The Worst Case of Child Abuse In US History – The Murder of Baby Brianna (GRAPHIC)


Brianna Mariah Lopez a.k.a “Baby Brianna” (February 14, 2002 – July 19, 2002)

Brianna Lopez who is also known to many as “Baby Brianna”, was a baby girl who was born in a New Mexico hospital on Valentines Day, 2002 to her mother, Stephanie Lopez and her father, Andy Walters. She would have turned eleven years old on February 14, 2013 but sadly, she never made it.

When Baby Brianna left the hospital after her birth she moved into a home in Las Cruces, N.M. shared by her parents and Uncle, Steven Lopez.

The abuse started almost immediately. Instead of hugs and kisses Brianna received slaps and pinches. She was tormented on a daily basis, both verbally and physically. Slapped, kicked, punched, pinched, thrown, raped, etc. You name it this infant endured it.

Mugshot photos of Brianna’s parents, Andrew “Andy” Walters and Stephanie Lopez

Mugshot photo of Steven Lopez

When Brianna would cry at the pain that was inflicted on her, her abusers would laugh and stuff her mouth with clothing to muffle her screams. Her own mother would bite and pinch her when she got frustrated by the crying, but for the most part it was the infant’s father and uncle who tormented her while Stephanie sat back and ignored her daughter’s cries.

Medical examiners would later report the marks as being both old and new which proved prolong abuse. Brianna also had bleeding on her brain, both old and new, as well as broken ribs, broken legs, broken arms, lacerations to her fingers, vagina and anus. She had been abused everyday of her short life.

Photo of Baby Brianna’s little hand and fingers

Photos of Baby Brianna taken right before her autopsy. Notice the bite marks on her head and back.

Baby Brianna was what many would consider a strong baby because she managed to survive 153 days despite coming into this cruel world weighing only several pounds.

On the evening of July 18th, 2002 Andy went out to purchase beer and when he came home they all proceeded to get drunk. Stephanie claimed to have had only a few beers before heading to bed in the same room the others were in. During this time both Andy and Steven decided to play their own sick, demented game where they would toss Brianna up in the air, let her hit the ceiling and watch her tumble to the ground. They would later tell authorities that Brianna was screaming and wailing when this was happening. Apparently the baby’s mother didn’t hear her daughter screaming and crying in agony.

Early the next morning on July 19, 2002 at approximately 7:15a.m. Stephanie awoke to Brianna crying and noticed fresh bruises on her and asked the others what happened. They told her that they may have been “a little to rough with her last night”. She accepted their answer and ignored her child’s injuries.

That same morning Stephanie noticed Brianna needed a diaper change and Andy volunteered to do it.  During the diaper change he wrapped a baby wipe around his finger and inserted it into Brianna’s anus. He also sodomized her with foreign objects. When Stephanie noticed Brianna near death she ignored it and decided to wait several hours before calling an ambulance. When she did find the time to call them, she lied and told them her daughter had fallen from her high chair. Apparently she was delusional enough to think authorities would by that story.

Brianna was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead at 11:10AM. She was just 5 months and 5 days old.

Left: Large bite mark on Brianna’s arm Right: More photos showing the abuse this precious baby endured


This photo shows the back of Brianna’s head where you can see a large bite mark to her earlobe.

The first officer to see baby Brianna in the hospital was Detective Lindell Wright. He remembers one thought going through his mind:  “I’ve got a lot to do.” 

“Literally bruised from head to toe, from the top of her head all throughout her body all the way to the big toe on her right foot.” said Governor Susana Martinez who prosecuted Brianna’s family.

They took sadistic joy out of torturing this infant. Not one family member cared about her, not one of them attempted to protect her and there’s zero proof to suggest she was ever shown love in her short life. She was there for their own sadistic amusement.

When police searched the home they couldn’t find one toy or even a photo of Brianna laughing or smiling.  No evidence to indicate she enjoyed one moment of her life.

Many relatives including Brianna’s grandparents knew what was occurring but ignored it. They knew their granddaughter was being raped by both her father and uncle, they knew she had pinch marks from head to toe in different stages of healing, they knew she was being tormented and had marks, cuts and lacerations but they turned a blind eye and let it continue for five, going on six more months until baby Brianna’s little body couldn’t handle the abuse any longer.

Officer Wright has seen alot during his career but Brianna’s case will haunt him for life.

“I cried my eyes out. It will stay with me for the rest of my life. It tests you to the point you’re not sure you can speak,””You’re afraid that the emotion will take over.” said Wright.

At the time Brianna was murdered a person who committed intentional child abuse resulting in death faced a maximum of 18 years in prison.

“Eighteen years for the life of a child?” State Sen. Mary Jane Garcia of Doña Ana said. “I thought it was absurd.”

It took three years of trying and in 2005, Senate Bill 166, also known as the “Baby Brianna Bill” was officially signed into law by Governor Bill Richardson. The bill made child abuse, which results in death, a first degree felony in New Mexico and set the mandatory minimum sentence at 30 years in prison.

Three relatives, including her grandparents, were sentenced to 30 days in jail for failing to report the abuse. The maximum is one year.

Stephanie Lopez was convicted of negligent child abuse after she failed to do anything to help her child.  The New Mexico Corrections Department said that she could be released as early as September 28, 2016. Less than 15 for her daughter’s torture death. The New Mexico State Parole Board said that it’s almost certain that she’ll be released, provided that she finds a suitable home and can meet the requirements of her release conditions.

The public was outraged when they heard about the possible release. Dozens created petitions which quickly gained signatures and many called the Governor.


Thousands of people in the community weeped over Brianna’s horrific death. Mourners who never had the chance to meet Brianna in life came together for the baby girl in her after-life. They paid for her casket and burial and claimed her body when nobody else did. Her gravesite became a memorial site with dozens of toys and flowers, something Brianna’s family didn’t approve of.

Brianna’s family and relatives didn’t put a penny towards the child’s funeral, burial and grave-stone. Heck, they didn’t even claim her, the community did. Her family didn’t want Brianna to receive love even after her death and went out of their way to purchase a cage to go over her gravestone in an attempt to shield her. The cage is a mess, unkempt and full of trash.

The community refused to let Brianna and her story simmer and still placed flowers around the cage. They’ve also created another memorial site to visit and remember the little girl who never had a chance.

When asked why they put a cage over Brianna’s grave-site, Brianna’s family had little to say.

“They were asked, and they said they just wanted to be left alone and they wanted Brianna to be left alone,” Martinez said.

Inside the cage is a cherub with a finger raised to her lips. Some believe it’s a message.

“My first thought was, ‘Let’s not talk about what’s occurred here,'” Lopez said.

The community vows to not let that happen.  People still visit and leave flowers and have built another marker as well.  Brianna’s story has been told dozens of times and is still being told over a decade later on websites and online memorials including  Brianna Lopez Last Memories and Facebook memorials such as In Loving Memory of Baby Brianna

Detectives, social workers and prosecutors who worked on her case will also remember Brianna.

“Before they started the autopsy and her little face was lying on a white sheet and I thought she looks asleep,” Wright said. “So I just took the picture.”

The picture was photo-shopped to edit out all the marks, bruises and scars she had.  It’s the Brianna the community likes to remember.

“There’s a photograph of her to carry on of her little life,” Wright said.

The picture hangs on the wall next to Susana Martinez’s desk.

“It’s a reminder, of course, of why we do what we do,” Martinez said. “If you forget you’ll either become calloused or you will become Jell-O. “You can’t do this job well unless you are in the middle, and that’s just a good reminder why we do it.”

Brianna is never far from the detective either. “It drives me to work harder to prevent, to be a voice for every child of abuse,” Wright said. “That’s what it does.”

Brianna Lopez

Brianna Lopez – Find A Grave – Brianna Mariah Lopez was buried at Dõna Ana Cemetery in Dona Ana County, New Mexico, USA

July 19, 2012 marked the 10th anniversary of the death of Baby Brianna. She would be turning 11-years-old in three weeks. RIP Brianna M. Lopez

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    • Seriously u talking about why they ain’t abuse the other kids probably some of then could have died talking about that

  1. I have never met you…but I will never forget you! You will always be in my heart! I know you are resting with the angels and your suffering has ended.

    • How can you believe in angels and god knowing that suffering like that can occur? That poor baby. I can’t wait till these people get out and have to face their community.

      • GOD will always have a purpose in suffering, but more so for the elected children of God. Even though Brianna went through fiery tribulatinaon. GOD elected her and created her to receive mercy to enter into His presence. Her torment is forever over amongst many children who end up like her in and out the womb.Without God their is no hopeful justice and mercy.

  2. I read this story about a week ago and it has stayed with me ever since. Even now as I am typing this and hear my young son playing with his toys in his room I cannot stop crying. Every time I look at my daughter and son now I just keep picturing the hell and torture this innocent little baby was forced to endure. Every time I think of her sick disgusting mother biting her I lose my shit!! That sick piece of trash should be ripped apart by hungry dogs and I can’t even think of a heinous enough punishment for those baby rapists! Something needs to be done about this cage surrounding her grave I feel like driving down there and ripping that thing off myself!! This sweet baby’s story will forever be ingrained in my mind and I only hope and pray that she has found peace since her short life had none. I’m so shaken and angry that this beautiful little girl got no love, cuddles or hugs. If those pieces of trash were tried here in Texas they would be on death row! Rest in Peace sweet little Brianna they can’t hurt you anymore.

    • I am completely overwhelmed by the show of callous, disgusting and sickening perverse behavior of these 3 sadistic mother f@¢%ers, who I pray NEVER see the light of day!!!!! And if by some great, far stretch of the imagination, each should be used, tortured, abused, sodomized, dehumanized, beaten, unloved and unattended to, it STILL WOULDN’T BE ENOUGH!!! HOWEVER, IT WOULD BE A ONE HELL OF A START!!! With any luck, it’s happening RIGHT NOW, in the HELL you call home, NMDC.
      Baby Brianna, You Endured More In Your Sweet, Precious Life, Than Any Adult Ever Could!!! YOU ARE LOVED, In GOD’S HOUSE, An Angel, To Every Child Who Suffers Abuse!
      Play, Run, Jump, Laugh, Smile, Skip, Hop, Love, But, Most of All…Be Loved!

    • Alexis, I’m With You!! And To Prove It, the First Tank of Gas Is On Me, and, I’ll Supply the Food Necessary For The Trip!!!
      No punishment could EVER fight the crimes of these 3 SINGLE DIGIT IQ, RAPING PARASITES, except to meet that same fate inside the walls!!

    • No they cannot hurt her anymore thank God.but your heart is no different from others when you stoop to their level and wish the same torment. Although it is sorrowful there is no need to mourn for Brianna as she in spirit and soul is with.the Lord awaiting the first ressurection but let us not stoop to the devils level but seek forgivness and prey that God may show compassion and repentance for the whole sadistic family relatives and all.let God avenge and repay the evil done if it is not Gods ..will to grant salvation to them. Bit always love them and Persian peace ,love and compassion we

      • Here’s the thing…..people like them don’t last in prison. I would not stoop to their level to wish the same for them but I would get satisfaction when they have to pay for what they did by another inmate. Trust me, that’s the last place any baby abuser or rapist would want to be. The system can keep them PC’d up as much as they want but there is always a way to get to them. If they don’t kill them right of way then they will indure slow death. jus sayn

        What gets me is the short time they all recieved. Now that right there isn’t justice at all. That’s like a slap on the wrist. Someone will get them for what they did. Karma is a bitch I say – What goes around sure comes around ….

  3. Hi everyone

    First of all…
    I heard about Brianna´s story about a month ago. And I must say, that even though this sweet baby girl died many years ago, to me it felt like she died the day I heard her story. I was traumatised by what I had read. I am a mom with three beautiful children, who mean the world to me. I was indeed traumatised by Brianna´s story. I do not understand how could ANYONE do this to their own child! This is evil. Pure evil. I love my children and I can´t even sleep well if they are sick at night or if they are hurting, I am hurting. I hug and hold my little ones everyday and tell them how much I love them. Brianna never got that kind of love. I would have loved to have her as my own child. I would have given her everything I have.

    Second of all…
    It is very unusual, that both of the parents are fucked up! Usually the other one is sane or more sane. In this case, both were monsters. What kind of father can do such evil things to her OWN daughter, like having sex many times since she was an infant. That is pure evil and the most horrible pedophile case I have ever heard. If anyone would have done that to my babies I would have cut their penis, fingers and eyes off!
    How could Brianna´s “mom” let her brother and boyfriend have sex with an infant!??? That is just so sick and means that she was a pedophile herself as well. Pedophiles are very sick and do not deserve to even exist.

    They also had a 18 month old boy. It is said that cops did not find marks on him, but I am sure it is not all true. Come on, these people are crazy and they must have done something to him. And the uncle had a 8 years old son, who had also been biting Brianna etc… No surprise to me, since when you are living with sick people, you easily became one too. Especially if you are young and living with mentally ill people, it changes you. I feel so sorry for all the children involved with this fucked up family. Even the grandmother and the other uncle who did not save Brianna, are evil. HEAR ME OUT: I would take away a baby from anyone if I see they are bruised. Babies in that age, do not fall and get bruised. They are beaten and thrown across the room. So, If you ever see a bruised baby, call the cops right away! And there is indeed something wrong with this grandmother. First of all, she raised both of her kids to be baby killers and rapers, and she did not report anyone even though she knew they were all torturing a BABY! She must be mentally ill as well.

    Last words…
    I will NEVER forget Brianna. I love her and so many people love her and will have her in their hearts forever. She was so beautiful, however she was surrounded by evil. I pray every night that all the children would be safe, because there is evil around us. Mentally ill people have babies every day in this world and traumatise those precious children for life. In my mind, not everyone should have babies. There should be some kind of rule about that. But I guess, all we can do everyday is to pray and do everything we can, that no child is violated. It is normal to love children, never to hurt them.

    So people, never let anyone hurt a child. And remember, when we all die, we go to spirit world, where all of our lives are recorded and watched again, reviewed for soul´s purposes. We are all on this earth to grow as a soul. Some souls are young and stupid. Some souls are old and wise. Trust me, I know what I am talking about. I had a near death experience. So, do not think that anything you do, will not be exposed. It is all “recorded” and your loved ones in heaven is seeing it all live. They are not spying on you, but evil can´t be done secretly. So be good people and believe in love. God exists, but he has nothing to do with religion. God is love. Not a religion.

    God bless Brianna and all the children in the world. Enough said.

    Love, C

  4. I still feel so much rage and it’s been over 6 years since I first read her story. Please don’t let the monsters who did this ever go free… I wish them horrific torture every day of their miserable existence.

  5. When me and my cousin read this we were almost in tears the things that were going through our heads we cant even explain. I don’t think anybody deserves to get treated this way especially a innocent little baby. I have a little sister around the age that Brianna was and I cant even think about what if that happened to my sister. I cant believe that this baby was treated that way and I hope she rest in peace. And i hope the sick mined people who did this two her rot in hell were they belong. I am only 14 so yes i may be to young to understand the world yet but i do know that people don’t look at what good things have until it is gone.


    Can you be a Mother when your baby is not with you? I thought of you and closed my eyes and prayed to God today. I asked “What makes a mother?” and I know I heard Him say, “A mother has a baby”. This we know is true. “But God, can you be a mother when your baby’s not with you?” “Yes you can,” He replied with confidence in His voice. “I give many women babies, when they leave is not their choice. Some I send for a lifetime, and others for the day and some I send to feel your womb, but there’s no need to stay.” “I just don’t understand this God I want my baby to be here.” He took a deep breath and cleared His throat, and then I saw the tear. “I wish I could show you, what your child is doing today. If you could see your child’s smile, with all the other children and say…” “We go to earth to learn our lessons of love and life and fear. My mommy loved me oh so much, I got to come straight here. I feel so lucky to have a mom who had so much love for me. I learned my lessons very quickly, my mommy set me free. I miss my mommy oh so much but I visit her everyday. When she goes to sleep on her pillows where I lay. I stroke her hair and kiss her cheek, and whisper in her ear, “mommy don’t be sad today, I’m your baby and I’m here.” “So you see my dear sweet ones, your children are okay. Your babies are born here in my home and this is where they’ll stay. They’ll wait for you with me until your lessons through. And on the day that you come home they’ll be at the gates for you. So now you see what makes a mother, It’s the feeling in your heart. It’s the love you had so much of right from the very start. Though some on earth may not realize you are a mother until their time is done. They’ll be up here with me one day and know that you are the best one.”

    • I wish BriAnna mother would have been happy to have this gift of God;She did not deserve this precious gift; This was so beautiful, and yes there are so many mothers that have lost a child a child they loved deeply. That is a real mom thank you for sharing and God bless baby BriAnna;

  7. the sad part is they never mention starvation or malnutrition…makes you wonder if they were keeping her alive enough to do this to her!

  8. Haley-would they feed her and how much even? Where did she sleep? Did anyone live near them? I just can’t believe they would do this to a poor little baby girl who just wanted a happy life!!!

  9. They need to put all the people that have done horrible things to that child in prison for life that’s is sick and twisted I can’t even think of something like that.They need a taste of their own medicine

  10. I will not call you family to a beautiful little girl cause you were not her family you will one day be old and sick and dying and no one will hear your tears cause you didn’t hear her tears she will be in everyone heart for the rest of their lives yet you will be forgotten laugh now cause she smiling in a good place next to the lord yet you won’t ever be able to see her…………………there is a place lord has set for you keep quite never loud speakingLOVE U BABY BRIANNA ALWAYS

  11. I have never forgotten Brianna since I learned of her death in 2004 the year my youngest was born..She died on my eldest bday. I leave it in GODS hands as to what he might do these people and anyone involved. I cant even fathom the fact that this evil exists but nonetheless it does..

      • That’s what happens when you cry like a bitch on a daily basis. I don’t blame the parents for beating her ass like they did. They probably barely got any sleep because of her. Wish they could of recorded the abuse. That would of been nice to see.

    • your ganna go to hell!! just because babys might be annoying dosnt mean you need to rape them and kill them! if you don’t want them give them up for adoption not kill them!! dick

      • Parents have the right to discipline their children. She pissed them off so much they had no choice but to abuse her. Her own fault.

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      • Go cry like a bitch for Baby Brianna. Don’t forget the tissues since you’ll be needing ALOT of them. I don’t give a fuck if she didn’t ask to be born. That’s her bad, not mines. Fuck that baby.

    • Another thing a baby is never annoying,they only cry when they hungry,sick or hurting because they can not fend for themselves.Your a heartless bastard,that bitch of a mother shouldn’t have opened her legs in the first place if she knew she wasn’t on birth control…Brianna is the most precious gift and they threw it away like she was nothing,but rest assured because she’s in the most happiest place you will ever be you trash!!

      • damn!!!! so sad…how can a mother torture her own child she carried 9months in her womb…damn!!!.. how on earth will the father ave sex wif a 5months old baby…omg..*crying*…. I cant even fathom the fact that this evil exists…Beautiful brianna darling…if u can hear me..come back to this world tru me nd I promise to give u all the luv ur insane parent didn’t give u…I luv u honey nd pls find a place in ur hrt to forgive ur insane parent…am very sure ur soul is resting in the bosom of the lord…

      • No she’s not. She’s a gift from the Devil. And no she’s not in Heaven. Her destiny lies within Hell because she didn’t do anything to deserve that kind of gift. Now go cry like a bitch for Baby Brianna.

    • Wtf!! Are you serious! ! You gotta be a sick mother fucker to say the things you said, they need to torture your ass, then, maybe ill say oh well. Shit happens! Your 1 fucked up person. This was an innocent lil baby, who never even asked to be braught into this world, especially to get tortured the way she did, she just wanted to be loved & yet never got that not even 1 day of her short lil. Life, her torturer’s need to rot in Hell! Sounds like you do too, your comment was just straight. Fucken wrong you actually thought that was funny, I hope you go to hell you disrespectful, evil heartless asahole!! JOE

      • Shut the fuck up bitch. Go cry like a bitch for Baby Brianna. She got everything she deserved. All she did was annoy her parents with her bullshit crying and that’s what she gets. Poor guys probably barely got any sleep because of her. I hope they bit her hard, and beat her ass everyday of her short life. I hope they would of recorded the abuse. “She’s with God now.” Yeah fuckin right… She doesn’t deserve that special gift. Her destiny lies within Hell.

      • How do you even know her anyways? “Innocent”.. Didn’t seem like nothing was innocent about her, then the parents wouldn’t have beat her ass like they did. Fuckin dumbass bitch.

    • @Joe…You are one sick evil a★★hole! Even if you are saying this for attention and r not serious its disgusting to speak of an innocent precious baby like u have in your comments! I never report ppl and very rarely get upset over net comments/opinions but I was shocked and disgusted when I read ur comments

    • Joe you are a disgusting pig who should be turned over to the loving mothers on this site who wish they could have saved that baby so that we can do with you as we wish, I have a dog who is extremely protective of children I’m sure he would love to have some rough play time with you, I would love to go into graphic details of what I would like to do to you however instead I will remind you that karma can be cruel and just maybe someone with the ability to hack and track ip addresses is working on locating you with plans to inflict severe pain on you and torture you to death….

    • Fuck off, troll. This is low even for you. Go get your troll jollies somewhere else, you fucking douchebag. We all know you don’t really think that, you’re just miserably trying to troll on the death of an infant. You’re a pathetic keyboard warrior, nothing more.

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    • Wow, not sure if you’re cerebrally impaired or? You are obviously missing links in your brain.

      I advise you to never breed (I say breed because you’re obviously an animal lol) as there’s a high chance you would torture your own children if you condone this behaviour you twisted motherf@$&er.

      You must have had a dark childhood for your brain to programme itself to think that way..

      Saying that it would have been nice to see the recording of this heinous act is beyond evil, you must be the spawn if Satan! :/

    • P.s you are clearly simple if all of your comebacks contain “go cry like a little bitch for Baby Brianna” lol

      You’re a useless fucking twat who doesn’t deserve to be alive to be honest. I just stooped to your level, to wish death upon you. But fuck it. People like you don’t deserve this gift of living, instead it should have been Brianna but nope, you get to breathe and take pleasure in trolling the internet. What a waste of a life haha shame to be your parents. They conceived a child with a low IQ, I’ve analysed this as your grammar is correct but you lack basic language skills. Get educated you fucking scum

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  12. May god have mercy on their soul…..i have a 5 month old and this just broke me heart …I would always protect my baby …r.i.p baby girl I wish there was something I personally could have done …

  13. Them bitches need to rot in prison and the men that played a big part need to get screwed in they anus everyday of they lives and have they penis cut the fuck off. And the mother you just need to be hanged what type of mother would let that baby girl go through something like that. She just a woman trying to get a nut have low life bitch!

  14. I hope the devil torches your guys soul for ever in your life time that beautiful baby girl could of went to a family who tryed having a baby but couldn’t. R.I.p brainna god will hold you for ever..

  15. Wow, that’s the first time I’ve cried from something on the internet. I mean I’m shaking and I just.. Ugh, this is inhumane and I hope her family rots in hell for this. I can’t even imagine how horrible the pain must have been for the poor angel. I’m a guy and I’ve never cried from the internet, but this really got to me. Not even a moment of happiness for that poor poor angel, at least she’s in heaven now playing with the angels.

  16. awe such a sweet lil inocent baby girl who dont deserve that fck if i could travel the world to hunt torment these sorry excuse of skins living on this eart you seriously are fckn lucky ohhh the things i would do ………….prayers out to baby girl much love rest in pce your such a strong lil ladieeee ❤

  17. Rest you poor angel of GOD! You will suffer no more. Those demons who did this to you will have thier day of judgement….HELL is where they will ALL go! They will endure the same pain and suffering you did- three rime more my little one! You will suffet no more!!!

  18. Hell is not a good enough place for the low life trashy people responsible for the suffering of this child, each of them deserve to be done just as that baby was and worse, god will punish you and you deserve evrything you get and more

  19. Omg i just realized she was born on valentines day,what a horriffic way to treat a little baby. I hope they are put in population an terrorized every moment of their lives. That is just unreal to believe there are monsters like that that have kids. If i was in prison with them they would be totured an punished every day,non stop.

  20. I cried reading this story and seeing the pictures. I am not a mom but I am a proud aunt of 6 beautiful nieces and nephews, to think that not one but 3 sick individuals did this to a precious baby makes me sick to my stomach. How can the rest of the family look the other way as if nothing happened is just mind boggling. Abuse is abuse and that’s something you don’t take lightly. That baby never asked to be here nevertheless be abused the way she was. So many women wish to have kids and some may not have the chance, I for one cannot wait for the day I’m blessed to have a child, and this bitch had such a beautiful baby and she killed and tortured her daughter instead of loving and protecting her.

    I give so much credit to the officers on this case who had so much self control. I myself wouldn’t be able to do it, I would of just saw red and do to them what was done to her.

    You are now in a safer place Brianna, free from hurt and pain and abuse. Although your own family showed you pain, there are people who never knew you but love you as if you were their own. May God bless you, you sweet precious child.

  21. What in the world this world coming to what would make a mother father and uncle do your own flesh and blood like this they treated her worst than a dog you mean to tell me you will walk around 9 months and carried this baby instead of abording her or giving her up for adoption but instead you had her and you beat her you the sick ass father and uncle and ungrateful grandparents all y’all had a part in beating this poor baby to death instead of giving here to someone who want kids yall did some stupI’d Shit like this instead of them locking yall motherfuckas up she should have let sombody rape and beat y’all asses y’all bitches don’t need to be in jail y’all need to be dead need to throw yall in a jail sail and let somebody beat y’all asses and y’all feel her pain and suffering this story here is the most sad story I have ever heard of and read just got tears running down my mf face r.I.p baby Brianna you in a better place no more pain and suffering amen amen amen

  22. Oh my… im outraged… this poor precious baby…. how could anyone do this & feel ok with it? I litterly puked after reading this story.. if you didnt want the child put her up for adoption to people who want kids and cant…. im 33yrs old and I have a 7yrs old son & I cant even imagine harming him in anyway. I cant have anymore children due to severe helth issues someone like me would have adopted her & gave her the love EVERY child deserves… this makes me very sad to hear.
    shes in a much better place receiving the love, hugs and EVERYTHING she should have had here with loving parents… under gods wings smiling… may these 2 sadistic, evil, unhuman larents rot in hell where they deserve to be.

  23. This story hurts my soul, I cried reading this, I don’t understand why people have children and want to hurt and abuse them, Karma is a bitch is all I have to say. Rest in peace you beautiful lil angel…….you will suffer no more!

  24. This is soo DISGUSTING! !! If u dont want a child then give them to someone who does nd someone will give them the life that EVERY CHILD DESERVES! ! One with LOVE,UNDERSTANDING,RESPECT ND HAPPINESS! These sick sadistic fucks should be punished BEYOND ANYTHING I CAN SAY ON THIS SITE!!! I pray this sweet baby girl is FINALLY GETTING THE PEACE SHE SO RIGHTLY DESERVES!! Rest ur precious soul,sweet baby Brianna!!! Love,hugs nd kisses!!! God be with u now!!:-(

  25. Only reason that bitch mother is being released early is because she is a female

    Also there would not have been as much public outrage or nationwide coverage had the victim been a male baby

    This is a female world for both victims and perpetrators alike

  26. God bless this little angel and may she rest in peace. Hearing stories like this breaks my heart for I am a mother of two. I can never imagine hurting my children or anyone elses. I can only hope that prevails and that evil trio rot in hell for what they have done and never have an opportunity to see the light of day ever again.

  27. I say kill them all and do the same thing that they did to this precious baby girl god bless this baby girl and how mercy on them they all should have gotten life


  29. That’s what happens when you cry like a bitch on a daily basis. I don’t blame the parents for beating her ass like they did. She pissed them off so much they abused her like crazy lol. They probably barely got any sleep because of her. Wish they could of recorded the abuse. That would of been nice to see her scream and cry like a bitch.

      • What the hell? This is evil. How can anyone say that’s it not unless there sick and evil people should be locked up

      • Joe I’m pretty sure you’re doing hardcore drugs to say the things you’re saying or else you need to be reported to police your comments are beyond sick you’re way of thinking doesn’t belong here you need to get exterminated soon so you can enjoy burning your ass in hell soon you should have never come out of hell in the first place you belong in hell and I hope you die horribly so you can swallow all your sickening words do yourself a favor take your ass to a nut house I hope you’re dead by now or I hope you die soon or your mother ( if you have any) suffers the same things that poor baby suffered we don’t need scumbags like you in our society. Piece of worthless trash you should do yourself and the world a favor and take yourself out of the map what’s the purpose of your existence anyways???

      • You worthless piece of garbage I would gladly kill you if we ever meet. But thinking about it death would be to good for your worthless ass, i would greatly like to you as a matter of fact. What was done to this precious and lovely gift from God that was baby Brianna what not even begin to hold a candle of what I would do to you Joe is that is really your sorry pathetic name, trash, scum, nothing is more along those lines though. I love you precious baby Brianna and am so sorry that you went through so much pain in your short life, but I know you are with our lord and savior now and always I just wish I could myself turn back time and give you the life and love you so needed. God please be with her forever and ever Amen. And as for this trashy scum who calls himself Joe pray that we never meet thought God doesn’t have a place for a piece of shit like yourself if that I’m sure, so if not me you will meet with someone like that I am sure you will pray but death will not come to you Joe soon enough rot in hell trash. RIP precious baby I love you and you are forever in my prayers.

    • Lord God Jesus bless Joe with Your mighty anointing that heals his heart of hate, of whoredom, of sadistic ideations and fill Joe with YOUR LOVE JESUS. WHOOOOO YES LORD JESUS BLESS Joe bring him to a place he will REPENT and be born IN YOU JESUS, You the Living God Most High. Place Joe in Your hands and mould him to Your ways LORD JESUS. AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You Lord Jesus You have Brianna in Your heavenly kingdom where she knows what true love is, where she has freedom, and laughs with all the other children. Whoooo Joe go hard for JESUS boi !!!

    • How can you say that about a baby??. “You need to check your heartless ass before you get recked bitch!!!. If you can’t handle kids maybe you are the problem and need to shut that shit talking mouth and swallow your heartless self and don’t forget to disappear!!. I really hope you don’t have kids but if you do i hope you lose them… cuz you deffinately don’t deserve them, the way you talk about this poor baby…!!.

  30. What the hell is this world coming to?! I mean come on…..a five month old baby?! I have three children of my own and it hurts to know that brianna didn’t have much but to endure pain and agony everyday. Gosh I wish was there to beat the shit out of these crazy assholes. I hope after there release they’ll go right back to jail where they belong. Stupid mother doesn’t deserve life in this world. She shouldve kept her legs closed if she can’t take care of a baby. There are condoms people!!

  31. I read about Brianna’s story a little over a year ago. Since then I can no longer hear an infant cry in public without crying myself. This is the most horrible story I have ever read and I will never forget it. RIP sweet baby Brianna. You’re safe in heaven now.

  32. How dare you think that she deserved this?? Are you f#*@ing mental?? Hello , maybe you should be abused and raped heyy , I wonder what you would do bitch , honestly grow up , she’s only 5 months old , she was beautiful and still is to this day , whoever abuses in this world is extremely disgusting , I hate people like that , it brought tears to my eyes to think that parents could do such things with a harmless baby , I don’t even know why people like that are alive?? Honestly you all belong in hell , if you didn’t want the baby in the first place then honey no one ever said you must open up your legs , if you didn’t want her , give her up for adoption , honestly and you saw this as an opportunity to hurt a harmless baby who couldn’t even fend for herself , you people are sick , you make me want to abuse you and hurt you the same way you abused her!! I wonder how you would feel .. We love you Brianna Mariah Lopez ..:)

  33. Dear joe asshole , can’t you shut you ugly f*#@ing mouth?? , okay let me come and abuse you like that you son of a bitch , got it , if you don’t like baby Brianna go cry a river no one gives a rats ass , you shouldn’t comment if you don’t like the beautiful precious soul , shut you’re ugly rats ass mouth , oh how I wish that you’d rot in hell when you die too babe , it’ll be a miracle you asshole , you deserve far worse than hell !! Goodbye #irestmycaseyouasshole #R.I.PBabyBriannaMariahLopez #You’reLoved 🙂 x0


    • Joe where the fuk do you live, so I can have someone do all those things that baby had to go through you fucken Faget pussy, that’s why you hide behind a computer you punk bitch.

    • Lord God Jesus bless Joe with Your mighty anointing that heals his heart of hate, of whoredom, of sadistic ideations and fill Joe with YOUR LOVE JESUS. WHOOOOO YES LORD JESUS BLESS Joe bring him to a place he will REPENT and be born IN YOU JESUS, You the Living God Most High. Place Joe in Your hands and mould him to Your ways LORD JESUS. AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You Lord Jesus You have Brianna in Your heavenly kingdom where she knows what true love is, where she has freedom, and laughs with all the other children. Whoooo Joe go hard for JESUS boi !!!

    • to joe: you are a fucked up person,you deserved to be fucked up.if we ever get the chance to meet i would fuck u up know what?..fuck you and i wish we do meet.i would smash your face..fuck you mother fucker,fuck all your loved ones..i hope dat one day id kill you..fuck you

  35. Doing a search for a petition to sign to try and stop that evil monster from being released.smh!!! Who in their right mind would release such and evil monster and not punish her for this crime the way it and her and them ALL should have been punished?! Smh!!!!!! Sickened and sad.cant even find the words the anger and sadness i feel.

    • Everyone, please just ignore “joe”. He is obviously a pathetic troll who has nothing better to do than be obnoxious. Nobody is that stupid to say the things he did. If parents cannot handle a baby crying, then don’t be having babies. That’s simple. Or just give the baby up for adoption to parents who can love and not abuse their baby. I find it appalling your blaming a 5/6 month old infant for the parents to TORTURE their baby. I mean, are you naturally stupid or are you taking lessons? Oh yeah, a 5/6 month old should just KNOW how to “close her legs” when someone is ATTACKING her, beating her, raping her, and biting her! And how do you suppose an infant is supposed to know how to keep her legs shut?

      Your a piece of garbage and your a waste of space. Not flattering. Grow up.

      • Yes he is. I started spamming his comments because trolls like him will never stop. They sit on the computer all day looking for reactions. It’s kind’ve sad.

    • Oh look, another troll ladies and gentleman, *applause*.. And hope you continue to suffer in the misery of your obviously already shitty existence cunt 🙂

      • Yes Joe is a troll isn’t he so sad but I won’t give him the luxury of applauding him, no blessings of JESUS upon Joe that his existence will mean something and not be shitty. Big hugs and kisses from GOD to all trolls opps I mean all people like Joe. Blessings of all things that are like JESUS to all trolls opps I mean people like Joe. PRAISE THE NAME OF GOD, JESUS, & HOLY SPIRIT. Whooooooo!!!! Yeah!!!!

  36. Joe is crying for attention .. What happen to you Joe were you abused or molested.. maybe you are angry , you need help. Taking it out on a small baby girl is really mental. You need Help..

  37. I think everyone should ignore Joe. If we all ignored people like him they would have no point in trolling. He knows he’s a nobody and that’s why he hates seeing Brianna getting all this attention and love. It’s pathetic and we will never understand why people like him do and say these things but it happens.

    Joe is getting way to much attention which is what s/he was hoping for. A Internet troll will say anything behind a computer screen to get reactions. These type of people are unhappy with their life, angry, and/or depressed in real life so they do this for laughs/attention. In real life Joe would never say those horrible things and he knows this. Usually unattractive or overweight people with low self esteem go on the Internet acting like someone they’re not.

    I say this because when I see a troll getting a rise out of so many people It bothers me. We all no Brianna was beautiful and loved by many (Sadly not her actual family but she was definitely loved by the community and the Lord.)

  38. The embodiment of Satan in the entire family …believe they will be cast to the lake of burning fire to be tormented forever …as it should be

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