Pneumonia Or Murder? The Death of Baby Breanna Loveless

brianna-lovelessPhoto of 9-month-old Breanna Marie Courtney Loveless May 22, 1995 – Feb 22, 1996

(Some reports have Brianna Loveless as her name but according to her gravestone it’s Breanna Loveless.)

Breanna Loveless was born in Delta, Utah on May 22, 1995 to Ricky Lee Sanders and Dawn Loveless Wittison who is known by many as Bobbie Dawn Wittison. She was the youngest of three siblings, all girls.

Sadly, nine months after being born the blond-haired baby girl would die, and the cause-of-death quickly became controversial.

In 1996, Breanna Loveless died of pneumonia, at least that’s what her death certificate states. But the bruises, tears, broken collarbone, and multiple broken bones of different ages told a different story. One of abuse and torture.

“We were suspicious at the beginning because it looked like she hadn’t been taken care of,” said Jim Masner, a detective of Millard County Sheriff’s Office who worked on her case.

When paramedics arrived Breanna was in a full, soggy diaper that hadn’t appeared to have been changed for sometime.



Left photo shows Breanna Loveless smiling in a baby tub. The right side photos are Breanna’s autopsy photos.

Breanna’s mother, Bobbie Widdison, divorced Ricky Sanders and started a relationship with Sanders brother, Travis Widdison. Travis moved in with Bobbie and was living there during the time of Breanna’s death. Both told conflicting stories that didn’t add up. They said 9-month-old Breanna bruised herself by bumping into the crib, and that her broken bones came from being wedged in the crib bars. They also said she had “brittle bone disease” and bruised easily. This excuses given were very similar to that of Baby Alissa Guernsey.

Investigators had to figure out who hurt the little girl and how she died. They weren’t buying the excuses.

Masner, who had never investigated a child homicide, sought help from wherever he could get it. He called Primary Children’s Medical Center, the attorney general’s office, and federal experts in Quantico, Virginia.

Robert Kirschner, a Chicago-based forensic pathologist who has since died, bridged the evidentiary gap.

The state medical examiner testified that the immediate cause of death was pneumonia, but the girl had suffered physical abuse that so weakened her she could not fight off an illness that probably would not have been fatal.

Breanna’s “death is an example of fatal abuse without ‘fatal’ injuries,” Kirschner wrote in a report. “This is very common in children who have been repetitively beaten; the pneumonia basically acts as the straw that breaks the camel’s back.”


Photo of Breanna’s mother, Bobbie Widdison.

Bobbie Widdison contends that she found her daughter face-down in her crib. However, prosecutors say the position of the baby’s body – which already was in a state of rigor mortis when paramedics arrived – suggests she was on her back at the time of death.

The trial began with attorneys questioning Millard County deputy sheriffs who responded to a call of a baby not breathing at the Widdisons’ apartment, 395 E. 400 South, Delta, during the early morning hours of Feb. 22, 1996.

Deputy Morris Burton said that when he entered the apartment the baby was “stiff and cold” and had “what appeared to be bruises on her face.”

Deputy Brett Nielson testified that Travis Widdison told him the baby was put to bed at 9:30 p.m. the previous night. Bobbie and Travis Widdison then went next door to play cards with friends, and Bobbie Widdison returned at 11 p.m. to check on Breanna.

The deputy testified that Bobbie Widdison said the child was fine when she checked on her. But the couple said the baby was dead when they returned to the apartment after midnight.


Photo of Breanna smiling shortly before her death.

Alan Smith, a Delta physician who had previously treated Loveless, was present on Feb. 22, 1996 when paramedics brought her to the emergency room. He tried unsuccessfully to revive her.

Smith said she was examined after her death and found to have numerous bruises, abrasions and scratches. She also had a broken collarbone, broken bones in both arms and one leg. Upon cross-examination by Gaither, Smith testified that Loveless had evidence of both viral and bacterial infections before her death. She also had been diagnosed with bronchitis, which could have led to pneumonia.

A 4th District jury found Bobbie Widdison guilty of murder for beating Breanna to death and six counts of child abuse. She was sentenced to five years to life in prison. Travis Widdison was found guilty on three child-abuse counts and sentenced to up to five years in prison.

The Widdisons maintained their innocence throughout the court proceedings.

A judge has dismissed a murder charge against Travis Widdison in the 1996 death of 9-month-old Breanna Loveless. Murder and multiple child-abuse charges remain against the child’s mother, Bobbie Dawn Widdison.

So what did kill Baby Breanna Marie Loveless? It seems the only people who truly know aren’t willing to budge.


For more information on Breanna’s case, click Lost Angels – Breanna Loveless, which has a long list of different articles relating to the case.

25 responses to “Pneumonia Or Murder? The Death of Baby Breanna Loveless

  1. All I can say is if I was to have ever met these people (THE MOTHER, FATHER, UNCLE “ANY OF THE FAMILY”) my feelings, sadness, frustration, and ANGER would have defiantly taken over!! I would have got all the people that felt the same or HATRED towards these cruel people (THE FREAK FAMILY TO THIS PRECIOUS ANGEL WHO WAS ROBBED OF A FAIR LIFE!) together and torechured them in revenge! Honesty I am not a Killer and I don’t have a cold/insane enough soul to ever do any such HORRIBLE/CRUEL things to anyone but these people DESERVE THE DEATH PENALTY AND MUCH MORE THAN THAT!! SWEET *BABY* BRIANNA had no fighting chance!! She suffered her entire EXTREMELY SHORT life!!! Torechured by the people that were supose to LOVE and CARE for her! Truth is I LOVE THIS LITTLE GIRL and I have only read this article and seen a few pictures but If I would have been able to pull her out of the HELL she went through I wouldn’t have even thought once about it! I would of showed her the LOVE, POSITIVE ATTENTION, FAIR HAPPY OPPORTUNITY AT LIFE!!! Lord please give her the beautifully, fun filled, wonderfully, amazing, successful, LOVING chance as your ANGEL in Heaven Happily as she deserves!!!! I Know You Will Keep Her Safe, Strong as We Know She Is, and Endlessly Joyful! THANK YOU GOD for taking her away from all the pain and suffering she sadly endured and taking her into your arms!! JEASUS SAVED HER!!! Also for the suspects JUSTICE *WILL* BE SERVED one way or another you will have to stand before him your self and HE SEEN IT ALL!! Plz PLease PLEASE Dear Lord Above SHOW *NO* MERCY!! I pray they feel all her pain for eternity and drowned SLOWLY in her tears Tourchured by Satin OVER and OVER!! The ones you CANT hide from, or can’t LIE to will give you the FAIR PUNISHMENT No Doubt At All!!!!! Love Always, Forever, and After!!! #FallenAngelNeverForgotten
    R.I.P. Baby Brianna Lorenz!!! ❤
    !! Dear Jeasus Christ Above Show The Sick People Responsible Fair/Equal Treatment! …If not WORSE!!! Take ***NNOOOO*** Easy Roads!!! Give Them **NO** Chance of Happyness!!

  2. I think these sick people need the death sentence poor babies gone to better place now where she will be loved by God I hope they get what’s coming to them hard I would turn a blind eye if I was a prison warden I feel guilty if I shout at my kids this world is a bad place to be?

  3. I am Breannas uncle Mike Loveless! You can NOT believe everything you read on the internet!!! Autopsy by the State M.E. verified cause of death was pneumonia. Untruths and ill facts are what fuels articles like this! I’m not saying these things don’t truly happen, but she DID NOT die at the hand of my sister! There are so many facts that were not made public only to the my sister as a monster to the eyes of society! SUCK ON THAT AND F*** YOU ALL!

    • Breanna Loveless was born in Delta, Utah on May 22, 1995 to Ricky Lee Sanders and Dawn Loveless Wittison who is known by many as Bobbie Dawn Wittison. She was the youngest of three siblings, all girls……So if she was THE YOUNGEST OF 3 SIBLINGS ALL GIRLS!!!!! How are you her brother again???

    • Just give it up man let them talk, let them run their mouths! My family has been through two completely separate incidents with young children where one passed from the exact same thing pneumonia and bronchitis and my whole family was bashed for it and accused to causing the death. These people only care about what they read in these bullshit articles they aren’t there first hand and aren’t experiencing the pain of the loss or problems that follow things like this. As someone who has first hand experienced a tragedy such as this just ignore these ignorant ass people because THEY DON’T KNOW THE FACTS just like you said! The reporters will only report the things that will catch the publics attention. The public will judge and run their mouths until something like this happens to them!! Just hold tight to your beliefs and the facts and just remember that these people and their words DON’T MEAN JACK SHIT!! And btw please disregard the comment above this it was a mistake and a misreading. No judgement was meant from it. 😉

    • Typical to back your bitch ass sister up. Fuck than cunt she deserves to die. The cuts and bruises say enough..THE FUCKN AUTOPSY DONT LIE …even if that poor baby died of pneumonia she was still abused with broken bones to prove! Sick ass family to back that pathetic bitch up. Smfh

      • Easy for you to run your mouth through the Internet! You are the cunt! You are a self absorbed Internet soldier! I guarantee you would not run your mouth face to face. I have never said she isn’t guilty for her actions. I have only said she is not guilty of murder! Sit your current cunt ass on the fence post of the Internet and hide you pathetic anal dwelling monkey!

      • Mike, this is ridiculous! You acting like this is just stupid! Do you think this is how Breanna would want you to act??!! As her oldest sister I am ashamed to know that you are part of the family she left behind. You should be saying positive things about her, not getting mad at everyone for expressing their disgust with my loser birth mother. Grow up!!

      • If you re-read my comment Jauna, you will see I was defending myself to that post! Not Bobbie! I have learned information over the past little bit that was never told to me about the whole thing. As you know I was not there at the time and months before Breannas death. I don’t defend Bobbies actions or the abuse and neglect! She has recently admitted that to me, which she never had before. So I don’t defend that. What I do defend is that the Millard Co. officials are corrupt and she was railroaded into a murder charge that is unjust! She is guilty of abuse! She is guilty of neglect! She is not guilty of murder! The things she is guilty of, she has served her time for. And again with lies and deceit she has been railroaded more! I will always love you Jauna. And it breaks my heart that you have chosen to turn your back on me! I have done nothing to deserve that from you!

  4. Pictures tell a thousand words. Any one person seeing the picture of her lifeless bruised up body can see that she’s lived a life of abuse. The media doesn’t even have to say anything at all. No explanation is needed. I can’t imagine the torture and pain this poor baby had to have gone through. Had she was well taken care of, she may not of died of this “pneumonia” that the uncle says she did. As a mother, I believe that, bringing a child into this world, it is our responsibility to protect and love them and raise them into grown adults who will in turn raise their own children one day with love and respect. So to this Mike Loveless, it’s very ignorant of you to sit there and say the things you say. Why are you so angered at the media and the public? They’re heartbroken and outraged for your niece. She was abused, neglected. She can’t protect herself nor speak up for herself. As a result, she’s no longer here with us. Questions I’d like to ask you, since you immediately get offended and start off by saying you’re the baby’s uncle. Where were you when Breanna started getting bruises? Where were you when her bones started to break? When she was hurt? When her collarbone was broken? You say you’re the baby’s uncle and you speak up for your sister. But who speaks for Breanna? Who protected her? Bc obviously it wasn’t you. So why even bother to speak now. In the end, those questions no longer need an answer. Bc baby breanna is no longer here with us. What could’ve been done never happened. People like your sister and her husband/boyfriend/breanna’s brother or whatever he is, needs to stay locked up. So that they could never do this to another innocent child ever again. No baby, child, or kid deserves this.

  5. I am breannas oldest sister. I was there the night she died. This article is mostly true but bobbie was never married to sanders and travis isnt his brother. Travis is my fathers brother who bobbie had divorced.
    I was 5 years old at the time and I remember that night like it was yesterday. Breanna died of pnemonia, the only reason it killed her was because of all the abuse she endured. So for all of you that question it there it is.
    I hate bobbie with every part of my being for what she did to the 3 of us and I hate travis for helping her.
    Bobbies parole was reversed so she is never getting out of prison. She has 95 more years. Travis was released a few years ago but I dont think he shouldve been.

    • Hey there Jauna.
      I am Ricky’s son.
      I would love to get to talk to you. or

      Email me at both because I have a ton of spam come through so if I don’t get back to you soon send another. 🙂

  6. Jauna how do you remember everything? You were a sleep when the cops woke you up to take you away from your mother. You have been brainwashed into believing a bunch of lies. So sorry that you can be swayed that easily. Two years we had a good relationship . Now we are “crazy” and My great grandson will never know the love of his great grandmother. Love you always

    • First of all I didn’t say I remembered everything I said I remembered that night. And second, I wasn’t asleep when the cops got there. Bobby was In The bathroom with me cuz I had a bad dream and peed my bed. And third, he isn’t your great grandson. I haven’t been brainwashed. I know it’s hard for your family to believe that I can have thoughts of my own but I can! And you guys are crazy for believing bobby is innocent!!

      • We never said she was innocent of everything. No matter how much you want to believe that she is a horrible person. The doctor records that were not allowed in court would prove she did not commit murder. So believe what you want. And by the way AIDEN IS MY GREAT GRANDSON BY BLOOD.

  7. This bitter back & forth between family members must end. Bottom line an innocent child, (like the little ones Christ called to come closer to him), died. That she died of pneumonia along with chronic bronchitis exacerbated by neglect as well as actual physical, emotional, verbal & possibly even sexual abuse is irrefutable. Even the lowest of animals, rats for instance, good grief even REPTILES guard their offspring. Protecting her babies from harm mother crocodile will provide sanctuary within her powerful many fanged jaws turned nursery room. That a so-called human mother would fail at this task says it all. This slut needed/wanted a man badly enough to allow whatever happened within the hellish walls to take place
    The fact is ANY ADULT KNOWING OF OR PARTICIPATING IN THIS SICKENING CRIME SHOULD NEVER TASTE FREEDOM IN SOCIETY AGAIN. If the death penalty was applied as it should be I vote for that but since it’s a joke put them all in general population. They might get a taste of what torture feels like. As for this sick mutt’s loyal brother he can take a place right in there with her. It is disgusting that our justice system is so broken. Or that anyone would have a relationship with these evil bastards if they make it out alive. Oh. And as for those who doubt- I have perfect recollection of torture & pain delivered in my crib at 18 months so have no doubt a 5 year old recalls a lot. Way too much no doubt. Why was testimony not taken from this girl? I will repay sayeth the Lord. I can hardly wait!

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