ITALY POLICE: U.S. student ‘stabbed 25 times in his sleep by roommate’ while on drugs – five years to the day since Amanda Knox scandal

Pictured; Suspect Alexander Schepis Reid is arrested then taken into custody after stabbing his college roommate as the victim was sleeping. 

Updated: 11/03/12 at 10:45 a.m. ET: ROME, ITALY —

A 19-year-old American was in critical condition Friday after he was allegedly stabbed while he slept by a fellow student following a night of partying in the Italian capital, officials told NBC News.

The victim, New Jersey-born Fabio Malpeso underwent surgery for stab wounds to his lungs and other parts of his body. Police said Friday that Malpeso was in critical but stable condition in intensive care at a hospital in Rome. 

Authorities said the motive for the attack, which happened in an apartment that overlooks Rome’s famous Colosseum early Thursday morning, was unclear. However, detectives suspect “drug- and alcohol-related delirium” might be a factor.

The alleged assailant, who was taken to a police station and then a prison in central Rome, was named in a police document as Alexander Schepis Reid, 20. The suspect and victim are both students at John Cabot University, an American college in Rome.

Police said Reid, a resident of Reggio Calabria in southern Italy, appeared to have joint U.S. and Italian citizenship, but they were working to establish his nationalities.

Lawyer: Suspect a ‘model student’
Reid’s lawyer, Vincenzo Comi, said his client was “distraught and exhausted,” after visiting the young man in jail Friday.

“He is clearly under shock, and nothing in his past could have prepared him for this. He has never had any problems with the law and has always been a model student with top grades,” Comi said, adding he did not want to say what Reid had told him at this stage.

Comi said Reid’s mother was American and his father Italian, and as far as he was aware Reid had dual citizenship.

A third man, an Italian aged in his 30s named Andrea Rinaldi, suffered injuries to his arms and hands trying to defend Malpeso, and was also in the hospital, police said.

Paolo Guiso, a judiciary police inspector who is leading the investigation, told NBC News Friday that Reid, Malpeso, Malpeso’s sister Federica and her boyfriend, Rinaldi, had returned to the apartment after partying in a nightclub Wednesday night and early Thursday.

The building where Reid is alleged to have stabbed Malpeso is not far from the Coliseum in central Rome.

Malpeso had drunk alcohol, while Reid, Federica and Rinaldi had consumed “alcohol, hashish and ecstasy,” Guiso said, explaining that all four had been tested for drugs and alcohol.

“Federica, Rinaldi and Fabio went to bed at 6 a.m. [Thursday]. Reid stayed in the living room. At a certain point, he went to the kitchen, fetched a knife and went into Fabio’s room, where he started to stab the sleeping youth,” Guiso alleged. 

“Hearing the screaming and commotion, Rinaldi and the victim’s sister ran in to see what was happening. They stepped in to defend Fabio, which resulted in Rinaldi suffering cuts to his hands and arms,” he said.

“The motive of the attack is still not clear. At present we … believe that the violence was brought on due to a drug- and alcohol-related delirium,” Guiso added.

‘Best friends’
Guiso said early Friday that he had not been able to speak properly with Reid as he was “still half asleep and at times catatonic …  he was almost in a state of unconsciousness at times.”

“We have taken him to Regina Coeli prison in the heart of Rome. Within 48 hours from the arrest, he will have to go before the judge who will need to confirm his arrest,” he added.

Marta Canigiulia, 20, a student at John Cabot, told NBC News Friday that she was friends with Reid and Malpeso, though she had only recently met the latter.

“They were best friends … they are best friends, I hope they still are,” she added. “I loved them for the fact that they were always very cheery. They would always come up to you and say: ‘Hi Marta, what’s up?’ They were always smiling.”

Referring to Reid, Canigiulia said with tears in her eyes, “he is a good person.”

“I can’t explain why this happened. Probably it’s because of drugs,” she speculated.

Geraldine Gully, 18, another student, said she did not know Reid and Malpeso personally but “saw them all the time at school. … They seemed like very good friends. I was so shocked to hear what had happened because it was so unexpected and you wouldn’t believe it,” she said.

In a statement, John Cabot University President France Pavoncello said he was dealing “with this situation personally” with support from other staff and was in touch with the “involved parties and their families.”

He confirmed the suspect and victim were students at the university, saying they were roommates in an off-campus apartment. 

“I trust you will all join me in sending our prayers to the victim’s family for their son’s full recovery as well as to the family of the alleged attacker, who is likely shattered by this tragic event,” he added.

Thursday was the fifth anniversary of the brutal murder of British student Meredith Kercher in Perugia, Italy, that led to the arrest, trial and eventual acquittal of American student Amanda Knox.


Man Who Grew Bored Of His Fiancee And Decided To Bury Her ALIVE

Pictured; Michelina Lewendowska, 27, was attacked with a taster then tied up and buried alive and used her only tool, her engagement ring that her former fiance gave to her.

Muscle man: Bodybuilder Marcin Kasprzak shows off the physique he honed at a gym five days a week

Photo of Marcin Kasprzak which was taken only a few months before he attempted to murder Michelina by burying her alive. He was taking steroids at the time of the photo and assault.

Leeds, UK (Incident happened in May, 2011) — When Marcin Kasprzak, then 25, and Michelina Lewendowska, then 27, (soon to be Michelina Kasprzak, moved to the United Kingdom from their native Poland six years ago, the two were deeply in love with each-other. At one stage Marcin had proposed to his soon to be wife, getting down on one knee and giving her a beautiful engagement-ring which left her ecstatic. But after the birth of their son Jakub in the Spring of 2008 the relationship went down hill.

Engagement ring Marcin gave to Michelina. The same engagement ring that would ironically save her life.

Marcin worked at a meat factory and on his off hours he would visit the gym. Some sources even claimed he was obsessed with being in-shape and muscular that he would go to the gym daily to build up his muscles. They said he also became addicted to anabolic steroids which made him prone to violent outbursts.

Marcin was growing bored of Michelina who he claimed ”nagged her” to much. He started seeing other woman and eventually grew fond of a particular woman. He decided he ‘hated’ his girlfriend and no longer wanted her to live with him in his parents’ home in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Nor did he want to marry her at this point but knew he had a  child with Michelina which would make things more difficult.

He didn’t want his son to be raised by Michelina but he wasen’t ”man enough” to raise the child himself. Instead, he wanted his mother to bring up their young son.

He sucked up his dislike for Michelina and they continued with their routine, although barely on speaking terms the couple continued living together until months of bitterness festered inside Marcin and the resentment grew to the point that he eventually had it, he wanted her gone and was determined to get her ”out of the way.”

He contacted a friend of his, 18-year-old accomplice Patryck Borys and filled in him on his plan, which soon became their reality.

One day in the Spring of 2011, Borys came over and they were ready to put their plan into action. Marcin had tricked Michelina into thinking they were going on a shopping trip. But as she stood in the hallway of their home and according to Marcin she started complaining about nonsense which enraged him and he suddenly charged at her, coming up behind her. He shot her twice in the neck with a 300,000 volt Taser-style gun.
Vicious attack: The 300,000-volt stun gun that callous Kasprzak used on his partner left her struggling to breathe and move for two weeks

TASERED: The 300,000-volt stun gun that callous Kasprzak used on his partner left her struggling to breathe and move for two weeks.

“I was trying to push him away with the taser. He knelt down, he pressed my ribs with his knee and continued to use the taser,” she said.

Lewendowska was tasered twice in the neck, bound and gagged, and put into a cardboard computer box, she said.

The woman told the court Marcin and Borys taped the box shut, put her in the trunk of a car, then drove her to the woods on the outskirts of Huddersfield and buried her, head down, under nearly half a foot of with soil and a 90lb branch on top of the box to stop her escaping. He then left her to suffocate.

Michelina described how her former fiancee and his friend were shovelling soil on top of the box ‘so that it would be impossible for me to get out’. 

‘I could feel that the box was becoming smaller and smaller,’ she said.

She then testified that she struggled to breathe, then made use of the only tool she had, her engagement ring. She cut her legs free, then scratched at the box.

“I started to tear the box apart. I was focusing on the opening I had just made. Soil was getting in. My face was getting dirty. I could see some black sky and leaves. I was so exhausted,” she told the court.

After getting her head out into the open she prayed for inspiration, exclaiming: ‘My God tell me what now.’

She then screamed but noone could hear her in the densely wooded area so she clawed, kicked and punched her way out of the earth. She said it took her a half hour to cut herself out of her cardboard coffin. She then staggered to a nearby road to raise the alarm late at night.

Pictured; The cardboard box Michelina Lewendowska was placed in then put underground as she struggled to breathe.

Pictured; Police came to the scene and this is what they found, a broken/busted cardboard box and a shallow grave nearby.

During Marcin’s trial at Leeds Crown Court he said he only meant to scare her and claimed he always intended to come back and free her. But instead of helping her, he took her credit-card and withdrew hundreds of dollars before heading to Borys home where the two were arrested hours later.

Prosecutors had a different motive, they say Marcin had grown bored with Michelina and wanted her out of the way so he could start a new romance with another woman and have his mother raise their child.

“I can tell you now that they were not left specifically or intentionally for me to live,” said Michelina.

Patryck Borys was cleared of attempted murder by a jury on December 18, 2011. He pleaded guilty to kidnapping at a previous hearing. Kasprzak  also admitted possessing a prohibited weapon.

On December 19, 2011 Marcin was sentenced to twenty-years in prison.

After the verdict, Michelina had made several statements:

‘The big question for me now is how long he’ll be jailed for because I won’t feel safe if he is free,’ she said after the verdict.

‘I still have nightmares that Marcin will come back to find me and kill me. I want him to be locked up in a safe place for as long as possible, just so that me and my son can try to have a happy life.

‘For many years I loved Marcin Kasprzak very much. But after  his horrific attack upon me my feelings towards him have turned  to hatred.

‘My only hope is that he can accept that what he did to me was very wrong. I really hope that no one will ever experience what I went through on that day, at the hands of a man whom I loved and trusted.’

She added: ‘During my time inside my shallow grave where I was buried alive I feared that my life was at an end and I was going to die.

‘I prayed to God to help me to survive so that I could look after my young son.

‘The thought of my son gave me the strength to fight my way out of the box and save myself.’