Malaysian Mother Caught On Camera ABUSING Her BABY

Malaysia: A disturbing 4-minute home video shows Ira beating, kicking, pinching, and throwing objects at the defenseless 8 month old baby.

Another woman (friend?) is recording everything and is heard more than once telling the mother of the child to ”stop”, at one firmly saying ”You are going to kill your baby”, but does nothing to stop the abuse.

12 responses to “Malaysian Mother Caught On Camera ABUSING Her BABY

  1. This is sickening, how can this footage be posted, why is no one stopping this abuse, they should all be charged. This poor defenseless baby, I hope the police are aware of this. Oh my God!!!

  2. Poor baby!! Knocks me sick how could anybody do this 2 a child.. Why wouldn’t the women that was videoing it take the baby if she was telling her stop!! How do people get away with it?! Does that mean she got done for it even thou she should die horrible bitch!!!

  3. That poor poor baby!!! Even though she is. Continuely abused she STILL tries to go to that demon for protection she tries to get the woman to pick her up and she punches or slaps her away every time.. I hope someone beats this woman worse!!! This poor sweet baby!! I’d take her!!!:-(

  4. This footage and more should be shown on prime time as should pics of babies murdered by SOME one who is supposed to love them.we need to tellpeople to take the child and kill them and say it was self defense of you and the baby and say you did it because you were in fear for your life and the babies.put a weapon in there hand and go get praised as a hero by anyone with half a brain.I think we need a fund started to pay legal fees if someone gets arrested for killing these animals and encourage them to do it.

      • – This is a video, dumb ass. You don’t read it, you watch it.

        Btw I seen your Instagram and you’re a horse with makeup on. It boo-hoves me that so many unattractive females can throw a little makeup on and jump in front of a camera and pose like they look good, LOL! You’re chunky (although not overly huge) and u look kindve creepy, like, I wouldn’t let you babysit my children kind’ve creepy!

        Stop commenting on all these posts!

  5. This woman and the one recording are IDIOTS!! If she does not want the baby she should turn the baby over to the authorities! Someone will want her. That child was weeping with so much emotion!!! Made me cry so much! This lady should be tied and hit with a stuck like a piñata!! Poor baby still manages to get to her to seek comfort and she pushes her away!!! Just hearing the hurt and pain and emotion of the babies cries makes me want to strangel that retarded monster!!!! I hope she gets beat down by more than a few people!

  6. i would strait shoot both of these woman in the face with my 12 gauge shotgun, stupid bitches id like to find them and smack her in the face with a fucking remote. fucking bitch i hope she dies and chokes on her own fucking blood. you devil and i hope when you die you rot in hell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. She got 18months what a joke. I saw this last night on another site I couldn’t watch all off it skip it too nearer the end hoping the person recording it stopped the abuse but she didnt. OK she took it to the police but why record it for nearly 5 minutes. Wouldn’t the slap to the face or the pinching all over the babies body be enough proof?? It made me feel sick. And they are couple out there that can’t have babies who love to have their own kids. And you get this so call mother beating the hell out of hers. Even if she was raped (not saying she wasnt)no need to take it out on the poor baby it wasn’t her fault. She should of put her up for adoption if she didn’t want her not beat her up. And also can’t belivie it still on YouTube it should be taken down it very disturbing. Rant over

  8. i couldnt watch this video either, went and signed petition straight away. fucking bitch needs a good hiding. hurting a poor innocent lil baby that can barely move. needs to be put away for many years. her abuse wont change. if she can sit there and do that on video for 4 min. she will just get out and do the same stuff.

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