. She also filed to have her name/address hidden with her local assessor so that people can’t find her at her real location.

  15. Too Late; EVERYONE knows WHO she is, WHERE she lives, etc. Jeannette/Bernadette, and her one sisters in particular, Virginia Protti Varela (the wealthy Banker) troll these websites on a daily basis, and DEFEND this horrible Murder, AND are responsible for posting FAKE photos of INNOCENT women on Google Images, and Bing Images. It’s disgusting!

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