Five Bizarre Cases Of People Killed During Sex

1. Gary Higgs

Right; Kitchen (personal photo) Left; Higgs (police photo)

 “Chris, harder,” Joanne Kitchen, 44, cried out while having sex with her live-in boyfriend at their home in Manchester, England. Only problem was Kitchen’s boyfriend’s name wasn’t Chris — it was Gary Higgs. When Higgs, 44, heard his lover utter another man’s name on the morning of April 13, 2010 he flew into a rage. According to the Telegraph, Higgs, “stormed downstairs to the kitchen grabbed a chef’s knife and stabbed Joanne once in the back and once in the chest.” Higgs’ knife work didn’t kill Kitchen, and as she struggled on the couple’s bed, he strangled her with their alarm clock’s electric cord. Higgs plead guilty to murder and must serve 15 years before becoming eligible for parole.

_____ _____ _____ _____

2. Garron Lewis

Police photo of Lewis

Over Thanksgiving weekend 2010, Milwaukee, WI, resident Garron Lewis, 46, allegedly murdered his girlfriend, Sharron D. Dorsey, 44. The reason? She answered her cell phone while the couple was having sex, sending Lewis into a fury so blinding that he strangled her. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported that “Dorsey’s body was on a bed in the basement, clad in her underwear.” According to reports, Dorsey had been dead for sometime when her daughter discovered the corpse. The Journal-Sentinel reports that Lewis confessed his crime to an acquaintance, saying that he had threatened to take Dorsey’s life just before he strangled her with his belt.

_____ _____ _____ _____

3. Steven Ling 

Police Photo of Ling

It’s Christmas Day, 1997, and Steven Ling, 23, stumbles to the road in his hometown of Stamfordham, England and hails a passing police car. “Just take me straight to the police station,” he reportedly told the police. “I want to tell you I have just killed a girl. I stabbed her while having sex.” According to the BBC, Ling met Joanne Tulip, 29, the night before at a local pub. The two chatted briefly then went back to his place to have sex. After receiving a slight rebuff from Tulip, Ling left his bedroom to make some coffee. When he returned he brought two knives in addition to the coffee. Soon after the couple began having sex and Ling “just stabbed her, I don’t know why I did it.” Ling ultimately stabbed Tulip 60 times before suffocating her with his duvet. Less than a year later Ling was sentenced to life in prison.

_____ _____ _____ _____

4. Marcus Coates 

Police Photo of Coates

After Marcus Coates, 44, strangled Jennie Banner, 32, he carried her half naked body to her bedroom and covered her with a blanket. He didn’t bother to remove or loosen the belt he had wrapped tightly around her neck. According to both the BBC and Kent Online, Coates and Banner, both residents of Kent, England, had known each other for years. Banner worked as a prostitute, and in late August 2011 Coates agreed to pay her for sex. The two then went to Banner’s apartment where they both took drugs then began having sex. During the session, Coates placed a belt around Banner’s neck and strangled her. He confessed to the killing five days later. During the trial Coates’ attorneys claimed that Banner had tightened the belt herself, and that Coates had been unable to loosen the ligature before she died. The jury didn’t buy it – in large part because of photos of Coates’ ex-wife being forced to wear a dog collar and the ex-wife’s testimony that Coates had repeatedly choked her to the brink of unconsciousness during sex – and in May 2012 Coates was convicted of manslaughter. He is currently jailed indefinitely.

_____ _____ _____ _____

5. Cecile Brossard

Police Photo of Brossard 

In 2005 the body of Edouard Stern was found clad in a full body latex sex suit, bound into a submissive position and shot four times. Stern, 50, one of France’s richest men, was murdered at his Geneva, Switzerland apartment by Cecile Brossard, his mistress, after reportedly saying, “One million for a whore, that’s expensive.” According to CBS News, Stern had left his wife for Brossard, promising to marry her and to supply her with an extravagant allowance. In the days leading up to the shooting, Stern blocked Brossard’s access to her bank account, confirming her suspicions that he no longer planned to marry her. Her frustrations came to a head during their kinky sex play when Stern taunted her about the money. Brossard shot Stern once in the head, and when he continued to struggle she followed up with three more shots to his bound body. Brossard was convicted of the killing in 2009. “I am not a thief. I am not poisonous,” said Brossard, 40, during her trial. “I am just desperately in love with a man and I will be forever.”

This article is from the TruTv Crime Library and was originally published on August 24, 2012 by Michael Washburn. No copyright intended.

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