Five Bizarre Cases Of People Killed During Sex

1. Gary Higgs

Right; Kitchen (personal photo) Left; Higgs (police photo)

 “Chris, harder,” Joanne Kitchen, 44, cried out while having sex with her live-in boyfriend at their home in Manchester, England. Only problem was Kitchen’s boyfriend’s name wasn’t Chris — it was Gary Higgs. When Higgs, 44, heard his lover utter another man’s name on the morning of April 13, 2010 he flew into a rage. According to the Telegraph, Higgs, “stormed downstairs to the kitchen grabbed a chef’s knife and stabbed Joanne once in the back and once in the chest.” Higgs’ knife work didn’t kill Kitchen, and as she struggled on the couple’s bed, he strangled her with their alarm clock’s electric cord. Higgs plead guilty to murder and must serve 15 years before becoming eligible for parole.

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2. Garron Lewis

Police photo of Lewis

Over Thanksgiving weekend 2010, Milwaukee, WI, resident Garron Lewis, 46, allegedly murdered his girlfriend, Sharron D. Dorsey, 44. The reason? She answered her cell phone while the couple was having sex, sending Lewis into a fury so blinding that he strangled her. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported that “Dorsey’s body was on a bed in the basement, clad in her underwear.” According to reports, Dorsey had been dead for sometime when her daughter discovered the corpse. The Journal-Sentinel reports that Lewis confessed his crime to an acquaintance, saying that he had threatened to take Dorsey’s life just before he strangled her with his belt.

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3. Steven Ling 

Police Photo of Ling

It’s Christmas Day, 1997, and Steven Ling, 23, stumbles to the road in his hometown of Stamfordham, England and hails a passing police car. “Just take me straight to the police station,” he reportedly told the police. “I want to tell you I have just killed a girl. I stabbed her while having sex.” According to the BBC, Ling met Joanne Tulip, 29, the night before at a local pub. The two chatted briefly then went back to his place to have sex. After receiving a slight rebuff from Tulip, Ling left his bedroom to make some coffee. When he returned he brought two knives in addition to the coffee. Soon after the couple began having sex and Ling “just stabbed her, I don’t know why I did it.” Ling ultimately stabbed Tulip 60 times before suffocating her with his duvet. Less than a year later Ling was sentenced to life in prison.

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4. Marcus Coates 

Police Photo of Coates

After Marcus Coates, 44, strangled Jennie Banner, 32, he carried her half naked body to her bedroom and covered her with a blanket. He didn’t bother to remove or loosen the belt he had wrapped tightly around her neck. According to both the BBC and Kent Online, Coates and Banner, both residents of Kent, England, had known each other for years. Banner worked as a prostitute, and in late August 2011 Coates agreed to pay her for sex. The two then went to Banner’s apartment where they both took drugs then began having sex. During the session, Coates placed a belt around Banner’s neck and strangled her. He confessed to the killing five days later. During the trial Coates’ attorneys claimed that Banner had tightened the belt herself, and that Coates had been unable to loosen the ligature before she died. The jury didn’t buy it – in large part because of photos of Coates’ ex-wife being forced to wear a dog collar and the ex-wife’s testimony that Coates had repeatedly choked her to the brink of unconsciousness during sex – and in May 2012 Coates was convicted of manslaughter. He is currently jailed indefinitely.

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5. Cecile Brossard

Police Photo of Brossard 

In 2005 the body of Edouard Stern was found clad in a full body latex sex suit, bound into a submissive position and shot four times. Stern, 50, one of France’s richest men, was murdered at his Geneva, Switzerland apartment by Cecile Brossard, his mistress, after reportedly saying, “One million for a whore, that’s expensive.” According to CBS News, Stern had left his wife for Brossard, promising to marry her and to supply her with an extravagant allowance. In the days leading up to the shooting, Stern blocked Brossard’s access to her bank account, confirming her suspicions that he no longer planned to marry her. Her frustrations came to a head during their kinky sex play when Stern taunted her about the money. Brossard shot Stern once in the head, and when he continued to struggle she followed up with three more shots to his bound body. Brossard was convicted of the killing in 2009. “I am not a thief. I am not poisonous,” said Brossard, 40, during her trial. “I am just desperately in love with a man and I will be forever.”

This article is from the TruTv Crime Library and was originally published on August 24, 2012 by Michael Washburn. No copyright intended.

Girl left in coma after getting tangled in noose while haunted-house as customers walk by thinking it’s part of the skit speaks out one year later

This is less of a crime and more of a horrific accident that happened last Halloween.
Grisly: During the two to ten minutes she was left hanging, members of the public likely walked past her, thinking she was a gory life-size doll

Photo of Jessica Rue days after the haunted-house accident

In October 2011, Jessica Rue, who was 17-years-old at the time, was an employee at Creepy-world, a haunted house in St Louis, Missouri. On a particular night last October, Jessica found herself in trouble when she accidentally entangled a noose around her neck which continued to choke her for up to ten minutes, into unconsciousness. Those who went to see the haunted house continued walking past her, thinking she was part of the show and her hanging on a noose was nothing more then an ‘act.’ She was found unconscious, barely clinging to life by another employee. She was immediately sent to the hospital and spent three days in a coma before she awoke. The noose had choked off oxygen to her brain. One year later at 18-years-old, she is unable to recall any of the events leading up to the accident that night.

Update: 10/16/12, FENTON, Mo.—A year after Jessica Rue nearly died inside a suburban St. Louis haunted house, her recovery is far from complete.

Rue was a 17-year-old worker at Creepyworld in Fenton, Mo., hired to scare guests as they walked through a bathroom scene drenched in fake blood. On Oct. 27, 2011, she slipped off a tub and her neck got caught in a noose. Visitors figured it was part of the show.

A lawsuit filed by Rue against Creepyworld, its parent company and two co-workers says she hung from the noose for 2 to 10 minutes and wasn’t breathing before a co-worker cut her down.

Rue told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch she doesn’t remember the accident. She struggles with short-term memory loss, headaches, blackouts, heart flutters and dizzy spells.

The lawsuit is just the latest in a stream of negative press for the haunted house.

On Monday, employees of Creepyworld’s “Zombie Town Haunted Hayride” told News 4 they did not have adequate protection and received welts and bruises while being targeted as customers armed with paintball guns moved through the park on a hay wagon shooting at them.

Source: kmov published 10/16/12

Former Nanny Accuses Octomom of Allowing One Of Her MANY Children Of SEXUALLY ABUSING Her Other Child Inside Their Home.

Pictured; Photo of Nadya Suleman also known as ”Octomom”

This article was originally published on October 12th, 2012 by – Clicking the first word of the post (Octomom) will link you to the original article.

Octomom was accused by a former nanny of having allowed one of her children to sexually abuse one of her other children inside her home. The accusions happened on

The allegation were made in court documents after two nannies insist that they witnessed the sexual assault.

Nadya ‘Octomom’ Suleman has responded to the allegations calling them blatant lies at the hands of bitter former employees.

Said one of the nannies according to CBS2:

‘One of the boys would take (his sibling) away and take her to another area. And he would be touching her.

‘She never did (anything). “It’s okay, don’t worry about it.” That was her attitude.’

The nannies then also went on to relay that Octomom’s other six children, age 6-11 physically abused the octuplets who are three often leaving them with bruises and black eyes.

But it gets worse. Take a deep breath kids.

The nannies also accuse Octomom of having tied the octuplets to bed with cheese cloths shortly after they were born to prevent them from getting out of their cribs.

They also relayed how Octomom would use a chair to block the door so the children wouldn’t get out whilst napping.

According to TMZ the nannies have chosen at this time to come forward because they believe the abuse has escalated.

Said one of the nannies:

‘I feel like those children are in danger. I think something is going to happen to those children if nothing is done.’

‘It made me sick to my stomach. We’re very frustrated because Nadya appears as one thing on the news and on talk shows and yet we witness everything first hand and it’s nothing like it’s shown on TV.

‘We hear the way she talks to her kids. It’s verbal abuse.’

And then there’s this, yes it keeps getting gruesome (but this is our collective hero we are talking about, so the drama is always larger than life, right?) :

Reports the A couple who lives on the same street as the famous family also contacted CPS after the nannies wrote an anonymous letter and sent it to everyone in the street, begging them to help and have social services check her home.

Reiterated the letter:

‘There are things going on in the home that need attention right away. The octuplets are not safe. You will be sorry for not checking out now if something bad happens later.’

At present local cops have begun an investigation of the allegations and now plan to send the case to the Orange County in the next several days.

So much for being a reinvented porn star moving up on the world….

Then again these are very serious allegations and the following comment from one reader did catch this author’s eye:

Interesting how this nannies never called the police, or managed to secretly video evidence of all this abuse going on. Can’t stand the woman, but I’m not believing these nannies are being totally truthful.

Time will tell who’s telling the truth but one can already imagine the deep distress and chagrin Octomom is feeling as she had slowly begun to reassert herself albeit in the most unorthodox and less than socially appealing way, but even porn stars are still capable of loving their children…

South Dakota’s First Execution In FIVE YEARS Tonight! Last Meal? Moose Track Ice Cream

Published on 10/15/12 by — South Dakota’s first execution in five years – and only the second in more than half a century – is scheduled for Monday  night.

At 10 p.m. this evening, Eric Robert, 50, is  scheduled to die by lethal injection at the State Penitentiary in Sioux Falls.  Last April, he pleaded guilty to killing a prison guard Ronald Johnson during a  failed escape attempt.

For religious reasons, Roberts is spending  his final 40 hours fasting and as a result his last meal was on Saturday night  when he ate Moose Track ice cream – vanilla ice cream with peanut butter cups  and Moose Track Fudge.

Eric Robert is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection on Monday evening

Eric Robert is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection on Monday evening.

According to his lawyer, Mark Kadi, the fast  is religious in nature with 40 hours serving as a metaphor for the 40 day fast  of Christ in the Bible.

Opponents of the death penalty are expected  to begin a vigil outside the prison at eight p.m. Any last-minute appeal or stay  of execution is unlikely, as Gov. Dennis Daugaard announced last week that he  would not intervene.

Warden Doug Weber will accompany Robert into the execution chamber this evening, ask him for his last words and then give the signal to the execution team. The Minnehaha County coroner will be present to declare Robert dead.

None of Robert’s friends or family are  scheduled to attend, said Kadi.

‘He’s been very calm,’ Kadi told  ‘I’ve seen him angry and stressed out, and that’s not what he is right  now.’

Robert was serving an 80-year sentence for a  kidnapping conviction when he and Rodney Berget, 50, tried to escape from Sioux  Falls prison. The two men attacked prison guard Ronald Johnson with a pipe and  covered his mouth with plastic wrap.

Wearing Johnson’s uniform, Robert approached  the prison’s west gate pushing a cart loaded with Berget hidden in a  box.

As the men approached the gate, the  guards  became suspicious. There was a struggle, Robert beat one guard;  other guards  then quickly arrived and detained both inmates.

Johnson’s body was found on the floor in a  Pheasantland Industries building,  where inmates worked on upholstery, signs,  custom furniture and other  projects. Johnson was killed on his 63rd  birthday.

Months later, Robert told a judge that his  only regret was that he hadn’t  killed more guards. He then asked to be put to  death, saying he would  kill again.

Prison guard Ronald Johnson, left, was murdered by Eric Robert and Rodney Berget, right, on his 63rd birthday
Prison guard Ronald Johnson, left, was murdered by Eric Robert and Rodney Berget, right, on his 63rd birthday

Prison guard Ronald Johnson, left, was murdered by Eric  Robert and Rodney Berget, right, on his 63rd birthday.

Robert never appealed his sentence and even  tried to bypass a mandatory state review in hopes of expediting his  death.

Berget also pleaded guilty in the killing,  but has appealed his death sentence. A third inmate, Michael Nordman, 47, was  given a life sentence for providing materials used in the murder.

South Dakota’s last execution took place in  2007, and that had been the first in the state for 60 years. Only five inmates  are currently on death row, including Robert and Donald Moeller, 60, who is  expected to be executed later this month after he asked for appeals on his  behalf to be dropped.

‘You have few people on death row,  few  executions, and then you have this coincidence of cases coming all  at once,’  said Richard Dieter, executive director of the nonprofit Death Penalty  Information Center. ‘When people waive appeals, their cases  start to move more  quickly.’

Moeller is scheduled to be put to death the  week of Oct. 28 for the 1990  kidnapping, rape and murder of a nine-year-old  girl. Robert has been on  death row only for about a year, Moeller has been  there for more than  two decades.

A judge last week granted Moeller’s request  that appeals to stay his  execution be dropped. ‘I killed,’ Moeller said. ‘I  deserve to be  killed.’


Tacony basement abuse case could be tried under federal hate-crime law

Tacony basement abuse case could be tried under federal hate-crime law

The case against Linda Weston, who was charged last year with imprisoning four mentally disabled adults in a squalid North Philadelphia basement in a plot to steal their government benefits, has from the beginning contained accusations of unimaginable cruelty.

But authorities say the Weston story also represents a potential test case for a new federal hate-crime statute that allows for prosecution of those who victimize the disabled. It would be the first such prosecution since the law was passed in 2009.

Although Weston, 52, and her three alleged coconspirators are scheduled for trial on Jan. 28 in Common Pleas Court on kidnapping, assault, and other charges, sources close to the investigation said they believed the U.S. Department of Justice would adopt the case before then.

Also charged are Weston’s 48-year-old boyfriend, Gregory Thomas; her 33-year-old daughter, Jean McIntosh; and 51-year-old Eddie Wright, a street preacher from Texas.

They were arrested in October 2011 after police discovered four adults living in the dank basement of McIntosh’s Tacony apartment building. Police said Weston’s 20-year-old niece, Beatrice, was being held in an upstairs closet.

The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office would not comment on whether the case might go federal. Patricia Hartman, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office, said she could not confirm or deny a federal investigation into the Weston case.

George Yacoubian, Weston’s attorney, said he believed federal charges had always been a prospect. Lou D’Onofrio, the attorney representing Wright, agreed.

“It’s clearly a possibility,” he said.

Several allegations against Weston would seem ripe for federal charges: She and her codefendants are accused of moving the adults around the country, imprisoning them and physically abusing them in at least four states, and persuading them to sign over their Social Security checks.

But law enforcement sources have said from the start the crimes may also fall under the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, which was passed in 2009 and which expanded the earlier federal hate-crimes law to include victims’ sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability.

Shepard was killed in Laramie, Wyo., in 1998 by two men who targeted him for his homosexuality, tied him to a fence, and beat him to death. That same year, Byrd, who was black, was tied to the back of a truck, dragged, and eventually decapitated by two white supremacists. Shepard’s killers are serving life sentences; two of Byrd’s were sentenced to death, and the third was sentenced to life in prison.

Lawyers seeking to prosecute under Shepard-Byrd must prove the offender acted with bias against his or her victim. In the case of the disabled, the offender must have chosen to victimize them because of their disabilities. Those convicted under the act face up to 10 years in prison, and life in prison if the victim was killed.

Just a handful of hate-crime cases have been prosecuted under Shepard-Byrd, all limited to victims’ race or religion.

Last year, the chief of the criminal section of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division confirmed his office had opened an investigation into the Weston case.

Some disability rights advocates said the case might be challenging to prosecutors.

Several witnesses in the case have mental difficulties that could make pinpointing details like dates and times difficult. Weston and her codefendants are charged with kidnapping, but in a preliminary hearing last year, victim Edwin Sanabria testified that he agreed to move in with Weston after she said she would take care of him.

Despite his disability, Sanabria, like the other alleged victims, is considered an independent adult. And Sanabria testified that, over the course of 10 years, he never tried to escape from Weston.

“There can be issues as far as, how effective is this witness going to be?” said Silvia Yee, a senior staff attorney with the Disability Rights and Education Fund in Washington. “There are many reasons that someone wouldn’t fight back, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be forced or abused.”

The hate-crime law looks closely at the actions and motives of the accused, Yee said, and less at demeanor or other factors related to the victim.

“It seems wrong to have the focus be on what the victim can or cannot do,” she said. “You want a jury to be able to really consider the actions of the perpetrator and have that be the main point.”

If Weston and her codefendants were federally indicted under the act, the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office might choose to withdraw charges, or the case could proceed in both jurisdictions.

Source: Photo of suspect will link you to the original article written and published by philly.

Mother who called herself a ”monster” in court is sentenced to 99 years for beating her daughter into coma and gluing the tot’s hands to the wall.

On the day of the attack Escalona changed her Facebook profile photo to one of her and Jocelyn and wrote: 'Why does God put obstacles in my life?'

Elizabeth Escalona (left) was sentenced to 99 years for the brutal beating of her toddler daughter (right.)

10/12/12 Dallas, TX →After 5-days of gruelling testimony, Texas mother, Elizabeth Escalona, 23, sat tearfully in court today as she was sentenced by Judge Larry Mitchell to serve 99 years in prison for the savage torture-beating of her two-year old child.

”You savagely beat your daughter to the edge of death,” said the Judge.

In 2011, Elizabeth became so frustrated with her daughter (who isn’t being named due to legal reasons) during potty-training that she glued the child’s hands to the wall and brutally beat her.

Two of Escalona’s other children revealed in court today that their mother kicked their little sister in her stomach and hit her with a milk-jug before gluing her hands to a wall. She also dragged her (although uncertain if she was dragged by the hair.) Some skin had been torn off her little hands. She was hospitalized and in a coma.

Prosecutor Eren Price showed Escalona photo’s of her child’s injuries and asked her if she was a monster. ”A monster did this.” Escalona shook her head and replied a tearful ”Yes.”

Bruises: She hit the girl with enormous objects, including a jug, before dragging her across the floor

Photo’s showed bruises and marks all around the childs little body were also shown in court.

Painful: Other photos shown to the court reveal the bruises along Jocelyn's back after the attack

She hit her with large items including a jug and dragged her across the floor.

Torture: Photographs shown in the court depict Jocelyn's bleeding hands after they were glued to the wall

Photo’s of the toddlers bloody hands after they were glued to a wall were shown in court by prosecutors.

The words shown on an overhead display were written by prosecutor Eren Price, (left) and were shown in court as an emotional Elizabeth Escalona, 23, responds to a line of questioning in court yesterdayLIAR: words shown on an overhead display were written by prosecutor Eren Price,  (left) and were shown in the Dallas County Courtroom as Escalona responded to multiple questions in Yesterdays court-proceedings.

Escalona pleaded with Judge Mitchell for leniency, blaming her ‘black-out’ on childhood sexual-abuse and saying she did not remember the incident that unfolded last year. She said she didn’t remember where she got the glue or why she glued her toddler’s hands to the wall nor did she remember dragging her daughter, throwing things at her or kicking her in the stomach. Overall, she claimed she didn’t remember beating the poor girl into a coma because she wouldn’t potty-train correctly/quickly. Escalona continued to put on the ”water-works” but Price wasn’t buying it and showed her no mercy calling her a ”liar.”

Cross-examination by the prosecutors pointed out that Escalona was a consistently abusive mother who did drugs and beat her children. Proving she lied once again. They also showed she lied when Price was calling her a monter, Escalona was agreeing, calling herself a monter, contradicting her earlier statements of not ”remembering.” ”I hit her, I kicked her constantly, and she  didn’t deserve that,’  said Escalona. ”Only a monster does  that.”

Judge Mitchell, while agreeing that Escalona may have been sexually abused growing up, that it is no excuse for abuse and Judge Mitchell said the simple fact remained, the vicious assault on your child.

‘You savagely beat your child to the edge of  death,’ he said.

Escalona was sentenced to ninety years in prison and must serve at-least thirty to consider parole. Her loved ones cried out, some hanging their heads down in grief and disbelief. The mother of three surprisingly, showed very little emotion considering her theatrics threw-out the trail.

Her children are now in custody of the state and will hopefully get past the trauma they endured and grow up to be everything Elizabeth Escalona is NOT.

SICK: Adult Woman Pretending To Be A Underage Boy Had Sex WIth A Fifteen Year Old Girl Using ”Fake Man Parts”

This article was written and published by on wednesday, october 10, 2012 – no copyright intended.Identity: Carissa Hads posted this photo of herself on her MySpace page in which she looks like a woman

Pictured; Carissa Hads posted this photo on Myspace. In it she look’s like a woman.

A Massachusetts woman who authorities say  pretended to be a teenage boy to have sex with a 15-year-old girl from West  Virginia pleaded guilty to one federal count on Wednesday.

Carissa Hads, 25, of Quincy, could face up to  30 years in prison if convicted of traveling across state lines with the  intention of having sex with a minor.

Investigators say Hads posed as an  18-year-old boy named James Puryear Wilson on MySpace and started a relationship  with the teenage victim in 2010. Authorities say the two communicated for more  than a year before their first in-person meeting.


Pictured; Hads posted this photo on Facebook. In it, she is dressed like a boy to lure unsuspecting victims for sexual-encounters.

According to a State Police investigator,  Hads wore color contact lenses and a back brace to conceal her breasts, and that  she visited the 15-year-old at least three times, including once at a Pittsburgh  motel last December.

The victim also took naked photos of herself  and texted them to Hads on a cell phone that the 25-year-old woman provided,  authorities say.

The criminal complaint states that Hads then  flew to West Virginia in February, and had a sexual encounter with the girl at  her Lewis County home, but did not undress.

Another West Virginia teen became suspicious  of Hads’ true identity, the State Police investigator said, and alerted  authorities in March after Hads threatened her.

Hads was arrested in May at the Pittsburgh  International Airport.

The 25-year-old woman could be fined  as much  as $250,000 during her sentencing. She remains in custody and  appeared before  U.S. Magistrate John Kaull in Clarksburg to enter her  plea  Wednesday.

Under the plea agreement, she also agreed to  surrender her computer and other electronic equipment seized from her  home.

Hads was taken into police custody on May 24  and charged with traveling across state lines for the purpose of coercing or  enticing a minor to  have sexual intercourse.

Following Hads’s arrest, police said they  seized an artificial flesh-colored penis from the front pocket of her pants that  she apparently used during a sexual encounter with the teenage victim.

Hads was apprehended after flying to meet the  girl for a third rendezvous, the Smoking  Gun has  reported.

According to an affidavit sworn by an  Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force investigator, Hads was posing as an  18-year-old boy named James Puryear Wilson when she met the teen online in  October of 2010.

‘Wilson’ maintained Facebook and  MySpace  pages that described him as a youth pastor living in Quincy,  Massachusetts,  which is Hads’ actual residence.

On ‘his’ Facebook, ‘Wilson’ claimed  to be  the father of twin boys and noted that he was ‘looking for some  people to talk  to. No fake pages or pervs.’

It was later revealed that an image of the  twins ‘Wilson’ had posted online came from an ad for a photography  website.

Hads, using her bogus male persona, had  allegedly become involved in an  Internet romance with a girl from West Virginia  identified in the  affidavit only as A.L. 

In the course of their relationship,  authorities said Hads sent her  teenage paramour two cell phones that she could  use to contact her  ‘boyfriend.’
Imposter: Police said Carissa Hads presented herself as a 17-year-old youth pastor and father of twins named James Puryear Wilson

Facebook Imposter: Police said Carissa Hads presented herself as a 17-year-old teen pastor and father of twins named James Puryear Wilson.

Along with paying the girl’s cell phone  bills, Hads also sent her a Kindle Fire tablet, according to the  affidavit.

The teenager told investigators that she used  the phones to take naked photos of herself, some of which focused on her  genitals, and send them to ‘Wilson.’

The affidavit states that Hads and the girl  would also write in journals and mail them back and forth so each could respond  to the other’s writings.

Coverup: The teenage victim told police that Hads used a back brace to conceal her breasts

Coverup: The under-age victim told police that Hads used a back brace to conceal her breasts

‘Wilson’ told A.L. that he lived in  Massachusetts with his aunt Melanie Lodi, adding that he had another aunt named  Carissa Hads, an investigator reported.

In December of 2011, after communicating for  14 months, ‘Wilson’ asked to meet the teenager in person. Their encounter was  arranged by the girl’s mother, who accompanied her daughter and two other  15-year-old girls to meet ‘Wilson’ at a Pennsylvania motel.

According to the affidavit sworn by West  Virginia State Trooper Robert Talkington, ‘Wilson’ stayed at the same motel but  in a separate room paid for by the girl’s mother.

During their stay, Talkington claimed that  Hads/’Wilson’ digitally penetrated the teen’s vagina.

Two months later, Hads flew to West Virginia  disguised as ‘Wilson’ and stayed at A.L.’s house for five days, during which  time the two had allegedly had sex.

Speaking to police in May, the girl recalled  that her ‘boyfriend,’ who remained clothed, ‘pulled his penis through his  unzipped pants’ during their sexual encounter. The girl has never seen ‘Wilson’  fully naked, she said.

Hads also kept her chest covered using a back  brace, Talkington wrote.

The 24-year-old, unaware that her paramour  had begun cooperating with law enforcement, was arrested last month after  traveling to Pittsburgh for what she apparently thought would be a third tryst.

Police started investigating Hads after  receiving a complaint that her male alter-ego ‘Wilson’ had threatened the life  of A.L.’s 15-year-old friend.

The girl apparently told A.L. that she did  not believe ‘Wilson’ was a man.

The suspect has been described as weighing  100lbs. and standing at five feet and two inches, with distinct feminine  features and no visible Adam’s apple.