Christa Pike (Female Death Row Inmate)


Mugshot photo of Christa Pike

Christa Gail Pike was the youngest female ever to be sentenced to death in the United States. Born March 10, 1976 she was 18 years old at the time she committed murder and 20 when she was sentenced to die by lethal injection.

Pike lived a troubled life growing up. She allegedly endured sexual abuse and was doing drugs with her mother before she had even hit her teen years. She had behavior issues including bipolar and dropped out of high school. In 1994 she joined the Job Corps in Knoxville, Tennessee, a government program aimed at helping troubled youth by offering vocational training and career skills. There, Pike met and fell for a young man named Tadaryl Shipp, one year her junior. Together they “dabbled” in the occult and devil worship.

Pike became jealous of fellow Job Corp student Colleen Slemmer, then 19. She believed Slemmer was trying to “steal” her boyfriend from her although friends of Slemmer deny the accusations, Pike was set on a vendetta and started harassing Slemmer. One day she had snuck into her dorm room and watched the victim sleep. It got so bad that days before the murder Slemmer had called her mother telling her she wanted to come home but her mother told her she couldn’t due to signing a 2-year contract.


Photo of Victim Colleen Slemmer

Pike, Shipp and a friend named Shadolla Peterson, 18, came up with a plan to lure Slemmer to an isolated, abandoned steam plant close by on the University of Tennessee Campus. They choose the wooded area due to it being isolated.

On January 12, 1995, Pike, Shipp, Peterson, and Slemmer signed out of the dormitory and proceeded to the woods where Slemmer was told they wanted to make peace by offering her some marijuana. Upon arrival at the secluded location Slemmer started to become nervous and asked Pike if they were really planning on smoking some weed. Pike then turned on Slemmer and started to yell at her and attacked her. For the next 30 – 40 minutes she was taunted, beaten, and slashed, and a pentagram was carved in her chest with a box cutter. A meat cleaver was also used in the attack. Sometime during the torture Pike had said “The bitch wont die” followed by “I want to see her brains flow” and it was then that she lifted a large chunk of asphalt paving over Slemmer’s head and proceeded to smash her skull until brain matter started flowing out of her head. Pike kept a piece of her victim’s skull and began to show it off around the school and within 36 hours the three were arrested.

Below are crime scene photos of Colleen Slemmer



Smaller full body shot of Slemmer’s brutalized corpse


17 responses to “Christa Pike (Female Death Row Inmate)

  1. feel sorry for me i had a hard childhood, ive got bipolar what a crock of shit plenty of us were abused as kids millions of us have bipolar but we dont go around blaming that for our actions rot in hell with satan bitch

  2. That satanic cult theme is meant to sell books and stories. The truth: These “satanists” recruit those with mental illnesses to run their drugs, hence, the smoking of weed occurred.

    The convicted looks soulless in her picture.

    Her mother assisted in her murder by denying her assistance.

    This is how murders occur; people would rather bask in the limelight afterwards than to ever lend a helping hand to someone being stalked.

  3. Those are some of the most horrendous crime scene photos I have ever seen. Beyond horrific my heart goes out to that young lady. To suffer such violence warrants nothing less than DEATH. Christa Pike must now pay her dues. It’s funny how tough these killers are until they face death, then they turn into snivelling babies.

  4. This is the perfect example for the death penalty! I love how she cried like a little bit$h when she got the death penalty, she sure didn’t have any feeling whatsoever when she brutally murdered Coleen, this BS of being on death row for 18 years is ridicules, get it over with! She’s had 18 years that her victim did not.

  5. Btw, this crap about her childhood, she spent most of it with a loving grandmother, so that is bull! And I know many people that had childhoods much worse, and they’ve never hurt of brutally murdered anyone!

  6. The freaky thing? She almost escaped in 2012! She had help from a CORRECTIONS OFFICER and a friend Donald Kohut (likely a penpal)…. Good thing they were caught!

  7. Oh bloody Hell. The death sentence is not answer in this case…. Christa has been in prison for a very long time, and she has been tortured in that place too. Killing her doesn’t bring Colleen back, Christa doesn’t deserve this.
    First, she wasn’t acting alone at that horrible night when Colleen died. It doesn’t matter that Tadaryl and the other female were younger than Christa. They should have given the same sentence. And then, how in Earth anyone could take this “satan worshipping” so seriously? Especially Christa were completely insane, it is not rare phenomenon when disordered teens are interested in something so STUPID, lame and almost hilarious.
    She wasn’t a satan worshipper. She was poorly fucking mad, and it wasn’t her fault.
    I’m pretty sure she still is poorly fucking mad and the execution is not an answer to this, her place should be mental institution for the rest of her miserable life.

    Colleen Slemmer is never coming back and her hysterical mother should understand this. Christa’s family have been tortured for almost twenty years.
    Is that really what a mother-person wants to another family?

    Sorry for my quite bad english, I’m from Finland…..

    • Although I don’t agree with the death penalty (I don’t think any human should be able to decide who lives and who dies. God will handle everyone when the time comes). So I agree that Christa shouldn’t be on death row. However, she is anti-social and has no empathy. She even tried to strangle another death row inmate years after. She also pen pals multiple guys and has tried to get them to help her break out of death row. She likes her “fame” and enjoys fan mail she gets. I’m sure she wishes that she didn’t kill Colleen but NOT out of empathy but because she now regrets having to sit on death row. Christa is a lost soul and I agree that she should just sit in jail for the rest of her life. (plus it cost more to put a person to death then it would cost to have her sitting in jail for life.

      • You mention GOD, well his scripture says to send the offender to me so I may judge, which means, put the offender to death. So the death penalty is biblical.

  8. Yes it is me again. I’m glad how even someone wrote after me into this place.
    It sounds pretty odd how somebody thinks that Christa doesn’t have any empathy. She was sentenced to death, while Colleen’s parents were laughing at her. She cried. It truly broke my heart when I saw it in the internet. She asked forgiveness from May, can’t remember which year. But that situation was in some of her…. courts. After this horrible sentence. Oh yes she tried to strangle other inmate BUT what does it matter anyway if murderers are killing each other in prison? It matters nothing. The woman she tried to strangle is called Jennifer or Jessica or something and she is an african american AND she sits there for murder, too. Again, Christa has been behind bars since she was 18, and I am very sure that her psyche had damaged truly badly because of those things. But it happened in Tennessee, and Tennessee is in US and I am not the only one who thinks that many US laws are way too heavy, and fucking harsh. I have to say still how weird laws we have in Finland. Life -sentence from murder here means something like 15 years. And they give discount if the murderer/killer is under 21, if I remember correctly. But this thing is very clear, and I understand it: any crime scene photos ARE NOT ABLE TO SPREAD in the net, according to protect the victims families and others. And it bases to respect the victim(s). Colleen’s and many others murder victims photos after their death are able to pick up from bloody google and print them out and then make something stupid like Christmas cards or anything else from them. I think THAT is bloody weird!
    Here i am harping on the same thing which is actually now how horrible lame sentences they give here. Actually about any crime… but if anybody is interested, I would introduce some terrible crime cases what had happened here. Like at 2007 17-years old little troubled boy disappeared, police made very low investigations and then decided that no crime happened even that it is very very clear, that this poor boy is killed by accident in his friend’s home and they devastated his corpse somewhere. Few years ago 18-years old finnish girl was murdered in Malaga, she was stabbed to death by only few years older boys. Younger killer sat in jail only almost two years. And then this gipsy-king bloody asshole Akerlund who was released from prison after over ten years of murder and almost immediately murdered three people by shooting. And then we have Anneli Auer.
    Anneli is a woman’s name and crimes she committed…. are way too hard to even write. Well she murdered his husband and father of four in their home, and this case includes some satan worshipping too, or something like witchcraft. She took her oldest daughter to stab her own father, and later and before the murder she molested her own children, brutally, without a heart. And they are still processing the murder in court. After eight years.
    Doing some little comparing if that is even the right term, it is not a miracle when Finland is exhibited as a “paradise for criminals”. It makes me mad, because I really love my home country, this place is unique and there are so many things why I am proud but the criminal system is something so LOW and I know it is criticized in media many ways.
    I have to say I am a little mad right now, too…. but if someone is interested I can give some other examples from here why the criminal system is PISSING OFF.
    Sorry if my english is obscure.

  9. OK, K, you are nuts. And… fuck you. Very, very american asshole-cunt fuck.
    People like you make me sick, maybe i should just wipe my ass with your hypocrite ugly flag. Maybe I will. And then throw it to your face.
    May Martinez should have same, hysterical stupid woman.
    Have a nice day!

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