Former Nanny Accuses Octomom of Allowing One Of Her MANY Children Of SEXUALLY ABUSING Her Other Child Inside Their Home.

Pictured; Photo of Nadya Suleman also known as ”Octomom”

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Octomom was accused by a former nanny of having allowed one of her children to sexually abuse one of her other children inside her home. The accusions happened on

The allegation were made in court documents after two nannies insist that they witnessed the sexual assault.

Nadya ‘Octomom’ Suleman has responded to the allegations calling them blatant lies at the hands of bitter former employees.

Said one of the nannies according to CBS2:

‘One of the boys would take (his sibling) away and take her to another area. And he would be touching her.

‘She never did (anything). “It’s okay, don’t worry about it.” That was her attitude.’

The nannies then also went on to relay that Octomom’s other six children, age 6-11 physically abused the octuplets who are three often leaving them with bruises and black eyes.

But it gets worse. Take a deep breath kids.

The nannies also accuse Octomom of having tied the octuplets to bed with cheese cloths shortly after they were born to prevent them from getting out of their cribs.

They also relayed how Octomom would use a chair to block the door so the children wouldn’t get out whilst napping.

According to TMZ the nannies have chosen at this time to come forward because they believe the abuse has escalated.

Said one of the nannies:

‘I feel like those children are in danger. I think something is going to happen to those children if nothing is done.’

‘It made me sick to my stomach. We’re very frustrated because Nadya appears as one thing on the news and on talk shows and yet we witness everything first hand and it’s nothing like it’s shown on TV.

‘We hear the way she talks to her kids. It’s verbal abuse.’

And then there’s this, yes it keeps getting gruesome (but this is our collective hero we are talking about, so the drama is always larger than life, right?) :

Reports the A couple who lives on the same street as the famous family also contacted CPS after the nannies wrote an anonymous letter and sent it to everyone in the street, begging them to help and have social services check her home.

Reiterated the letter:

‘There are things going on in the home that need attention right away. The octuplets are not safe. You will be sorry for not checking out now if something bad happens later.’

At present local cops have begun an investigation of the allegations and now plan to send the case to the Orange County in the next several days.

So much for being a reinvented porn star moving up on the world….

Then again these are very serious allegations and the following comment from one reader did catch this author’s eye:

Interesting how this nannies never called the police, or managed to secretly video evidence of all this abuse going on. Can’t stand the woman, but I’m not believing these nannies are being totally truthful.

Time will tell who’s telling the truth but one can already imagine the deep distress and chagrin Octomom is feeling as she had slowly begun to reassert herself albeit in the most unorthodox and less than socially appealing way, but even porn stars are still capable of loving their children…

3 responses to “Former Nanny Accuses Octomom of Allowing One Of Her MANY Children Of SEXUALLY ABUSING Her Other Child Inside Their Home.

  1. Funny that the allegations are only made when the nanny’s are no longer employed there. I suspect a case of bitterness here. Also why are they in court documents, shouldn’t the child protective services be informed first and look into it. Also sending letters to all the neighbours is a wicked thing to do. Ask yourself this, Why didn’t these oh so concerned nanny’s contact the authorities and have the police to come to show them whats going on. I don.t give a shit about octomum being a porn star if thats what she has to do to survive then at least she’s earning money and trying her hardest. I mean for christ sake’s she’s got fourteen children and she’s single. I really feel sorry for her, all those people that are basically going out of their way to put this woman down, want to step back and look at their own lives and how would they cope with 14 children 8 of them toddlers. I know i wouldn’t be able to cope. This to the nannie’s your good at your job’s only saying something when you left ummm!!!

    • I agree Bengalpuss! I’ve noticed that as well. It’s always after the fact and these same nannies have been with there former Employor for months, even years with nothing bad to say. UNTIL, they get fired or quit.

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