Bizarre Cases Of People Killed While Having Sex

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1) Garron Lewis doesn’t like interruptions during love-making

Pictured; Garron Lewis (46)

→ In November 2010 Garron Lewis, A resident of Milwaukee, WI, murdered his live-in girlfriend, Sharron Dorsey, (44.) because the woman answered her cell-phone while they were having sex. This enraged Garron so much that he threatened to strangle the woman and before she could act he picked up a cord and wrapped it tightly around her neck. Sharron’s daughter walked in to the basement only to find her mother laying in her underwear on a bed, dead.

Garron Lewis confessed to a friend that he murdered Sharron Dorsey and why.

WARNING: Sharron Dorsey Crime Scene Photo Below.

Autopsy Photo Of Sharon Dorsey

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2) Who’s Chris?

Pictured: Gary Higgs (44)

Pictured: Joanne Kitchen (44)

→ On April 13th, 2010 in  Manchester, England, Gary Higgs and Joanne Kitchen were at their Radcliffe home they shared, doing what most couples do. Having sex. Sometime during their encounter, Joanne moaned ”Harder, Chris!” which naturally would turn on a man. Only problem was, Gary wasn’t Chris. Enraged, Gary stormed off to the Kitchen and grabbed a knife, he then busted into the bedroom, over to Joanne and stabbed her one and the back and once in the chest. When he noticed Joanne on the bed they shared, still struggling, he grabbed the alarm clock cord right off the nightstand and tied it tightly around her neck until she was no longer breathing.

Joanne Kitchen had 2 daughters and was a grandmother to 2 grandchildren. According to her family she was a happy woman who got along well with everyone. Joanne was a security guard at a local college and got on well with teachers and staff.

Her family misses her dearly and stated ”Things will never be the same.”

Meanwhile,  Higgs is in prison and must serve 15-years before he is eligible for parole.

I still want to know who ”Chris” is?

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3) I don’t know why I did it

Steven Ling Police Photo

→ It’s Christmas Day, 1997, and Steven Ling, 23, stumbles to the road in his hometown of Stamfordham, England and hails a passing police car. “Just take me straight to the police station,” he reportedly told the police. “I want to tell you I have just killed a girl. I stabbed her while having sex.” According to the BBC, Ling met Joanne Tulip, 29, the night before at a local pub. The two chatted briefly then went back to his place to have sex. After receiving a slight rebuff from Tulip, Ling left his bedroom to make some coffee. When he returned he brought two knives in addition to the coffee. Soon after the couple began having sex and Ling “just stabbed her, I don’t know why I did it.” Ling ultimately stabbed Tulip 60 times before suffocating her with his duvet. Less than a year later Ling was sentenced to life in prison.

NOTE: This write-up of Steven Ling was originally written and published on’s Crime Library.

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4) Psst, the next act has to be with “Bestiality

This case is somewhat different and I am going to just put the news article below with the source of the article under the story due to name of ”victim” not being released. But I do wonder who the true victim in this case it? Hmm.

Man Dies In Bizarre Case Of Bestiality

Man Dies In Bizarre Case Of Bestiality – Original Article Published:  Jul 15, 2005 at 3:11 PM PDTLast Updated: Oct 20, 2009 at 4:49 PM PDT

→ A very disturbing story as a Seattle man has died following a bizarre case of bestiality.

Detectives are investigating the possibility an Enumclaw farm was the base for a ring that abuses animals for sex. And what they’ve done is not illegal in Washington State.

In a picture-perfect corner of rural King County, Sheriff’s investigators uncovered a dirty little mess: Men having sex with animals at a small farm outside of Enumclaw. The private gatherings became public when a 45-year-old Seattle man died after having sex with an Arabian stallion.

The medical examiner says the death is accidental. “If this pans out, it’s the most egregious case that we’ve heard of,” says Sgt. John Urquhart with the King County Sheriff’s Office. “We don’t have deaths that result from this activity, nobody can remember when anything like this has ever happened.”

Investigators believe this farm may have become a hot spot for sex with animals, with people learning about it through Internet chat rooms. They don’t know how long it’s been going on, although the man at the center has rented the farm for about six years. Investigators also don’t know if the sex is in exchange for money. “I think it’s most likely just given the nature of this type of activity,” says Urquhart, “but we don’t know for sure.” Investigators don’t know yet how many animals were used in this way. One thing they do know for certain: the incident with the horse where the man died happened in someone else’s barn. They know that because the entire incident was caught on videotape, one of more than 100 tapes police took from the farm.

The neighbors had no idea there barn and horses were being used for sex. They don’t want their names, or faces or property shown, they told me they are freaked out and repulsed by what investigators say happened.

However, having sex with animals is not against the law in Washington State.  he Humane Society of the U.S. says it should be and talks about other cases. “Smaller animals have been seriously injured and/or killed,” says Regional Director Bob Reder. “Or, after the act, disposed of by horrible means.”

While the Sheriff’s office investigates any grounds for animal cruelty charges, for the moment, the animals are still at the farm. At least 30 state have laws outlawing bestiality. The Humane Society, together with Pasado’s Save Have are both beginning campaigns to make it against the law in Washington as well.


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5) It was an accident, I swear

Police Photo Of Arthur Sedille

→ Arthur Sedille was just 23 years old when he started A marriage with 50-year-old Rebecca Sedille, The pair lived together in a home in Canadian County, Oklahoma. One day while the two were engaging in a sexual encounter in their bedroom on the night of Dec. 21st, 2012.

Arthur grabbed a handgun he owned, that was sitting on the couples night-stand and racked the slide-back. He claimed it was something he did quite often, A ”fantasy” he liked to park-take in and Rebecca was a willing participant. Arthur would tie up Rebecca and/or point a gun to her head. But something happened Dec 21st that shocked everyone who knew the couple.

While the couple were engaging in some rough-play, Arthur got too caught up in the moment and ”accidently” pulled the trigger.

Arthur was up-front with police and claimed it was an accident and he didn’t believe the gun was loaded., But that wasn’t enough to convince Investigators who then arrested him on suspicion of first-degree murder.

rebecca sedille

Photo Of Victim, Rebecca Sedille (50)

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6) One Million for a Whore? that’s expensive

Police photo of Cecile Brossard

 “One million for a whore, that’s expensive.”

Those were the last words of one of France’s richest men, according to his mistress, who had put him in a latex suit and tied him in a submissive position. After hearing those words, she fired a bullet into his brain, then three more into his body as he moved on the floor at his Geneva, Switzerland apartment.

The body of the 50-year-old Edouard Stern, dressed in a head-to-toe latex suit, was found in his penthouse apartment in Geneva in 2005. Brossard was arrested two weeks later and admitted shooting the banker.

Edouard Stern

Pictured: Edouard Stern was murdered during a kinky-sex session

A sentence of eight and a half years was handed down by a judge and a 12-member jury at Geneva’s Court of Assizes who said that her wrongdoing was “extremely serious” and the crime “particularly cowardly” because the victim had no way of defending himself or expecting such an act. Prosecutor Daniel Zappelli had requested an 11-year prison term because he said Brossard took advantage of Stern’s submissive position to shoot him, acting out of hate and egoism.

Defense lawyer Alec Reymond had argued that it was a crime of passion rather than murder and said Brossard felt guilty and was psychologically wracked. During her four years in detention, she was brought to a psychiatric clinic 11 times and once tried to commit suicide, he added.

Brossard said Stern had promised marriage and had deposited $1 million in a special account for her, but that the two quarreled over control of the money.

The love story was finally shattered, she said, when Stern blocked the bank account, confirming her suspicion that he didn’t love her and she understood he would not marry her. She felt humiliated and used, which led to the shooting. “No words can express the extent of my suffering, nor the suffering of Beatrice Stern and the three children,” she said, referring to Stern’s divorced wife Beatrice David-Weill, who lives in New York with her children.

During their last evening together, they had sex games, with Stern wearing his latex suit and tied up on a chair in a submissive position, she recounted. When he told her, “One million for a whore, that’s expensive,” she said she lost control. That prompted her to shoot Stern once in the head, then three more times after he managed to get out of the chair and fell to the floor, she said.

The money was the reason Brossard killed Stern, prosecutors said. The former mistress denied that was her motive. She said she only wanted the money as proof of his love for her.

After the crime, they said, Brossard removed incriminating evidence, flew to Australia and lied to her friends on the phone.

Stern had a long background in investment banking, working for his family firm Banque Stern from the age of 22 and forcing his father out of the company two years later — with the help of two uncles.

Estimates of his wealth varied, but he was said to have been worth several hundred million dollars.

“I am not a thief. I am not poisonous,” said Brossard, 40, during her trial. “I am just desperately in love with a man and I will be forever.

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7) Another Accident

Pictured: Marcus Coates mugshot

After Marcus Coates, 44, strangled Jennie Banner, 32, he carried her half naked body to her bedroom and covered her with a blanket. He didn’t bother to remove or loosen the belt he had wrapped tightly around her neck. According to both the BBC and Kent Online, Coates and Banner, both residents of Kent, England, had known each other for years. Banner worked as a prostitute, and in late August 2011 Coates agreed to pay her for sex. The two then went to Banner’s apartment where they both took drugs then began having sex. During the session, Coates placed a belt around Banner’s neck and strangled her. He confessed to the killing five days later. During the trial Coates’ attorneys claimed that Banner had tightened the belt herself, and that Coates had been unable to loosen the ligature before she died. The jury didn’t buy it – in large part because of photos of Coates’ ex-wife being forced to wear a dog collar and the ex-wife’s testimony that Coates had repeatedly choked her to the brink of unconsciousness during sex – and in May 2012 Coates was convicted of manslaughter. He is currently jailed indefinitely.

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