Mother who called herself a ”monster” in court is sentenced to 99 years for beating her daughter into coma and gluing the tot’s hands to the wall.

On the day of the attack Escalona changed her Facebook profile photo to one of her and Jocelyn and wrote: 'Why does God put obstacles in my life?'

Elizabeth Escalona (left) was sentenced to 99 years for the brutal beating of her toddler daughter (right.)

10/12/12 Dallas, TX →After 5-days of gruelling testimony, Texas mother, Elizabeth Escalona, 23, sat tearfully in court today as she was sentenced by Judge Larry Mitchell to serve 99 years in prison for the savage torture-beating of her two-year old child.

”You savagely beat your daughter to the edge of death,” said the Judge.

In 2011, Elizabeth became so frustrated with her daughter (who isn’t being named due to legal reasons) during potty-training that she glued the child’s hands to the wall and brutally beat her.

Two of Escalona’s other children revealed in court today that their mother kicked their little sister in her stomach and hit her with a milk-jug before gluing her hands to a wall. She also dragged her (although uncertain if she was dragged by the hair.) Some skin had been torn off her little hands. She was hospitalized and in a coma.

Prosecutor Eren Price showed Escalona photo’s of her child’s injuries and asked her if she was a monster. ”A monster did this.” Escalona shook her head and replied a tearful ”Yes.”

Bruises: She hit the girl with enormous objects, including a jug, before dragging her across the floor

Photo’s showed bruises and marks all around the childs little body were also shown in court.

Painful: Other photos shown to the court reveal the bruises along Jocelyn's back after the attack

She hit her with large items including a jug and dragged her across the floor.

Torture: Photographs shown in the court depict Jocelyn's bleeding hands after they were glued to the wall

Photo’s of the toddlers bloody hands after they were glued to a wall were shown in court by prosecutors.

The words shown on an overhead display were written by prosecutor Eren Price, (left) and were shown in court as an emotional Elizabeth Escalona, 23, responds to a line of questioning in court yesterdayLIAR: words shown on an overhead display were written by prosecutor Eren Price,  (left) and were shown in the Dallas County Courtroom as Escalona responded to multiple questions in Yesterdays court-proceedings.

Escalona pleaded with Judge Mitchell for leniency, blaming her ‘black-out’ on childhood sexual-abuse and saying she did not remember the incident that unfolded last year. She said she didn’t remember where she got the glue or why she glued her toddler’s hands to the wall nor did she remember dragging her daughter, throwing things at her or kicking her in the stomach. Overall, she claimed she didn’t remember beating the poor girl into a coma because she wouldn’t potty-train correctly/quickly. Escalona continued to put on the ”water-works” but Price wasn’t buying it and showed her no mercy calling her a ”liar.”

Cross-examination by the prosecutors pointed out that Escalona was a consistently abusive mother who did drugs and beat her children. Proving she lied once again. They also showed she lied when Price was calling her a monter, Escalona was agreeing, calling herself a monter, contradicting her earlier statements of not ”remembering.” ”I hit her, I kicked her constantly, and she  didn’t deserve that,’  said Escalona. ”Only a monster does  that.”

Judge Mitchell, while agreeing that Escalona may have been sexually abused growing up, that it is no excuse for abuse and Judge Mitchell said the simple fact remained, the vicious assault on your child.

‘You savagely beat your child to the edge of  death,’ he said.

Escalona was sentenced to ninety years in prison and must serve at-least thirty to consider parole. Her loved ones cried out, some hanging their heads down in grief and disbelief. The mother of three surprisingly, showed very little emotion considering her theatrics threw-out the trail.

Her children are now in custody of the state and will hopefully get past the trauma they endured and grow up to be everything Elizabeth Escalona is NOT.

6 responses to “Mother who called herself a ”monster” in court is sentenced to 99 years for beating her daughter into coma and gluing the tot’s hands to the wall.

  1. 99 years? Please explain to me how it makes sense to spend millions of dollars locking this women up forever. (and I just read Texas is spending another 110 million on a new prison so they have more capacity.) She was abused herself and had her first child at 14, she’s only 23, is she truly beyond redemption?

    The state neglects its citizens and then punishes them brutally for misbehaving. Scary parallel with the mother here and her child.

  2. It isn’t just America this type of thing is happening. Do I think millions should be spent on prisons to house monster that do this type of thing to children? NO! I think the ones that are 100% proven to be guilty should be executed instead of wasting the tax payers $ on housing them.

  3. If she had been a male she would have gotten way less years. Secondly if she can’t handle kids why the F did she have so many at such a young age?! Ah America is going to h3ll

  4. Anybody that beats kids and kills them. Automatically deserves a death sentence they don’t deserve to live I don’t how ppl can live with themselves knowing what they did they are sick and disgusting perverted assholes

    • Im not judging her jus sayin i was also abused as a child . We had a aweful life we were poor and i was 1 of 6 kids mom worked while her husband did horrible things to us and her also.he was a petifile/drug addict and a child abuser. Never the less i made a promise to myself from those experiences i endured. And so far ive broke the cycle . I ve been married 10 yrs. I have 2 sons i trust no one .cuz even the ones who are suppose to love and take care of u still fail to do so. I do not spank/hit my boys i correct them by explaining why wut theyre doing is wrong and try to help them understand things/situations. Ive been reading these links i ran across on facebook and i had to go to check on my boys while theyre sleeping gave them a kiss and cried for those others who suffered at the hands of abuse. Its never going to end and im just relieved that i survived and my children have a better life then i had as a child.bless those children all who are or have suffered .

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