Bizarre Love Triangle With A Surprising Ending

Brian Barrett

Pictured: Brian Barrett a.k.a “beefcake”

On Friday, September 15, 2006, just outside Buffalo, N.Y., Brian Barrett’s shift at the Dynabrade power tool plant ended at 10 p.m. He climbed into his truck to head home, but before he could slip his key into the ignition, someone shot him at close range with a .30-caliber rifle. Three bullets passed through his driver’s side window, hitting him in the arm and neck.

He died almost instantly, but it would be two days before a coworker would notice his body still in the truck in the parking lot on Monday morning.

Erie County Sheriff’s deputies dispatched to the scene at 8989 Sheridan Drive in the Buffalo suburb of Clarence talked to locals. They reported hearing gunshots and seeing a man wearing camouflage and a ski mask. Near Barrett’s truck officers found a peach pit and a leather cartridge case covered with what was later determined to be dog hair.

Once the investigators talked to a few coworkers at the factory where Barrett had been working part-time for the last four years, the outline of a likely scenario quickly came into focus. The 22-year-old seemed to have become the victim of a bizarre love triangle: He was likely killed by a man pretending to be someone he was not, obsessed with a woman pretending to be someone she was not.

And almost all of it, until the bloody final act, had happened online.

Map of New York State with Buffalo locator

Daniel Barrett still does not understand how his son ended up a victim. The death of young Brian Barrett certainly shocked his family and friends.

Barrett had been a good kid and a star athlete. He had been on the football team too, but baseball was his game. The former third baseman still holds his high school’s record for the longest home run. His old coach, Starpoint High School Athletic Director Tom Sarkovics, says he never heard anyone say a negative word about the guy.

After high school, Barrett played ball in the Midget League and was voted Most Valuable Player. But by then it was just a game for him: He went to work at a machine shop as soon as he graduated in June 2002. He saved up enough money to buy his Ford Ranger, but then in December he was laid off.

That disappointment prompted him to reconsider college. He enrolled at Erie Community College, and found a job at Dynabrade at the same time. Once he got his two-year associate degree, he transferred to Buffalo State College, where he was studying to become an industrial arts teacher at the time of his murder.

Erie Community College
Pictured: Erie Community College

His life was just starting. Barrett still lived with his parents, Dan and Deb Barrett, on Minnick Road in nearby Lockport, in the childhood room decorated with his sports trophies, posters and photos of him with his younger brothers, Daniel and Richard.

His grandfather, Harry Barrett called him Lurch. Barrett was tall and strong, but shy, just finding his footing in the world. He’d started camping and traveling, seeing a little of the world outside the Buffalo area. Earlier in 2006, he’d gone to North Carolina on a camping trip. While there, he tried sky diving for the first time, he told his parents about this only after the jump, afraid that they’d worry about him if they knew.

But it turned out that the mortal danger would come from one of Barrett’s coworkers, Thomas Montgomery.

Thomas Montgomery

Pictured: Police Mugshot of Thomas Montgomery also known as “MarineSniper”

Map showing West Virginia and New York State
Map showing West Virginia and New York State

“Tommy” Montgomery was an 18-year-old Marine about to be deployed to Iraq. He described himself online as 6’2, 180 pounds. He said he had a black belt in karate and that he already sported an array of battle scars.

He met a 17-year-old girl from West Virginia, Jessi, on the game site in the spring of 2005. He told her his mom had died of cancer when he was twelve. She sympathized, and he opened up. He had raped a cheerleader in high school, he said, but then had turned himself around and followed his dad, Tommy Sr., into the Marines.

Pictured: “Jessi” a.k.a “Tallhotblond”

Tommy and Jessi spent more and more time chatting online on Pogo, MySpace and Yahoo. They even scheduled 10-minute phone conversations each day, before and after Tommy’s military duties. When Tommy was in Iraq, his father passed messages and photos between the two, through his Marine contacts.

MySpace Logo
Pictured: MySpace Logo

Tommy got jealous when he started suspecting that Jessi was sending her photos to other men online too. To make it up to him, she sent him one of her thongs and a silver chain. Tommy calmed down and forgave herbut Tommy Sr. stepped in and sternly warned her not to hurt his sensitive, inexperienced son.

 Still, he kept relaying their messages. When Tommy considered suicide in Iraq, Jessi kept him going. He said she was the best thing that ever happened to him. She sent him some custom-made dogtags. He tattooed her name on his arm.

And on Christmas Day, 2005, Tommy asked Jessi to marry him. She said yes. They’d never even met.

If they had, Jessi and Tommy would both have realized that nearly everything that they had told each other was a lie.

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Text Box: We have created this site in memory of our son Brian who was taken from us way too soon!  We are hoping to raise awareness about the dangers of the internet, and hope to see new laws made so that  predators will be held accountable for their actions online.

To visit the families site, click → Brian Barrett Memorial

One response to “Bizarre Love Triangle With A Surprising Ending

  1. A article posted by ABCNews on March 19, 2010 titled ‘Brian Barrett Murder’

    Thomas Montgomery, a 46-year-old balding husband and father of two (screen name: Marinesniper) had lied to beautiful 18-year-old Jessi (Screen name: Talhotblond) for more than a year.

    Pretending to be a handsome 18-year-old Marine, he won her heart in cyberspace and, even though they had never met face to face, proposed marriage.

    But it all came undone when his wife found a trove of love letters and sent Jessi a photograph of her husband and his family.

    A furious Jessi then became involved with Montgomery’s young co-worker and former friend Brian Barrett (screen name: Beefcake) — a 22-year-old college student, studying to be a teacher. Like Jessi, he enjoys sports. Unlike Montgomery, he is real.

    “He’s honest, he wasn’t a liar like you were,” Montgomery said Jessi told him. “He’s closer to my age.”

    Jessi began sending Barrett the same photos she’d previously sent Montgomery, along with cards that revealed deepening feelings: “My sweet Brian, I love you”

    Montgomery became crazed with jealousy. “Brian will pay in blood,” Montgomery instant messaged Jessi at one point.

    His messages became increasingly violent, as he was forced to watch their romance blossom in the same chat rooms he used to frequent with Jessi.

    “He was enraged,” said former prosecutor Ken Case. ” I mean, it oftentimes shocked me when I saw the names that he would call her.”

    Marinesniper: u r nothing and will be nothing but a lying whore

    Jessi and Berrett took to the Internet to make sure everyone knew Montgomery (who recently had a birthday) was a liar.

    “They were then going into these chat rooms, and letting people know that he was actually 47 years old,” said Case. “They almost made him out to be a pedophile.”

    But the IMs that came from Talhotblond showed her to be torn — mad one instant, desperate to return to a love with a man who she knew didn’t exist … teasing him.

    She continued her talking to Montgomery online:

    Talhotblond: i ache to be with tommy

    Talhotblond: do you miss it tom

    Marinesniper: more then u will ever know

    Marinesniper: my heart aches to hear you call me your tommie

    Marinesniper: i wish i could be that 19 yr old marine for u

    Talhotblond: i know tom

    Marinesniper: coming for u to run away with him

    Talhotblond: omg

    Talhotblond Rekindles Cyberaffair

    Jessi took up with Montgomery again.

    “In his mind, this was the jackpot,” said Barbara Schroeder, who documented the bizarre relationship in a documentary called “Talhotblond.” “He was being accepted for being 47, and he still had this hot young girl who wanted him.”

    Montgomery knew he was in way over his head, but he couldn’t bring himself to end things with her.

    “It was like a drug. I was addicted to it,” he said. “I couldn’t just, just end it.”

    At one point, when his wife actually told him to get off the computer and talk to her, Montgomery couldn’t. “I just told her I’ll get off when I’m done,” he recalled.

    Montgomery tried to break it off with Jessi more than once, but each time “talhotblond” pulled him back:

    marinesniper: I have to leave honey

    talhotblond: why tom

    marinesniper: because i can never ever have u as i want u

    talhotblond: dont go

    marinesniper: y jessi u can get on with ur life then

    talhotblond: i have no life

    marinesniper: honey yes u do

    talhotblond: my grades r dropping

    talhotblond: i hate softball

    talhotblond: i fight with my ma all the time

    Click or copy and paste the link for part two of this article which shows some of the conversation that went on between a 40-year-old woman pretending to be a tall hot blond and montgomery.

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