SICK: Adult Woman Pretending To Be A Underage Boy Had Sex WIth A Fifteen Year Old Girl Using ”Fake Man Parts”

This article was written and published by on wednesday, october 10, 2012 – no copyright intended.Identity: Carissa Hads posted this photo of herself on her MySpace page in which she looks like a woman

Pictured; Carissa Hads posted this photo on Myspace. In it she look’s like a woman.

A Massachusetts woman who authorities say  pretended to be a teenage boy to have sex with a 15-year-old girl from West  Virginia pleaded guilty to one federal count on Wednesday.

Carissa Hads, 25, of Quincy, could face up to  30 years in prison if convicted of traveling across state lines with the  intention of having sex with a minor.

Investigators say Hads posed as an  18-year-old boy named James Puryear Wilson on MySpace and started a relationship  with the teenage victim in 2010. Authorities say the two communicated for more  than a year before their first in-person meeting.


Pictured; Hads posted this photo on Facebook. In it, she is dressed like a boy to lure unsuspecting victims for sexual-encounters.

According to a State Police investigator,  Hads wore color contact lenses and a back brace to conceal her breasts, and that  she visited the 15-year-old at least three times, including once at a Pittsburgh  motel last December.

The victim also took naked photos of herself  and texted them to Hads on a cell phone that the 25-year-old woman provided,  authorities say.

The criminal complaint states that Hads then  flew to West Virginia in February, and had a sexual encounter with the girl at  her Lewis County home, but did not undress.

Another West Virginia teen became suspicious  of Hads’ true identity, the State Police investigator said, and alerted  authorities in March after Hads threatened her.

Hads was arrested in May at the Pittsburgh  International Airport.

The 25-year-old woman could be fined  as much  as $250,000 during her sentencing. She remains in custody and  appeared before  U.S. Magistrate John Kaull in Clarksburg to enter her  plea  Wednesday.

Under the plea agreement, she also agreed to  surrender her computer and other electronic equipment seized from her  home.

Hads was taken into police custody on May 24  and charged with traveling across state lines for the purpose of coercing or  enticing a minor to  have sexual intercourse.

Following Hads’s arrest, police said they  seized an artificial flesh-colored penis from the front pocket of her pants that  she apparently used during a sexual encounter with the teenage victim.

Hads was apprehended after flying to meet the  girl for a third rendezvous, the Smoking  Gun has  reported.

According to an affidavit sworn by an  Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force investigator, Hads was posing as an  18-year-old boy named James Puryear Wilson when she met the teen online in  October of 2010.

‘Wilson’ maintained Facebook and  MySpace  pages that described him as a youth pastor living in Quincy,  Massachusetts,  which is Hads’ actual residence.

On ‘his’ Facebook, ‘Wilson’ claimed  to be  the father of twin boys and noted that he was ‘looking for some  people to talk  to. No fake pages or pervs.’

It was later revealed that an image of the  twins ‘Wilson’ had posted online came from an ad for a photography  website.

Hads, using her bogus male persona, had  allegedly become involved in an  Internet romance with a girl from West Virginia  identified in the  affidavit only as A.L. 

In the course of their relationship,  authorities said Hads sent her  teenage paramour two cell phones that she could  use to contact her  ‘boyfriend.’
Imposter: Police said Carissa Hads presented herself as a 17-year-old youth pastor and father of twins named James Puryear Wilson

Facebook Imposter: Police said Carissa Hads presented herself as a 17-year-old teen pastor and father of twins named James Puryear Wilson.

Along with paying the girl’s cell phone  bills, Hads also sent her a Kindle Fire tablet, according to the  affidavit.

The teenager told investigators that she used  the phones to take naked photos of herself, some of which focused on her  genitals, and send them to ‘Wilson.’

The affidavit states that Hads and the girl  would also write in journals and mail them back and forth so each could respond  to the other’s writings.

Coverup: The teenage victim told police that Hads used a back brace to conceal her breasts

Coverup: The under-age victim told police that Hads used a back brace to conceal her breasts

‘Wilson’ told A.L. that he lived in  Massachusetts with his aunt Melanie Lodi, adding that he had another aunt named  Carissa Hads, an investigator reported.

In December of 2011, after communicating for  14 months, ‘Wilson’ asked to meet the teenager in person. Their encounter was  arranged by the girl’s mother, who accompanied her daughter and two other  15-year-old girls to meet ‘Wilson’ at a Pennsylvania motel.

According to the affidavit sworn by West  Virginia State Trooper Robert Talkington, ‘Wilson’ stayed at the same motel but  in a separate room paid for by the girl’s mother.

During their stay, Talkington claimed that  Hads/’Wilson’ digitally penetrated the teen’s vagina.

Two months later, Hads flew to West Virginia  disguised as ‘Wilson’ and stayed at A.L.’s house for five days, during which  time the two had allegedly had sex.

Speaking to police in May, the girl recalled  that her ‘boyfriend,’ who remained clothed, ‘pulled his penis through his  unzipped pants’ during their sexual encounter. The girl has never seen ‘Wilson’  fully naked, she said.

Hads also kept her chest covered using a back  brace, Talkington wrote.

The 24-year-old, unaware that her paramour  had begun cooperating with law enforcement, was arrested last month after  traveling to Pittsburgh for what she apparently thought would be a third tryst.

Police started investigating Hads after  receiving a complaint that her male alter-ego ‘Wilson’ had threatened the life  of A.L.’s 15-year-old friend.

The girl apparently told A.L. that she did  not believe ‘Wilson’ was a man.

The suspect has been described as weighing  100lbs. and standing at five feet and two inches, with distinct feminine  features and no visible Adam’s apple.