Woman On Death Row


Lisa Jo Chamberlin – Mississippi Death Row

Chamberlin is on Mississippi death row for a horrendous murder. Chamberlin along with Roger Gillett had drug charges in Russell County, Miss,.. and planned to escape to Mexico. They tried to rob and force Gillett’s cousin, Vernon Hulett, and Linda Heintzelman, both from Hattiesburg, to give them the code to a safe. Vernon refused to give them the code so they beat her to death with a hammer which caved her skull. They hit her in the head so hard that the handle on the hammer bent. She died within minutes. The other woman, Linda Heintzelman, is believed to have had special needs. She died two days after being tortured. She was attacked, beaten, stabbed, raped with objects, but they couldn’t get the code out of her so they slit her throat and put a plastic bag over her head.  The following day they noticed that she was still breathing and placed a pillow over her head and she slowly suffocated to death. It was later revealed that Linda had somewhat of a learning disability and was disabled and believed to have not known the code to the safe.

After killing both woman, Chamberlin and Gillett chopped up their bodies and stuffed them into a chest freezer, which was in the back of Gillett’s truck, drove  hours away to dispose of the bodies in the Russell County landfill.

Christa Gail Pike – Tennessee Death Row Inmate


Christa Pike is one of the youngest females ever sentenced to death in the United States, and the only female death row inmate in Tennessee.

In 1995, Pike was sent to a Job Corps program in Knoxville, TN by her mother in an attempt to help the troubled teen get her life on the right track. Shortly after attending she started dating another student, Terreyl, a self-described sadist.

Pike was jealous of another Job Corps student, Colleen Slemmer, and harbored a deep hatred for the teen. She had this delusion that Colleen liked her boyfriend and was trying to steal him from her. However, Colleen never had any feelings for him.

Pike would stalk out Colleen. One time when she woke up in her dorm, Pike was standing over her in the dark staring at her. This terrified Colleen so much that she called her mother one week prior to the murder and told her that she hated being at Job Corps and wanted to come back home. Her mother reassured her that everything would be okay and that she couldn’t leave because she signed a contract.

On January 12, 1995, Pike pretended to apologize to Slemmer, telling her she wanted to “make peace” with her. She asked Slemmer to go for a walk to smoke a blunt with her and talk about things. Slemmer agreed, and off she went with Pike, her boyfriend Terreyl Shipp, and Shadolla Peterson, who was also a student at Job Corps.

They four of them signed out of the dormitory and proceeded to the woods. When they reached entrance to the woods Slemmer started getting a bad feeling and hesitated, asking Pike if she really had weed. Pike reassured her and they continued walking until they made it to the secluded, wooded area deep into the woods.

Pike turned on Slemmer and started screaming at her, accusing her of flirting with Terreyl. Slemmer started crying and told her that she doesn’t like him. Pike ignored her pleas and started attacking her. When Slemmer attempted to run she was chased down and dragged back. Terreyl and Shadolla held Colleen down as Pike kicked, punched, stabbed and sliced her with a box-cutter, all the while Slemmer was screaming, pleading for her life. Pike then handed the box cutter to Terreyl and he kneeled down and sliced a pentagram on Slemmer’s chest as Pike laughed and taunted her.

Slemmer was still alive after 30 minutes of torture so Pike got a large piece of asphalt and lifted it over Slemmer’s head, and told the other two that she wanted to see her brains fall out. She then smashed Slemmer’s head multiple times until her skull cracked and her brains came out. She kept a piece of her victim’s skull and began showing it off to other students at Job Corps and within 36 hours the three were arrested. The log book showed that the four of them left together and only three returned. They also found the piece of skull in Pike’s blood-stained jacket. Their rooms were searched and a Satanic Bible was found in Shipp’s room. Pike insisted they were merely trying to scare her and it got out of control.

Emilia Lily Carr – Florida’s Death Row


Heather Strong was a 26-year-old mother from Citra, FL. Her former boyfriend and children’s father,  Joshua Fulgham, was abusive to her as well as a cheater. One of the woman who he regularly slept with was Emilia Carr, a young, single mother.

After years of mental, emotional and physically abuse, Heather decided she wanted out. She knew the situation wasn’t what she wanted for her children and she packed up her things and left Fulgham. She knew he couldn’t have visitations with their children because he wasn’t safe. This enraged Fulgham and he along with Carr plotted a way to get Heather out of the picture.

In February, 2009, Fulgham and Emilia waited for Heather to get off her night-shift at Iron Skillet at a Petro Gas Station in Reddick. When she came out they abducted her, brought her to a trailer in Boardman, where Carr lived. They forced her inside, bound her arms and legs and tied her to a computer chair. Emilia attempted to break her neck but failed.  In the meantime, Heather was begging for her life and asked “Josh, why are you doing this to me?”.. to which he answered, “Because you’re trying to take my children away from me.”.. She was then placed in a small, confined area and pleaded with her former boyfriend, telling him she was claustrophobic. In response, Josh punched her.

Emilia tricked Heather into a storage shed in the backyard of her home, then had a plastic bag placed over her face and Josh pressed his hand over her mouth and nose so she would suffocate. When she died they dug a hole in the back yard area near the storage trailer. Josh told Emilia to place a blanket over Heather’s face because he was getting ill by looking at her dead body.

Heather was reported missing on February 15, 2009. Her remains were discovered on March 19, 2009 after Fulgham was interrogated by police. Carr was arrested on March 24, 2009 after undercover audio of Carr discussing details of the crime with Fulgham’s sister. She was sentenced to death by lethal injection and is awaiting her fate at the Marion County Jail. She maintains her innocence.

Linda Anita Carty – Texas Death Row


Linda Carty,  formerly from UK, has a British citizenship and in 1982 she obtained a US citizenship.

In 1992, Carty was convicted of auto theft and impersonation of a FBI agent. She was sentenced to 10 years probation, on the condition she would work as a drug informant. While working as an informant she provided information leading to two arrests, although she claims she assisted in many more arrests. — Regardless, her services came to an end when she was arrested on drug charges.

Fast forward to 2001, twenty years after moving to the US.

Carty is living at an apartment complex in Texas. Her boyfriend wants a child of his own and began to get frustrated with Carty after she lied on numerous occasions, claiming to be pregnant. She was desperate to keep her lover around and formulated an evil plot.

Joana Rodriguez was a 25-year-old pregnant woman who lived in the same apartment complex as Carty.

Carty devised a plan to wait until Joana was 8 or 9 months into her pregnancy, and cut the baby out of her womb and claim it as her own. She solicited three men, Gerald Anderson, Chris Robinson, and Carlos Williams, to help her with the home invasion, robbery, abduction and murder. One of the co-accused would later tell a court that Carty said “I want the baby. I’ll cut the baby from the bitch”

Carty’s 21-year-old daughter was going on vacation so she had asked her to borrow a car for the time-being. She used the car to go out and buy baby items including a car seat, baby clothes, bottles, etc. She kept people updated on her ‘pregnancy’ and a day prior to the murder she had told another apartment resident that she was due to give birth the next day.

On May 21, 2002, Joana, her husband, her newborn and a cousin were at their home. The friend was sleeping downstairs, Joana was laying down, breastfeeding her baby upstairs, and her husband was laying down next to his wife and their new baby.

Carty and the three accomplices, who were all dressed in black with ski-masks covering their face, broke down the door and pistol-whipped both the family friend and husband, leaving a large gaping wound on their head. The two were tied up and the attackers took Joana and her new baby and forced her into Carty’s vehicle. Joana was forced into the trunk and her newborn son was handed off to Carty.  Sometime during this attack, Joana was severely beaten. They four then drove off and debated on what to do with her. Joana was originally from Mexico and didn’t speak English, so she didn’t understand what was going to happen to her next and was most likely terrified and physically hurting due to the recent birth of her son.

Carty opened the trunk and placed a large, black trash bag over Joana’s head, then tied thick duct-tape around her neck multiple times, working her way up to Joana’s mouth and nose. She then slammed the trunk and let Joana suffocate slowly.

A few days later authorities discovered Joana’s decomposing body in the trunk. Her newborn baby was clinging to life in the backseat of the car and when police searched Carty’s home they found a bag full of tools that she was planning to use to cut the infant out of Joana’s womb.


Photos of victim, Joana Rodriguez (some reports say she was 20, others say 25)


In February 2002, Linda Carty was sentenced to death. She has exhausted all of her appeals and is sitting on Death Row, waiting for her execution, however, she isn’t waiting in silence. In fact, she has done everything she can to deny and avoid her punishment.

Carty has denied any part in the murders and pretends to not know a thing, despite the fact that the victim’s decomposing body was found in Carty’s trunk and every piece of evidence goes right back to Carty. Her stories have changed overtime and she blames everyone but herself. She has attempted to reach out to any and everyone who will listen. Click here to view numerous letters written by Carty In the letters Carty will play the victim act. She is what many consider a habitual liar.




Tiffany Cole – Florida Death Row

tiffany_coleTiffany Ann Cole was found guilty of the kidnapping and first-degree murder of a retired Duval County, Florida couple and sentenced to death. Also found guilty in the case were three men — Alan Wade, Bruce Nixon, and Cole’s boyfriend Michael Jackson.

Tiffany Cole grew up in South Carolina and she, along with her family, were good friend’s with their neighbors, Carol and Reggie Sumner, a retired couple who always helped out the Cole family, even loaning Tiffany money and selling her a car before their move to the Sunshine State. Before leaving they told Cole that if she ever needed anything, to call them.

Tiffany and her drug-addicted boyfriend blew threw the loan and wanted to figure out new ways to gain ‘easy money’. Cole told Jackson about her former neighbors and Jackson was hooked. They plotted an evil plan to drive down to Florida and abduct the Sumner’s, force them to give over their bank account details, and then kill them. They spoke to Wade and Nixon, who agreed to take part.

Two days before the double homicide, the four went to a wooded area in Georgia and dug a grave.

In early July, 2005, the four drove down to Duval County. Wade and Nixon went to the Sumner’s front door and knocked. Carol Sumner answered and the two young men asked her if they could use the phone. The second she turned her back Wade and Nixon attacked her, bound and blindfolded her and Reggie, who was sitting in the living-room. Jackson and Cole then ran into the house and robbed all their valuables. They forced the Sumner’s into the trunk of their vehicle and drove up to Charlton County, Georgia to the pre-made graves.

The Sumner’s were placed on their knees in front of the graves. A gun was put to their head and the attackers screamed at them to hand over the pin-number. Reggie, terrified, finally gave them the number. Sadly, they showed the retired couple no mercy.

One of the killers then lifted Reggie’s blindfold and forced him to watch his own wife being pushed into the grave. He was then pushed in and the four started to pile the dirt onto the elderly couple. They were buried alive.

The couple were friendly, well-to-do people who had many friends and family who they always kept in touch with. So it took loved ones only a few days before realizing something wasn’t right. Police put a block on the Sumner’s bank account and when Jackson and Cole found out they called police, pretending to be the Sumner’s and telling them that they were ‘alright’ and had taken a ‘vacation’. Police tracked the number to Cole and Jackson and they were soon arrested and sentenced to death.

Brittany Marlowe Holberg – Texas Death Row

Brittany_HolbergBrittany Holberg, then 23, was a young woman from Amarillo, Texas who became addicted to crack. She became a prostitute to support her drug habit and was hired by AB Towery Sr., a 80-year-old elderly man who lived in Randell County.

On the night of November 13, 1996 Holberg was on a mission to get drugs when she went to Towery’s house under the pretense of ‘prostituting’. She then attacked the elderly man, stabbing him nearly 60 times (58 to be specific) with a paring knife, a butcher knife, a grapefruit knife and a fork. He also suffered blunt trauma to the head from a hammer, and if that wasn’t enough, Holberg then grabbed a foot-long lamp pole had been shoved 6 inches down his throat.

During the trial defense attorney’s tried to argued that Towery was wrongly portrayed as an innocent elderly man, and that Holberg acted in self-defense when Towery attacked her. They also described Holberg as having “the battered-wife syndrome, post-traumatic stress disorder and a cocaine addiction”. The Judge wasnt hearing it and sentenced Holberg on Friday, March 27, 1998 to death.

“…close your eyes and imagine some-one telling you
‘ Your daughter or mother will die at 6pm on this date,
and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.’
Whether guilty or innocent, how does that make you feel ?”
– Brittany Holberg, from ‘Stepping Stones to Justice’

Darlie Lynn Routier – Texas Death Row

darlie_routierDarlie Routier (born January 4, 1970) was married to Darren Routier and together they had three children, Damon and Devon and a third child who was an infant at the time.

The Routier’s lived comfortably in a nice home in Rowlett, TX. Both Darlie and Darren had good jobs, with Darren being a successful business owner. They were ‘living large’ and Darlie didn’t hide that, in fact, she flaunted it and invited guests over so they could see the loving, successful family life that she lived. Sources would later say that Darlie was a big attention seeker, with an even bigger ego.

Darlie was also known as a loving, attentive mother with happy-go-lucky kids who would be seen laughing and riding their bikes on the street with Darlie cheering them on. No one believed for a second that she would ever harm her children.

In 1995, Darlie became pregnant with her third child. She decided to become a full-time mother and housewife. 1996 rolled around and with the added responsibility of a demanding infant, plus two active young children, Darlie’s new job as a full-time mother began to take its toll and she began to resent her responsibility of motherhood. It wasn’t about her anymore and this ate her up inside.

She was still purchasing expensive items which caused many fights with her husband. Darren told her to stop purchasing items that weren’t needed, that they couldn’t afford it and needed to start budgeting. Budgeting was something that Darlene was NOT use too, and she saw her picture perfect image fading. They were no longer living the ‘high-life’.

Darlie was now living in the shadow of her children. When Darren would come home from work he would hug the boys and ask them how their day went before talking to Darlie. This, many say, upset her and she became jealous of the attention her kids got. Her social life, financial security, and the attention she use to receive, was evaporating before her eyes, and she started to silently blame Damon and Devon.

On the night of June 6, 1996, Damon and Devon drifted to sleep on the living room floor after watching TV.  Darlie was laying on the couch. Darren joined them earlier but headed to bed around 11PM.

Around 2AM, Darlie got up from the couch and went to the kitchen where she picked up a butcher knife. She then crepted back into the living room and stood over Damon and started viciously stabbing him. The first stab had so much force that the knife blade went threw his chest and out his back. He didn’t have a chance and died instantly without much resistance. She then made her way to Devon.

Devon put up a huge fight and was said to have had dozens of defensive wounds. After the first stab he instantly woke up desperately tried fighting off his own mother, which most likely shocked him even more. He managed to crawl 10 feet and almost made it to the front door but Darlie caught up with him and continued to stab him to death.

After murdering her two sons she created a bogus home invasion scene, cutting the door screen and breaking glass. She went to the kitchen and gave herself superficial stab wounds in an attempt to make it appear as if she was attacked as well. When she was done creating the scene she screamed for her husband, who was sleeping upstairs in their bedroom. He came rushing downstairs in a panic and noticed his sons. He tried giving Damon CPR but when he blew into his mouth blood splattered out of his wounds.

Police found no evidence of an intruder. No DNA, no footprints, nothing. Every piece of evidence pointed to Darlie. She was arrested shortly after the murder and was sentenced to death. She has maintained her innocence threw out the years.

Brandy Holmes – Louisiana Death Row

brandy_holmesBrandy along with her boyfriend Robert Coleman, were sentenced to death for the murder of an elderly man on New Years Eve, 2003.

On the night of January 1, 2003 Brandy and Cole, both drug addicts, went to the Blanchard, LA home of 70-year-old Julian Brandon and knocked on his front door. When he answered the two of them forced their way into his home and shot Brandon multiple times. They noticed he was still alive and both of them viciously attacked him by stabbing him to death. When they seen his wife they shot her. She managed to survive but was badly injured and died five days later. After their horrific deeds the two ransacked the house, looking for any valuables. They took off with jewelry and money.

Police in Blanchard were on a hunt for the killers of this double homicide. In the meantime, Brandy was going about her normal day and bragging about the murders she committed.  — Brandy was arrested after neighbors called the police tip-line and told them that Brandy had been bragging about the murders of an elderly couple, and trying to sell the slain couples jewelry.

Brandy and Coleman were both sentenced to death and are awaiting their fate.

Antoinette Frank – Louisiana Death Row

antoinette-frankPrior to becoming one of the few females on LA’s death row, Antoinette Frank was a police officer for the New Orleans Police Department. Those who hired her deeply regretted it. They knew she had a troubled past and had even lied on screening forms. She also failed two psychiatric evaluations and was told she would not be hired, but the chronically understaffed department eventually back tracked and brought her on the force.

The 23-year-old would spend two years as a corrupt officer before her evil deeds came to light.

In 1995, Frank met Rogers LaCaze, a young drug dealer, during one of her shifts. The two planned the robbery and on March 4, 1995, their plan became a gruesome reality.

The two drove to Kim Anh, a family run Vietnamese restaurant, in Frank’s assigned police car. Antoinette and Rogers began demanding money and when the four employees, all siblings, refused to tell them where the cash was, Frank open fire killing Ha Vu, age 24, and Cuong Vu, 17, by multiple gunshots.

Ha Vu was killed instantly. When police found her she was still on her knees, her forehead resting on the floor. Ha’s brother, Cuong, took longer to die. He was shot multiple times in the chest and when Frank heard him trying to talk she planted two more bullets in his head. After the murders the two thugs searched, and eventually found money.

On their way out of the restaurant they spotted Ronald Williams, a young New Orleans Police Officer who was working the night shift. Williams was shot multiple times as well. He was found face down in a pool of blood, after having been shot twice in the head and once more in the back. The murderous thieves took his gun and wallet and drove off in a police vehicle.

She was arrested soon after along with her accomplice. She is now awaiting her death.

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  1. What the actual fuckety fuck?? Creepy photos?, videos are not pictures you dickheads. Change that, now, change it right now.
    Yours Sincerely
    Miss N McLaren

  2. Antoinette Frank just your run of the mill police officer .was just stupid and got caught .We police officers are the law and we can kill anyone of you mutts any time we feel like it .We just enjoy beating or shooting scum to death. we provide a service ,depopulation justice .MPD all city style .

    • You’re right, you do kill anyone you deem unworthy of life. And you’re right, alot of you get away with it as well. But, for how long? I dont know what happens post death. I dont know if there is a heaven and hell. Nobody does. Not with any degree of certainty. But one thing that I do know is whatever is in the dark, generally comes to the light, one way, or the other.

      Police Officers like you are smart enough to keep your nose clean long enough to complete the academy and get that badge. Some of you are rapists and serial killers are hide your sociopathy and misanthropy behind your badge. But, your misery still torments you daily. Psychopaths are never happy. Ever. Your thirst is never quenched. Your denial of your hatred for mankind and this life does not escape you and one day, when you least expect it, the Universe will come knocking at your door. When you open it, its going to look you square in the eye and ask “Where have you been bitch? I’be been looking for you, you sorry piece of shit! We got some business we need to square away”- The Universe.

  3. I think that this Bitch deserves everything she’s got coming to her. I myself an African American hate to read about the stupid shit that our are so called professional people do out here in society. Sometimes it makes me think there’s no room for improvement because we aren’t focused on enough mental health issues on this sick world we live in.


  4. Reading this stuff makes me glad I am not an american, I really don’t understand why people want to move to USA – it is full of drug dealing, gun toting morons – you all think you are better than the rest of the world, well let me tell you – you are not – your police are corrupt, your government is corrupt – at least 60% of your population are scum, thieves, druggies, criminals, just utter scum – you can keep your country. I am sure in a couple of years, there will be more women on death row – how can you kill an elderly couple that helped you – they need to stop the bs appeals and just put them to death – they showed no remorse for their vicitms, so why would you show them remorse, China has got it right – as soon as they are found guilty that’s it – they then get taken out and shot in mass executions – that;s what should be happening here. Fuckers!

    • Check this out one of those women in this list of death row inmates is my aunt and before you pass judgment you may want to consider you only know the tabloids side of the story my aunt was being raped when she killed that man…if anything she was the victim but instead she was made out to be a monster by ppl like you. What if your mother or sister was being raped wouldn’t you want her to fight

      • Or maybe if your mother gets raped and kills her rapist we should just take her out back and shoot her. Since that’s how you think it should be you dumb bitch

  5. I am shocked and disturbed by such acts. And as for SQKIL…you should know better. Does the world have to be so full of hatred, greed, selfishness, ‘egos’?? No one has the right to judge. Frankly, I don’t understand it at all. Then again, if I did understand them – I would be as bad as them.

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