Don’t Execute Me! Condemned Ohio Man Who Beat And Raped Baby To Death Before Putting Her Limp Body Next To Her Mother As She Slept (MailOnline Article)

steven-smith-pedofileIn a desperate bid to save his life, convicted Ohio baby killer Steven Smith has asserted that he never meant to murder his girlfriend’s six-month-old daughter – only to sexually assault her.

The girl, Autumn Carter, of Mansfield, Ohio, died in 1998 because Smith was too drunk to realize his sexual assault was killing the child, Smith’s attorneys planned to tell the Ohio Parole Board Tuesday. And Ohio law is clear, they say: a death sentence requires an intent to kill the victim.

‘The evidence suggests that Autumn’s death was a horrible accident,’ his attorneys, Joseph Wilhelm and Tyson Fleming, said in a written argument prepared for the board.

They continued: ‘Despite the shocking nature of this crime, Steve’s death sentence should be commuted because genuine doubts exist whether he even committed a capital offense.’
Smith, 46, was never charged with sexual assault, meaning the jury’s only choice was to convict or acquit him of aggravated murder, his attorneys say.

The Richland County prosecutor says Smith continues to hide behind alcohol as an excuse, and calls Smith’s actions ‘the purposeful murder of a helpless baby girl.’

Prosecutor James Mayer told the board in his own written statement that the girl’s injuries are consistent with a homicide that contradicts Smith’s claim he didn’t intend to kill the girl.

‘The horrific attack upon Autumn Carter showed much more than Smith’s stated purpose,’ Mayer said.
Mayer said Monday he didn’t know why Smith wasn’t charged with rape, but said it wasn’t part of a trial strategy.

The attack happened early in the morning of September 29, 1998, in the Hardwood Drive apartment of the girl’s mother, Kaysha Frye, a 19-year-old woman Smith, then 31 years old, had been dating about six months.

Frye was awakened after 3am by a naked Smith, who placed Autumn beside her in bed, according to records prepared for the parole board hearing.

Frye realized the girl wasn’t breathing, told Smith he’d killed her, then ran to a neighbor’s house for help.
Smith, known to consume as many as 12 beers a day, had had several beers earlier in the evening and had a blood-alcohol content of .123 – well above the legal limit – when he was tested almost eight hours later, at 11am, records show.
Smith had unsuccessfully tried to have sex with his girlfriend the evening before the attack, according to records.

The prosecutor argued that Smith’s assault of the girl was revenge for Smith’s failure to perform with Frye.
Smith’s attorneys dispute this, saying the girlfriend was not upset with Smith.

Prosecutors presented evidence at trial that Smith’s attack lasted as long as 30 minutes, during which time Smith beat the girl to death.
Expert witnesses for Smith conclude he may have accidentally suffocated the girl within three to five minutes while he lay on top of her, according to Smith’s clemency petition.
Autopsy showed that little Autumn died of trauma and compression asphyxia. The child also suffered optical nerve damage consistent with being violently shaken.

Smith’s attorneys have an uphill battle in their argument because of the ‘moral repugnancy’ surrounding the claim of partial innocence, said Doug Berman, an Ohio State University law professor and death penalty expert. Click here for the rest of the article written and published by MailOnline.

23 responses to “Don’t Execute Me! Condemned Ohio Man Who Beat And Raped Baby To Death Before Putting Her Limp Body Next To Her Mother As She Slept (MailOnline Article)

  1. I can’t read any more of these horror stories. I am crushed by this. How anyone could do such thing is so far beyond me that I can’t find the words. A 6 month old baby was sexually assaulted!! We truly must be close to the end of days.

    • I truly hope that we are, because I can’t take anymore. My heart simply dies with every story like this. I hope we are at the end…Lord save us and these innocent little children, please….

  2. Is this monster actually blaming alcohol for this heinous atrocity? Alcohol doesn’t turn a perfectly reasonable human being into a depraved monster. Clearly, those tendencies were a part of his personality and alcohol just gave him an excuse to go through with it. He’s a sick bastard who should be castrated.

  3. I don’t if he tried to kill her or not! He raped a baby! Hello people kill him anyways! Casterate him first though while he’s in jail.

  4. This Son-Of-A-Bitch Needs To Die Horribly And Painfully, Brought Back To Life, And Then Tortured Until He Begs For Death. I Fucking HATE Sick Ass Pedophiles.

  5. America needs to go back to the days of REAL justice, not this you sit in a cell and have rights for decades while we pay for it. Idu what there is to question, he maliciously raped, beat and suffocated a baby. They should have done like in the old days, took him out in front of the courts and hung him.

    • thank you,you said it perfectly,screw this crap of sitting on your ass in jail for years,start hanging these pos again let what ever they did happen to them God says “eye for an eye”

  6. i think that he should be put to death but a very slowly so that he can feel the pain that done .it will never bring them back .so may you rip and fly with the angles .

  7. Tell me how in the hell that’s NOT murder? I don’t give a flying pickle if the sick jerk “meant to” or not! HE RAPED A BABY! And she died! But because he was drunk, it was an “oops! Didn’t mean for that to happen!” Are you kidding me? You can get away with anything nowadays, all you have to do is use alcohol or a mental illness excuse. I’m sorry, but if you do something this horrific you shouldn’t get rights to even mumble your name, you should be shot and it over with!

  8. I seriously hope that one day in every state..dey can sentance the death penalty for all this Assholes! Wer in the was the mother at! Shit!!


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  11. I don’t want to bring religion into all this but it is a sin to kill some body big or small does not matter. What Smith did to this little baby was utterly disgusting!. It does not matter if he did not intend to kill her because she is dead!. He still had evil intentions he wanted to rape her and that is just as bad a thing. Rape is life changing for anyone especially a baby. If you kill someone doing something you should not be doing then you should get the death penalty!. I hope they kill Smith and all these other baby killers who rape, torture, abuse, babies. A life is still a life size should not change the fact that a person is dead and they are not coming back. Death is not something you can just recover from it effects everyone connected to the person who is gone!. Also why should he be allowed to sit in jail and live when the baby can’t just come back from being dead. What makes him so special?. He needs to die!. If you can’t contribute to society in anyway shape or form or at least be good hearted to your fellow man then you should not exist!. Has anyone ever stopped to think that if society was not supporting all these criminals that maybe we could take more of our money and use it to help homeless people or fight cancer. Instead of investing in criminals who should just be put to death when they kill anyone!. ”Okay Smith so you don’t want to die, dumb, idiot, well you should of thought of that before you raped, and cruelly, tortured a innocent baby!. Rot in that cell but if you don’t I hope they kill your ass slowly with suffercation the way ou killed that baby!. Just kill Smith and let everyone in society know that if you murder you will die!. I bet we would have far less deaths if we did not let murders sit in jail!.

  12. This is directed to my previous comment (Brianna Mariah Lopez) is a 5 month old baby that died back in 2002 in New Mexico where she was born. She is a perfect example of how bad shit can get when people think they can take a life!. Tortured, raped in her private area front and back, physically and mentally abused, bitten, slapped, kicked, thrown like you throw a ball until her head hit the ceiling 3 times and left massive brusing, she had 2 broken ribs, a skull fracture, brain hemerage, all her life which was a short 5 mos. Father. Mother, and uncle are serving time in New Mexico for Baby Brianna’s death. Mother got 27 years, father got 57 yrs, uncle got 51 yrs. However it is not enough!. The baby is gone not coming back and she can’t just go on with her life!. If anyone see’s this post please sign petition to keep the abusers in jail. Mother is due to be released in 2016 unless they get enough signatures to say she should spend the rest of her life in jail. Which I personally think she should!. If you would like to sign the petition type in on your search bar Brianna Mariah Lopez and look for the site that says ”Please sign Petition to revoke jail time. Okay thanks, Nicole Magincalda.
    P.S. Their is also sites that you can go to and light a candle for little Brianna or pay your condolences and respect to the baby.

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